Review: EVA Air Business Class 777 Los Angeles To Taipei

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Review: EVA Air Business Class 777 Los Angeles To Taipei
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This trip report is going to be a bit different than my usual ones. I’ve been on an insane trip the past few weeks for something I’ve been working on, the full details of which I’ll eventually reveal. A lot of this involved flying airlines and staying at hotels I’ve already visited. As a result, I won’t be publishing the typical start-to-finish trip report this time around, but rather will be writing about select flights that I think will be most interesting to you guys.

So for the first installment I want to cover my flight from Los Angeles to Taipei on EVA Air, which I booked using Air Canada Aeroplan miles (Los Angeles to Taipei to Singapore cost 77,500 miles one-way in business class without fuel surcharges). I flew EVA Air back when they first joined the Star Alliance, though this was my first time flying with them in over three years. A couple of years ago EVA Air updated their business class soft product, so I was curious to see how the product compared.

Since my flight was departing LAX I had access to the Star Alliance Lounge, which is excellent, and I’ve reviewed before. At around 9:45AM I headed to gate 155, given that boarding was scheduled for 10AM.

Sure, enough at 10AM boarding was announced. I was happy to see the EVA Air 777 with the updated livery, which I quite like.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 1
EVA Air 777 at LAX

EVA Air 5
Los Angeles (LAX) – Taipei (TPE)
Wednesday, February 8
Depart: 10:40AM
Arrive: 5:20PM (+1 day)
Duration: 14hr40min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 8A (Business Class)

I boarded through door L1, where I was greeted by the extremely friendly flight attendants. Upon verifying my boarding pass, one of them escorted me to my seat. That’s something you typically only get in first class, though EVA Air even does it in business class, which is impressive.

EVA Air’s 777 business class consists of two cabins. There’s the forward cabin, consisting of a total of 27 seats, spread across seven rows.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 2
EVA Air 777 business class cabin

Then there’s the rear cabin, where I elected to sit. The rear cabin has a total of 16 seats, spread across four rows. Personally I always like sitting towards the back, since there’s less foot traffic during the flight.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 3
EVA Air 777 business class cabin

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 4
EVA Air 777 business class cabin

EVA Air has reverse herringbone seats in business class, which are among my favorite seats out there. I don’t totally love EVA Air’s color scheme, though this was one of their newest planes, so the seats were in immaculate condition.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 5
EVA Air 777 business class seat

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 6
EVA Air 777 business class seat

I was in seat 8A, which is the bulkhead seat in the second cabin.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 7
EVA Air 777 business class seat

Legroom was plentiful, and there was an ottoman of sorts, which becomes part of the bed when you recline the seat. While reverse herringbone seats can be a bit tight around the knees when fully reclined, it’s still one of the best products out there, in my opinion. Furthermore, thanks to the bulkhead seat I had, I think my ottoman may have even been a bit larger.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 8
EVA Air 777 business class legroom

This seat had no shortage of storage. To the left of the seat was an exposed compartment.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 9
EVA Air 777 business class seat storage

Then below that were two more compartments.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 10
EVA Air 777 business class seat storage

To the left of the top compartment was a reading light, entertainment controller, headphone jack, and power outlet (including a 110V outlet and two USB outlets).

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 11
EVA Air 777 business class seat controls, outlets, etc.

Below that were the easy to use seat controls.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 12
EVA Air 777 business class seat controls

Meanwhile on the aisle side of the seat was an armrest, which could be raised or lowered.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 13
EVA Air 777 business class armrest

Already waiting at my seat on boarding was a fantastic pillow and blanket. Both were so plush and comfortable. I really appreciate when an airline has proper bedding, and it’s an area where EVA Air excels.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 14
EVA Air business class pillow & blanket

There were also noise canceling headphones. They were decent quality, but still can’t compete with Bose.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 16
EVA Air business class headphones

There was also a Rimowa amenity kit waiting at my seat. I love these kits, so kudos to EVA Air for offering them.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 17
EVA Air business class Rimowa amenity kit

The kit was also fairly well stocked, and had Harnn toiletries.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 18
EVA Air business class Rimowa amenity kit contents

There were also slippers waiting at my seat.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 19
EVA Air business class slippers

Within a few minutes of settling in, one of the lovely flight attendants came by my seat to offer me a pre-departure beverage, with the choice between champagne, water, and orange juice. I selected a glass of champagne, and was served a warm towel and Godiva chocolate to accompany it (which I think is a nice touch — EVA’s attention to detail is phenomenal).

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 15
EVA Air business class seat storage champagne, chocolate, and warm towel

About 10 minutes later the flight attendants passed through the cabin with menus, which were beautifully designed, both in terms of the art and the quality of the paper.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 20
EVA Air business class menu & wine list

Boarding was pretty efficient, and by 10:40AM boarding was complete. Economy and premium economy were packed, while there were a handful of empty seats in business class (all of the empty seats were in the rear cabin, and in the center section).

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 22
LATAM 767 at LAX

Once the door was closed the safety video was screened, and then about 10 minutes later we began our pushback.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 23
EVA Air safety video

After the safety video the crew came through the cabin to take meal orders. They kneeled at each person’s seat as they took orders, and they were charming, addressed everyone by name, and introduced themselves. The one thing I found a bit odd is that they already took the pre-landing meal and drink order. I really don’t know what I want to drink or eat in 13 hours.

After pushback we taxied to the north runways, past a LATAM 787 parked on the ramp.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 24

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 25
Taxiing LAX

By 11:15AM we were cleared for takeoff on runway 24L, and began the long takeoff roll for our 13hr50min flight to Taipei.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 26
Taking off LAX

It wasn’t an especially nice day by LA standards, so views were somewhat limited on the climb out.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 27
View after takeoff from LAX

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 28
View after takeoff from LAX

As we climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection for the flight. They actually had a decent number of movies. For example, there were about two dozen Hollywood films.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 29
EVA Air entertainment selection

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 30
EVA Air entertainment selection

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 32
EVA Air entertainment selection

However, the selection of TV shows was disappointing. There were no U.S. sitcoms available. So the entertainment selection is one of the few weak points of EVA’s product, in my opinion.

I also checked out the airshow feature. EVA Air uses the Panasonic Voyager System for their inflight maps, which I don’t love, but they’re not bad either.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 34
Airshow enroute to Taipei

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 35
Airshow enroute to Taipei

However, EVA Air’s non-industry leading entertainment is more than made up for by their excellent wifi. You can buy a 24 hour wifi pass for $21.95, with no data caps. The wifi was about as fast as it gets for an international flight, so I was happy about that, as I was able to stay productive most of the way to Taipei.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 21
EVA Air wifi pricing

Despite a smooth climb out, it was about 20 minutes after takeoff until the seatbelt sign was turned off, at which point the captain advised us that we should be landing in Taipei at around 5PM, and may have some turbulence enroute due to the jet stream.

Once it was safe for the crew to be up, they distributed pajamas and bottled Fiji water. I love that EVA Air offers Fiji water, as it’s my favorite. I should also mention that they loaded multiple bottles per person.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 37
EVA Air business class pajamas & bottled water

I also loved EVA Air’s pajamas. I wasn’t expecting to like them when I first saw them, but they’re just so quirky that they’re almost stylish. I kept the pants, and have been wearing them all the time since taking the flight.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 38
EVA Air business class pajamas

After pajamas and bottled water were distributed, the crew came through the cabin with landing cards for Taiwan.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 39
Landing card for Taiwan

After takeoff I also  checked out the lavatory. There was a huge lavatory between the two business class cabins, in addition to two lavatories at the front of the forward cabin.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 40
EVA Air business class lavatory

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 41
EVA Air business class lavatory

The lavatory had some very nice amenities, though I was mostly just pleased by the great condition in which the crew kept the lavatory. They seemed to clean the lavatory after almost every use, and even at the end of the flight, the lavatory was spotless. Big kudos to the crew for that.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 42
EVA Air business class lavatory amenities

I also had a quick look at the forward business class cabin as I emerged from the lavatory.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 43
EVA Air business class cabin 777

About 45 minutes after takeoff the meal service began. The menu read as follows:

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 45

The drink list read as follows:

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 48

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 49

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 50

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 51

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 52

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 53

Service began with canapes, which consisted of dates with cream cheese, and crab with avocado. I was also offered a drink, and had some champagne.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 55
EVA Air business class champagne & canape

EVA Air serves Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2006 in business class, which is phenomenal (on other routes they apparently serve Krug, so it seems to vary by route — however, I think La Grand Dame is just about as good).

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 54
EVA Air business class champagne — Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame

After that tablecloths were distributes. Again, how cool is the design on that?

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 56
EVA Air business class tablecloth

The table was then set, including the appetizer, as well as a display with a breadbasket, olive oil, butter, and salt & pepper shakers.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 57
EVA Air business class appetizer

The starter consisted of foie gras terrine. Personally I don’t really eat foie gras — I think being a carnivore is cruel enough…

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 58
EVA Air business class lunch — foie gras terrine appetizer

Once the appetizer was cleared, I was served a delicious pumpkin soup.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 60
EVA Air business class lunch — pumpkin soup

The next course consisted of a garden salad.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 61
EVA Air business class lunch — garden vegetable salad

Then for the main course I had miso seabass, which was one of the best fish dishes I’ve had on a plane.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 62
EVA Air business class lunch — miso seabass

After that I was offered a selection of fruit and cheese.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 63
EVA Air business class lunch — cheese & fruit selection

I asked for very little of each cheese, plus cantaloupe and pineapple.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 64
EVA Air business class lunch — cheese & fruit

Finally to finish off the meal I had the dessert, which consisted of a chocolate brownie with orange. EVA Air even has iced coffee, which I love.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 65
EVA Air business class lunch — dessert & iced coffee

The entire meal service was done a bit over two hours into the flight. I can’t say enough good things about the meal experience. Not only was the food excellent, but the service was just as good. The crew was attentive and charming, and did a great job customizing the meal service so that plates were always quickly removed after each course, and so there wasn’t ever too long of a wait.

It’s not often I watch movies on planes, but I couldn’t not watch the movie “Trolls.” It was an adorable movie, even more adorable than some of the trolls who reside on the blog. 😉

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 66
EVA Air business class entertainment selection — Trolls

Once the movie was done we were about 4hr30min into the flight, so I decided to get some shuteye.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 67
Airshow enroute to Taipei

I reclined the seat and discovered that EVA Air even has a mattress sheet. I slept well for about three hours, though after that I was wide awake, given how early it still was in the U.S.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 72
EVA Air business class bed

At this point I checked out the snack selection in the galley. In addition to a bunch of bottles of Fiji water (which were replenished every time someone took a bottle), there was a selection of packaged snacks.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 69
EVA Air business class snack basket

A flight attendant saw me looking at the snacks and asked if I wanted something else, and she ran through the list of snacks they had. The choices were as follows:


I decided to have some instant noodles, which were served about 15 minutes later. They hit the spot.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 70
EVA Air business class snack — instant noodles

I also ordered a cappuccino, which was served with some cookies. The cappuccino was excellent.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 71
EVA Air business class snack — cappuccino and cookies

I worked for the next several hours thanks to the fast wifi, and before I knew it we were two hours from landing. At that point the pre-arrival meal was served. The menu read as follows:


Unlike the previous meal, this one was served on a tray. Service began with the appetizer, which consisted of scallop ceviche with citrus, pomegranate, and saffron couscous. It was refreshing, and surprisingly good for being served on a plane.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 73
EVA Air business class meal — appetizer

For the main course I selected the lobster ravioli, which was also excellent.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 75
EVA Air business class main course — lobster ravioli

Dessert consisted of a fruit plate with blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and melon.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 76
EVA Air business class meal — fruit plate

Before I knew it were about an hour from landing, so I raised the window shade to take a look at the view.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 77
Airshow approaching Taipei

There wasn’t much to see, other than the stunning engine and wing.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 78
View enroute to Taipei

About 30 minutes before arrival the captain came on the PA to provide us updated arrival information, and minutes later we began our descent.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 79
View approaching Taipei

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 80
View approaching Taipei

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 81
View approaching Taipei

We had a smooth touchdown at Taipei Taoyuan Airport at 4:50PM.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 82
View approaching Taipei

From there it was a short five minute taxi to our arrival gate.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 83
EVA Air 777 and Austrian 767 Taipei Airport

One thing I found interesting was the Austrian 767 parked on the tarmac, given that I don’t believe Austrian flies to Taipei. Maybe they do maintenance there, or something?

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 85
Austrian 767 Taipei Airport

We pulled into our gate at 4:55PM, not far from a China Airlines 737.

EVA-Air-Business-Class-777 - 87
Gate at Taipei Airport

EVA Air 777 business class bottom line

When I flew EVA Air a few years ago, I was impressed. This time around I was blown away. EVA Air has one of the world’s best business class products, in my opinion. Reverse herringbone seats are great, the price of wifi is reasonable, the service was exceptional, food was very good, and the champagne excellent.

Those are the basics, and EVA Air got those very right. However, beyond that, I was delighted by all the small touches that really set them apart. For example, chocolate with the pre-departure beverage, beautiful tablecloths, Rimowa amenity kits and high quality pajamas, olive oil with the meal, Fiji water, iced coffee, etc.

Ultimately the difference between a good business class product and a great business class product is the small touches, and EVA Air masters those.

EVA Air business class is hands down one of the five best business class products I’ve flown, and I can’t recommend them enough.

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  1. Ok, so I’m now guessing your Project is that you were filming your own TV show of your favourite places around the world (Hong Kong, Bali, Dubai). That would explain why you cant announce anything yet!

  2. Curious if you’d rather take Korean first class from LAX to Taipei with a layover over EVA business nonstop. I can take both for the same amount of points with United and I’m torn! I don’t mind a stop per say if the product is significantly better.

  3. Lucky (or if anyone else knows the answer),

    How would you rate the size of the pajamas? Do they run too big, too small or true to size? I have an upcoming flight in Eva J class.

    Thanks for all your hard work and detailed articles. I love reading them.

  4. @ Lucky, how do you compare this to China Airlines? I think you reviewed CI recently.

    My two cents: Both are top notch. And they’ve both mastered the Champagne game! EVA is better on intra-Asia flights but CI’s 77W and A350 cabins for intercontinental flights are more stylish than Eva’s. If I have to fly with a connection beyond TPE, I would take EVA, but if going to Taipei on the non-stops from the USA, I actually (slightly) prefer CI.

  5. Great review, EVA Air is definitely world class. Flew them in Econ in December and was blown away. Good food, printed menus, slippers and spotless bathrooms. Every time someone came out of the bathroom a FA jumped in to clean it. Compare this to the AA 787 J I just flew where the plane and bathrooms were filthy. I will go out of my way to fly EVA Air again!

  6. You said you were productive on most of the flight using the wifi, but then also mentioned a 3 hour nap and several hours of food service.

    Which one is it? Often in these reports there are similar inconsistencies which makes me question how truthful it is

  7. @B

    Its an almost 15 hour flight. 3 hour nap plus say 6 hours of meal service and enjoying the flight/amenities still leaves 6 hours of time to kill which is equivalent to a whole work day (minus lunch/breaks).

    I don’t understand your attempt to discredit the article.

  8. I always love your reviews and had to ask one thing- how do u remember all this stuff! Like do u make any list about what all pictures u have to take and has it ever happened that u missed something and realised it while writing the review?

  9. @ Aryan — Thanks! I take notes when I fly, so along with the pictures, it helps me recall everything about the service when I go to the reports. I also often draft the reports shortly after the trip.

  10. @ B — It was a 13hr50min flight, and I napped for three hours and watched a movie for 90 minutes. That leaves 9hr20min, most of which I worked during (including the meal services). I’m not sure I understand what you’re suggesting?

  11. @ WilliamNYC — They’re both FANTASTIC, and I think among the best out there. I generally agree with your conclusions. Maybe I should do a post comparing the two.

  12. @ Mohammed — I got size L pajamas, and I’d say they were just a bit smaller than usual. So I’d say they were pretty average size wise for an Asian carrier.

  13. Ben, this suggestion has been made in the past, but do you think you can include which mileage program and how many miles you redeemed for your flight reviews? If it was a paid ticket, you can just say that it was a paid ticket without disclosing how much you paid cause that info won’t be of any help to anyone.

  14. @ Luis – he does mention it in the opening statement, but maybe you want him to put it in the details section, where the line items are bolded?

    I do think it would be helpful to know when the flight award was booked, since there are times Lucky books it within days of departure and the majority of us probably couldn’t chance that with vacation time, etc… Although we all know EVA Air is pretty generous in award space so booking award tickets isn’t too difficult with them, as of now…

  15. Looks great! I’d be very interested in a renewed list/ranking of the top business class products, in your opinion. I know you’ve said you believe QR to be the world’s best business class, despite their sometimes shoddy service and cost-cutting of late. Do you think EVA might have surpassed them?

    I also would be intrigued to see what you’d think of United Polaris on the 77W on a long-haul, perhaps on EWR-TLV once one of the two daily frequencies it switches to the 77W in May? A lot of the extras you mentioned–chocolate with the PDB, pajamas, mattress pad, high quality amenity kit–are part of the Polaris soft product. I actually think UA might now be best in class with the business class bedding, as the gel cooling pillow and the Saks duvet are so plush and comfortable.

  16. flied EVA business last Dec IAH-TPE, great as usual. I am glad the changeover at the top (family feud) did not seem to affect EVA’s service quality. EVA indeed the proud of Taiwan.

  17. Thanks Ben and everyone else that decided to chime in on my negligence. Yes I see it mentioned in the 2nd paragraph now, but I think it would be helpful to have the info in the bolded section where you list flight number, seat number, etc.

  18. Lucky- Thank you for the review. I am flying back from Bali to Los Angeles, I wanted to get your opinion. Would you rather fly Singapore Airlines new business class on B777-300 or fly EVA business class? I could not find a recent Singapore Airlines business class review by you, is there one?



  19. Re: Bs idiotic comment. If you cant share a productive reply than my suggestion is to stop reading this blog which myself and others happen to find very informative. You really are acting like a troll!!

  20. I flew with BR last month, the service I received were so different from you!

    No escort
    No self introduction despite I am a BR Gold member
    No bedding
    One Fiji water only
    No snack trays
    No soup
    No salad
    No appetizer
    No cheese
    Tiny dessert compared to yours
    Fruits are laid out already

    I actually called to complain lol

  21. Lucky,

    I’m really liking your new position of replying to more comments and blocking those which aren’t relevant.

    I’ve booked my first flight on BR because of you. I had to go to Taipei but I normally fly EY, also because of you, but also because I have a home in the Dubai, so a UAE carrier suits.

    I was looking forward to Krug Rose, but it looks like its Grande Dame on my LHR-BKK-TPE flight also.

    I know Grande Dame is a million times better than Dom, but Krug just has something about it.

    Oh well, can’t complain about a F Champagne in J.

    I hope my BR trip is as good as yours have been.

  22. Hey Lucky – I am a big fan of all your reviews, and being an aviation enthusiast, I really enjoy reading this. Since I have flown EVA many times in my life (business, premium, and economy), I was wondering how you would would compare this flight to the flight review that was written around two or three years ago? I could tell that some things were relatively the same, some different, and there were many new aspects on this flight. Thanks for the great reviews!


  23. American Airlines economy is not bad. The worst thing about it are the flight attendants. Else it’s decent.

    If you get a TV show I won’t watch unless you have free goodies for your long time readers.

  24. @K4
    YYZ-TPE in J class

    I will fly the return leg next week, hope it will be better/more like Lucky’s flight.

  25. Great article! I also enjoy flying with them. Pjs arr super comfy.
    EVA and Quantas are the only airlines give out the pj’s for business class, true? If not, pls share any other airlines?

  26. The fact that they serve La Grande Dame is absolutely incredible! It’s right up there with Krug and Dom. Actually, I a bit more expensive that Dom Perignon. Wow!! Even the food looks first class.
    Two thumbs up in my opinion 🙂

  27. I’m guessing a vlog or documentary. Traveling with your own camera crew/entourage will get you noticed.

  28. @Tanya Qatar, but not on all flights. Can’t remember, but has to do with overnight flight and minimum hours if I’m not mistaken.

    @Ben great review, enjoy this shorter version.

  29. Another nice review lucky. Having never flown them, this report has brought it among the top of the list of airlines I want to fly.

    @Tanya, @Johan – Even AI gives PJs in J (at least on their DEL-SFO route). Though they were of very poor quality.

    This leads me to believe lots of airlines give PJs in J at least on their ULHs. I’m sure Lucky can compile a fairly comprehensive list.

  30. “Given that”, “out there ” Enough already. Also it’s too bad these reviewers can’t travel incognito – it is very very likely that the service received is different. Heck, airlines and hotels are not dumb – just google the name and they can figure out that a little extra will please the bloggers and get outsized returns.

  31. We actually flew both China Airline and Eva for our trip to Singapore a month ago.

    I have to say – CI’s 777 from LA to TPE is gorgeous!!!! The new interior and food in Biz blew us away however, the service seem more robotic than Eva.

    On the way back, we were on Eva 777 – the soft service is wonderful, much better than Cathay or Korean (I think someone was asking about it and I would say Eva over KE’s 380 for more privacy unless the onboard bar is what you want to experience)

    The PJ runs on smaller side – I am 5’11 and 160 lbs and flight attendant recommended large due to height so here you go. (and gave me a medium one as souvenir…how nice is that)

    All in all – solid business class and love them both over Cathay (especially not a fan of the new regional biz class) – however…the catering/food was just okay for us – for some odd reason, Delta still has the best food in the sky in our opinion…maybe just the part where we know what we are eating instead of other fancy stuff.

  32. the burger they offer for an inflight snack is surprisingly very good! whenever i fly BR from JFK to TPE even the taiwanese nationals get the burger instead of instant noodles for their inflight snack. the curly fries they serve with the burger are also top notch 🙂

  33. Fiji water, ha! Ben, I think all this first class is driving you crazy. To the point where you critique the brand of the water.

  34. I, for one, prefer Fiji water over Dasani, which seems to be the leading brand of bottled water for a lot of airlines. Must be some sort of exclusive deal with Coke.

  35. Agree with everything you’ve reported re. the soft product. I actually booked with them specifically (after your last review a few years back) before the United mileage deval. Red eye from SFO with our toddler. Service and staff great, amenity kit, food/bev were all excellent. The one area that I found less than excellent/optimal was the bed..I found it uncomfortable, narrow and not too easy to sleep in. (And I think I recall it not being too soft/plush). While I’m 5’11”-6′ I am quite slender and not wide by any means but I felt quite snug. While the reverse herringbone is great, I didn’t find the overall seat/bed experience to be that comfortable. Because of that, I didn’t leave the flight with the overwhelming desire to book them again without trying Korean, Singapore, etc.

  36. @Matthewsf
    How did you find flying with your toddler on Eva J? Were the flight attendants generally welcoming towards kids? Thinking of doing a similar flight from LAX.

  37. @Devinshang-yes it was a very positive experience with no issues or concerns. Because it was a red eye flight, he slept most of the first extended multi-course meal service. When he awoke (later on), they were ready to proceed with delivering the meal as they would normally do, but I told them to just make it easier on everyone and they could bring everything out all at once or whenever it was ready. So our son had a tray filled will all sorts so things to choose from. There were also quite friendly every time we visited the galley for drink orders or to pick up snacks from the cart. I would recommend the advance meal booking service to pick some dishes that both you and the child would eat; we did that for all eligible flights and was helpful to reduce any uncertainty of meals, even for breakfast.

    The 2 middle seats were sufficient for one parent to take care of the child (ours even came over and slept with mom for a time as he was around 3 1/2), and the video entertainment was good, complimenting any kindle or ipad you may already travel with.

  38. @matthewsf Thanks for the helpful tips and feedback! Our son is just under 2 so will be a ‘lap infant’. My husband and I were thinking of taking a window and an aisle as I figured it would be easier for us to take turns watching him than getting two middle seats. Glad to hear there was enough space for your 3.5year old to sleep with your wife as we will be doing that too!

  39. Dear Lucky,

    I find it strange that I addressed a post to you and you didn’t have the courtesy to respond.
    Is it a sign of the times or your disrespect to readers?

  40. @Devinshang- I think it might be easier and more conducive to do the center 2 vs. the isle and window. Granted the center 2 has a lot of space in between the seats (which can be both good and bad) but with the reverse herringbone, I actually felt further away (more disconnected) while in the window seat and trying to interact with them in the adjacent isle. Since you have a lap baby and may be doing a lot of hand offs back/forth of the little one, food, diaper bag, toys, etc. the isle space may be more of an issue than benefit. The center 2 will be a little more private. As much as I like the single window seat/row, if I was travelling again as a family (be it 2 adults or 2 adults with lap kid) 2, I would do the center 2 without hesitation. Just my personal opinion.

  41. Thank you for the awesome reviews. It helprf me make the choice to use my united miles on eva business. I will be taking this flight next year, I’m excited. Thanks again for all the details, it really does help people plan out their vacation.

  42. One of the very nice thing about EVA is that it’s pretty easy to book them using my United Mieage Plus miles, and frequently saver awards are available. I guess since they bought so many B777-300ERs, there’s capacity. In contrast, I can never seem to find Singapore, or ANA offering any of their seats, which I find annoying. I was able to book on get Lufthansa, Air Canada, but for a large airline like Singapore to never offer up their seats to other Star Alliance members irritates me a bit. But I guess that’s fine, since I like EVA.

  43. Hey, Lucky!

    It’s been a while since I’ve chimed in on here. Thanks to you and your stellar advice, I’ve been flying business class to Australia every year with United’s Star Alliance partners. I’ve flown with Asiana and Thai Airways. I’ve enjoyed my experience with Asiana, Thai Airways is also great, but not superb. I’m not a fan of Bangkok Airport either.

    I see that I’m able to fly Eva Air and Singapore Airlines (my absolute favorite) from New York to Perth next year. My question is, do you think Eva Air business class is better than Asiana business class? Thanks in advance for your reply and thank you again for helping me turn my flying experience into an incredible one!

  44. I am flying business class on Eva in a couple of weeks-same route but then onto Kuala Lampur. You just made my day with your review. I have only flown business once & it was on Emirates so was nervous this wouldn’t compare…for anyone reading this I flew coach all over the world. Once you fly business class on a long haul flight I think it may be near impossible to go back to coach. If you can afford the upgrade it makes the travel an experience instead of just transportation that you pray you will get some sleep on & your feet won’t swell that much. Thx again for writing!

  45. Thanks for this awesome article, Lucky. You’ve addressed my concerns. Looks like I’m going to thoroughly enjoy the experience flying EVA Air. Once again, thanks for all your Stellar advice. Flying has become an outstandingly better experience because of it!. 🙂 Good luck with your endeavors!

  46. Any tips on scoring 8A or 8K? I just booked BR ORD-TPE-HAN for March (using some SQ miles that were going to expire if I didn’t find a use for them), and the business cabin is pretty much entirely open. However, the window seats in row 8 are blocked. Do I have to wait until checkin, or could I possibly snag them by calling in?

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