A Different Kind Of Trip Report: Introduction

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You guys have been asking for more trip reports, so here we go! The format on this one will be slightly different, and I’m curious to get your feedback.

One of my best friends, Matt, just finished up a year-long clerkship where he has been working insane hours. He starts his fancy lawyer job in a few weeks. For a variety of reasons we don’t get to travel much together. So about six months ago we planned a round the world trip to celebrate the end of his clerkship and the start of the rest of his life… or something like that.

It’s rare for me to plan travel more than a few days beforehand, so planning something that far ahead was sort of a rare experience for me (the last trip I planned in advance was the incredible round the world trip I took with my dad for his “round” birthday).

This trip involved a combination of new destinations and airlines for Matt, as he’s both an airplane and travel geek (and champagne geek, for that matter).

We were supposed to fly from Dallas to Dubai in Emirates first class on Saturday, so I positioned to Dallas on Thursday. Unfortunately an hour after landing I received some bad family health news, and flew to Tampa right away.


Family and health are the most important things in life. Period. So I was ready to cancel the trip, horribly as I felt, given that Matt had positioned to Dallas around the same time and was ready to go.

I told him to hold off for a day before leaving Dallas and going home. After spending all of Friday at the hospital, the situation looked slightly less bad. Long story short (and I’m all for sharing with you guys, but would also like to maintain some privacy) the issue isn’t as immediate as the first round of doctors thought, and it’ll likely be a couple of weeks before any action needs to be taken.

Upon the insistence of my family, I decided to follow through with the trip. However, while the trip was originally scheduled to be for over two weeks, I’m now approaching it slightly differently. Not only did we shorten it, but if there’s anything serious that happens with the health situation and/or I can add value there in any way, I’ll fly back right away.

With that in mind, Matt and I are taking the trip day-by-day, so are literally planning as we go.

In terms of this trip report, that means a few things:

  • I’ll be writing the trip report “live,” meaning I’ll be writing each installment a day or two after each flight, hotel stay, etc.
  • Matt will be contributing some (hopefully sassy) installments of his own
  • I won’t be publishing the planned itinerary in advance, given that I don’t actually know where we’re going; instead each new installment will come as a “surprise,” and then I’ll update the index at the top of each installment as the trip progresses (of course you can follow along on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for hints of where we’re headed)

With that in mind, stay tuned for the report, which I’ll be rolling out very quickly. Suffice to say that our flight from Dallas to Dubai in Emirates first class was one of my best yet… even if I ended up accidentally sleeping in the upright position for most of the flight… oops!


  1. All the best to your family Lucky. Hope everything turns out fine.

    Those Mezze look great by the way.

  2. I hope your family is ok. Was it easy to rebook the EK flight DFW-DXB to a later date? I’m guessing it was? Either way, I’m excited for you guys and safe travels! Oh and it’s also good to know you can successfully sleep upright! I know I normally do so (but only when I fly in economy, which is the majority of my flights! 😉

  3. Being based on Middle East, I had Mezze many times in the plane (Gulf air, Etihad, Qatar, Egypt Air etc.) but that Mezze presentation in the pic is something ! All the best for family and health.

  4. Joey,

    I don’t think Lucky rescheduled his DFW-DXB flight which was originally booked for Saturday as he mentions that on Thursday he got the medical emergency news, Friday he spent at the Hospital in Tampa and decided to go ahead with the trip on the insistence of his family members.

  5. I’ve recently became a big, big fan of your blog and have been catching up with all your trip reports! This new series sounds like it will definitely be a super cool one, but at the same time, I really hope that your family members are perfectly okay! Meanwhile, I am looking forward to your great reports, as usual!

  6. Thanks Lucky for finding the time to share another one of your trip reports, hope your family are ok. Can’t wait to read more about the trip.

  7. I spotted A6-EEQ flying EK222 on Saturday at DFW. I you want to see a picture, you can look on Instagram at @dallasfortworthspotter or email me if you want them

  8. Awesome. Don’t forget to tell us which card came in handy for which activity and include the links to the card so we can immediately apply for the cards and dream we are on the same trip.

  9. Thanks SS! I thought Lucky rescheduled the EK flight because he wrote “We were supposed to fly from Dallas to Dubai in Emirates first class on Saturday..”
    Either way, it looks like they are doing well on their dream trip! I hope the family is ok.

  10. @ Lucky – hope all turns out to be well!

    Look forward to the trip report. I guess, it will be a bit of a mix of “first impressions” and regular trip reports.

  11. @wwk5d

    no worry, I have experienced lavish mezze in many quality restaurants across the Middle East, I was saying that mezze presentation in the plane (of the pic) is very cute. You’re quite a turnoff.

  12. You should ask for a refund then if your standards let you think that is cute mezze. That is about as basic and bland as mezze gets.

  13. @wwk5d

    What an overbearing downer you are. If you need a chance to brag about your mezze expertise or something, look into some food websites, instead of tackling around others’ thoughts.

  14. I’m sorry if you find my comments as being a downer (maybe you need thicker skin?), but hey, as someone from the region,, it is good to point out to people some of the finer aspects of food culture in the Middle East. Higher standards and all. I mean, if the mezze presentations on the Emirates, Eithad, and Qatar are a high point in Levantine cuisine, the God help us all.

  15. “I’ll be writing the trip report “live,” meaning I’ll be writing each installment a day or two after each flight, hotel stay, etc.”

    This should be the way all the time, frankly.

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