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How do I take these trips?

All of my travel, unless explicitly otherwise stated, is self-funded. Yes, I’ve taken some sponsored trips. For example, a few years ago I participated in the “Amex Stars” program, whereby I got access to some awesome events courtesy of Starwood, with corresponding stays at Starwood properties. I clearly disclosed my relationship with Starwood with each post, and I think most would agree my hotel reviews were fair and balanced (I didn’t leave out the empty box of condoms I found in my room at W Union Square or my frustration with the valet at the St. Regis Bal Harbour, for example).

And one of the main reasons I took part in the program is because there was something in it for you guys. With each trip I took I could give away enough Starpoints for a similar hotel stay, so I was able to give away around 200,000 Starpoints. I figured that’s a win-win, and frankly, I’m not sure I would have participated without that, as I’ve turned down plenty of comp trips when there was nothing in it for you guys and I didn’t think you guys would find the content interesting.

Beyond that, I disclose how my trips were paid for even when they’re self-funded. In the introduction post to each trip report, I provide an exact breakdown of how many miles each award ticket costs.

So where do I earn all my miles?

Much like most savvy mileage nuts, through a combination of credit cards, flying, strategically purchasing miles, and taking advantage of every promotion out there.I earn well over a million miles a year, which I don’t think is really unattainable for most.

I probably fly about 200,000 miles per year on American, and as an Executive Platinum member I get a 100% bonus on miles, so that’s 400,000 miles right there.

I earn another 500,000 or so miles per year (at a minimum) from credit cards.

And then I try to maximize miles on everyday spend, which can add up to another couple of hundred thousand miles per year if done properly.

Lastly, I strategically purchase miles when it’s a good value.

But more than anything else I look at these trips as an investment in what I do.

The two things I do for a living are blogging and travel consulting. My goal is to review as many products as possible so that I can dish out the most useful/educated advice. I’m incredibly fortunate to have the flexibility to not be limited in the amount of time I can spend traveling, so my hope is that by sampling as many different products as possible, I can help those of you with limited vacation time make the most of your trips.

And while many may not like my writing style, I hope the fact that I compare so many airlines is useful to you guys. One of my struggles with online reviews is that you usually don’t know enough about the person making them to know whether they’re credible or not.

For example, you can read a review of a Four Seasons that gets five stars because everything was amazing, while the next review gives it one star because they were angry the hotel charged for Wi-Fi and parking, and that it should be free at such an expensive hotel. Hopefully, the fact that I review dozens of airlines and hotels in a similar fashion makes it easier to actually get something out of my reviews, since you can judge them based on what you value most.

Trip Report Series


The Last Trip (For Now)
A Private Island Getaway
Starluxing Through A Zombie Apocalypse
Twice To Tokyo


A Tale of Two First Classes
My Journey To The Stolen Jewel
A California Points Hotel Adventure
A Week Above The Atlantic
Transylvania Unknown
The Surprise Trip Of A Lifetime (Hopefully?)
The 25,000 Mile Journey To Greece
Falling In Love With Japan
Patagonian Summer
WestJetting To Gatwick
Vietnam, Laos, & Cambodia
Sri Lanka Beyond The Airport
A Detour Across The Pacific
Dreamlining To Tahiti


A Quick African Adventure
To Nairobi For 13 Hours
The World’s Longest Flight, Via Ahmedabad
A Non-Erotic Journey From Milan To Minsk (And Whitehorse)
Staying In A Cloud (Forest)
The Baltics With My Dad
Around The World (And Then Some) In 5 Days
The Very Long Way To Italy & Greece
An Unexpected Round The World Trip
Birthday In The Seychelles
A Mess Of A Trip
Swiping Left On TAAG Angola
A Suite Way To Get To Sydney
Qsuites To Armenia
Skiing In Switzerland
Emirates’ New First Class, The Long Way


Easter In December
An Amazing Week In Israel With My Parents
Getting What I Paid For On Sichuan Airlines
Island Hopping Around Hawaii
Visiting Pandas In China
A Brief Aloha
PDX Priority Pass Awesomeness
One “Stan” At A Time
A Weekend In Mongolia
Italy, With A Refueling Stop In The Azores
Montreal To New York, With A Stop In Italy
A Quick Jaunt On Saudia, Jet, And Tunisair
Pulling Off A Very Special Surprise Trip
The Flight Of A Lifetime
A Journey To One Of The Four Corners Of The Earth
A VERY Quick Trip To Hong Kong
Journey To Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, And Kuwait
A Month Around The World
Oslo In Winter
Flying With Royalty (Or Not)
Road-Trip Through Jordan


Christmas Markets With A Touch Of Garuda
A Rare First Class Opportunity
Transatlantic Insanity
Flying China’s Other 5-Star Airline
Journey To Kazakhstan
A Journey To The Most Expensive Place I’ve Ever Been
A Very Short Trip To Fiji
An Insane Week In The Sky
An Arctic Summer
Flying Halfway Around The World For Half A Day
New Years In The Maldives, Summer In New Zealand
Mexico City, Really?
Star Alliance To South Africa
The Long Way To Spain
Captivating Colombia
Mileage Run To Beijing
Chinese New Year In Taiwan
O-man, IB Crazy AF
5-Star China On The Cheap
To The Middle East… The Very Long Way
A Week Of Rest And Relaxation In Cabo
The Long Way Between LA And London
Off The Beaten Track In Thailand


AAround The World Using AAdvantage Miles
Thanksgiving In London
Gin & Churros For The Weekend
An MQM Run To Tokyo
One Direction In London
New York, New York
A Different Kind Of Trip Report
Taking Mom On An Airplane Ride
Amsterdam Via Britain And Indonesia (Sort Of)
You Get What You Pay For On American
To Madrid And Back On SkyTeam
Relaxation In The Maldives
20,000+ Miles In 72 Hours
The Long Way From Abu Dhabi To Doha


Best Trip Ever
A Suite Ride To Frankfurt
A380 Addiction
Mileage Running To Hong Kong
One Stroopwafel At A Time
Flying Brussels Airlines to Tomorrowland
Last US Airways Star Alliance 90K
To Abu Dhabi For An Etihad Inaugural
A Week In Sicily
Battle For South America
Rounding Out The A380s
How I Ended Up On A Gulfstream IV
New Years in Europe


Brazil Madness
Air France vs. British Airways A380
Around The World In 80 Hours
To the Vaterland with my Vater
Mom’s Bali Birthday Bonanza
The Rimowa Quest
Another round the world for 90K
Going to HEL with American
To Sicily for the Weekend
Buenos Aires for the Weekend
A Royal (dis)HHonor
The “New” American to Europe
OneWorld Welcome
Vienna to Istanbul via Tokyo
A380 Extravaganza


Bling it on
Chasing the Sun
Bali and Berchtesgaden
Lucky Charms Ireland
Lost in Translation
Singapore for the Weekend
The Last Aeroplan Hurrah
Week in the Clouds
Chasing the A380


Five Star Virgin
To Mendoza for the Masters of Food & Wine
Four Continents and 37,000 Miles in Two Weeks
Weekend in Paris
Beaches and Mountains
Etihad Airways to the UAE


Asia on a Whim
Around the World in a Week
Christmas in Germany


Continental to New York
Northwest to Seattle
OneWorld Asian Adventure
Quest to Istanbul and Hong Kong
London Quickly


OpenSkies to Paris
ANA To Asia
Malta For A Song