Casablanca Domestic Lounge 10

Review: Royal Air Maroc Domestic Lounge Casablanca Airport

This lounge review will be short and sweet, and not to put too fine a point on it, but hopefully your stay here will be as well. Bottom line up front: this lounge has little to recommend it, but it's not like the rest of the terminal is super glam either.…

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Pagss Lounge Manila Airport – 11

Review: PAGSS Lounge Manila Airport

The previous installment covered the disaster which is connecting from T2 to T1 in Manila, and suffice to say that it probably clouded my perception of everything at this airport. In this installment I wanted to take a look at the PAGSS Lounge Terminal…

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Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei – 4

Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Taipei Airport

I had quite a bit of time between by 5:30AM visit to the China Airlines Lounge, and my 9:40AM flight to Manila on Philippine Airlines, so I decided to check out another lounge. Plaza Premium has four lounges at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport --…

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China Airlines Lounge Taipei – 1

Review: China Airlines Lounge Taipei Airport Terminal 1

For the return portion of my trip I was flying Philippine Airlines from Taipei to Manila to Toronto, thanks to a great business class fare (~1,200USD). That would allow me to finally experience Philippine Airlines' A350 business class, which has been…

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Plaza Premium Lounge Penang – 8

Review: Plaza Premium Lounge Penang Airport

I arrived at Penang Airport at around 1PM for my 3PM Starlux Airlines flight to Taipei, so I had a bit of time to spend in the Plaza Premium Lounge. This is the contract lounge used by almost all international flights at the airport. The exception is…

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Starlux Airlines Galactic Lounge – 12

Review: Starlux Airlines Galactic Lounge Taipei Airport

After months of anticipation, the day was finally here -- it was time to fly Starlux Airlines! I can't even begin to describe my level of excitement and anticipation, as there's something I enjoy way too much about having no clue what to expect from…

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Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge – 8

Review: Virgin Atlantic Arrivals Lounge London Heathrow

I had a bit of time before connecting to my next flight, so upon landing I decided to visit the Virgin Atlantic Revivals Lounge. I reviewed this lounge back in 2011, so was curious to see how it was holding up, and was eager to compare it to the Aer…

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Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Boston – 8

Review: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Boston Airport

I kicked off the international portion of my trip by flying Virgin Atlantic's 787-9 Upper Class from Boston to London. Virgin Atlantic operates their own lounge in Boston, which I looked forward to visiting, since Clubhouses are among the best business…

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The Club At Boston Airport – 3

Review: The Club Boston Airport (Terminal E)

Okay, it's time to let the cat out of the bag. I was flying Virgin Atlantic's 787-9 Upper Class from Boston to London, though the flight was only departing shortly before 10PM, and the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse only opened at 6PM. Since I arrived from…

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Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich – 5

Review: Lufthansa Business Lounge Munich

I had a roughly 1hr45min layover in Munich, as I was arriving from Tokyo Haneda and connecting to London Heathrow. I was expecting I wouldn't be able to review a Lufthansa Lounge, because the last time I passed through Munich the lounge was so full that…

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Ana Lounge Haneda Airport – 7

Review: ANA Business Lounge Tokyo Haneda Airport

I was flying Lufthansa's A350-900 business class from Tokyo Haneda to Munich at 12:45PM, though decided to head over to the All Nippon Airways Business Class Lounge the second it opened, so that I could get pictures before the lounge filled up. All Nippon…

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British Airways Lounge Jfk – 8

Review: British Airways Club Lounge New York JFK Airport

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had quite a long layover at JFK, as I arrived at around 10AM from Miami, and departed at around 5PM to Tokyo. With my ANA business class ticket I had access to the British Airways Club Lounge, so I wanted to review…

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Alaska Lounge Jfk – 10

Review: Alaska Lounge New York JFK Airport

I had quite a long layover at JFK, as I arrived from Miami at around 10AM, and was continuing to Tokyo on All Nippon Airways at around 5PM. So I headed over to Terminal 7 right away, where I'll be reviewing two lounges -- the Alaska Lounge (which I could…

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Delta Skyclub Miami – 7

Review: Delta SkyClub Miami Airport

To kick off my review trip I flew Delta first class from Miami to New York. Fun fact, which just occurred to me -- I believe this was my first time in over a year flying an airline other than American out of Miami. I was curious to see what Delta's concourse…

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American Flagship Lounge Dfw – 5

Review: American Flagship Lounge Dallas DFW

While my flight to Hong Kong was only departing at 10:40AM, I got to the airport at around 4:30AM, so that I could get to the Flagship Lounge right when it opened (so that I could photograph it while it was still empty). Over the past several years,…

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Cathay Pacific Deck Lounge – 21

Review: Cathay Pacific Deck Lounge Hong Kong

Since I had some extra time during my layover in Hong Kong, I decided I should check out at least one additional Cathay Pacific lounge. Cathay Pacific has some exceptional lounges, and over the years I've visited most of their locations in Hong Kong.…

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Plaza Premium First Lounge Hong Kong – 17

Review: Plaza Premium First Lounge Hong Kong

Hong Kong has some of my favorite first class lounges in the world, in particular the Cathay Pacific Pier First Class Lounge. However, my first stop at Hong Kong Airpot was a Plaza Premium Lounge that I had to pay to access. Why on earth would I do that?!…

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Qantas First Lounge Singapore – 15

Review: Qantas First Lounge Singapore Changi

Qantas just recently opened their First Lounge at Changi Airport, which adds some much needed lounge capacity for oneworld (and particularly Qantas) at Changi, given how overcrowded lounges here get. This is Qantas' fourth "true" First Lounge in the…

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Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore – 12

Review: Cathay Pacific Lounge Singapore Changi

I was flying from Singapore to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific shortly after 8PM, so my goal was to check out both the Cathay Pacific Lounge and Qantas Lounge. Since the Qantas Lounge opens at 2:30PM, my initial plan was to go there first and then later…

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Jewel Singapore Changi – 6

Review: The Jewel Changi Airport

As a kid I used to love going to malls. I'm not sure why, exactly, because I've never been into shopping. Over the years my desire to visit malls changed, and at this point I think the only time I visit malls is when I'm in parts of the Middle East/Asia,…

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Changi Lounge Jewel – 9

Review: Changi Lounge At The Jewel Singapore

Welcome to a review of what's possibly one of the most beautiful Priority Pass lounges I've been to, but also by far the most pointless. This is a lounge that's inside a mall that's within an airport. A couple of installments from now I'll be reviewing…

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Finnair Platinum Wing Helsinki – 22

Review: Finnair Platinum Wing Helsinki Airport

I had a roughly five hour layover in Helsinki, as I arrived shortly before 7PM from London, and would be departing shortly before midnight to Singapore. I was quite looking forward to this layover, because earlier this year Finnair opened their new Platinum…

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