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Welcome to my next trip report, which will more or less be published “live.” I’ve just kicked  off this trip, and can’t wait to share the details as we go along.

As I’ve been doing with my “live” trip report format, I’ll share the exact routing and how I booked with each individual flight and hotel review, since that’s a question that otherwise frequently comes up.

I will note that with the exception of my positioning flights, the flights were booked entirely with miles (and most hotels were booked with points).

To give you guys a sense of the trip I had initially booked, a few weeks ago I wrote about how I ticketed the following:

  • ANA’s new 777-300ER business class
  • ANA’s new 777-300ER first class
  • Lufthansa’s A350-900 business class
  • Delta’s 777-200 business class

However, I had been considering some changes to the trip (and I asked you guys for feedback based on that), so you’ll have to stay tuned to see what I end up flying. I’m actually not even 100% sure how this trip will end, to be honest, as there are still a couple of changes I’m considering.

Suffice to say that the highlight of the trip continues to be flying ANA’s new first & business class, which are probably the two best products currently out there that I haven’t flown.

ANA’s new business class

That’s why trying both of them was such a priority — once I’ve experienced both, I’ll also be able to update my 2020 rankings for the world’s best first class products and the world’s best business class seats.

I’ve seen some suggest that ANA’s new business class is even better than Qatar Airways Qsuites, so I’m curious if I find that to be the case.

Qatar Airways Qsuites

This should be a fun, whirlwind review trip, given that I’ll be flying to Tokyo twice (since ANA seems to release a lot more premium award availability to Tokyo, rather than from Tokyo).

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned. I’m very excited to see what these experiences are like…

  1. Looking forward to it! Especially the dichotomy between ANA’s First/Biz, and Lufthansa’s underwhelming hard product and Delta’s… well, being Delta.

  2. Doing ANA F (looks like the old one for now) in October from ORD. Hope they bring more new config planes online!

    On the other hand I can’t quite agree with your F rankings. AF at #2? I feel that you should take into consideration availability/ease of booking for your rankings. How many people can actually access AF F when you got to be an Flying Blue elite to book it, and even then at a high cost?

    For fewer miles I could fly SQ, EK (5th freedom), CX, NH etc. Ease of accessibility should definitely figure in your rankings.

  3. @Lucky I can’t wait to follow this trip as it unfolds! I’m curious how you find/book ANA flights using Virgin miles. Can it be done on-line? (I’ve never seen any partner except Delta when searching on Virgin.) Or is it a “search for availability on United and then call” sort of deal?

  4. Lucky, it’s been a long time since you reviewed LH, and it has certainly fallen out of favour with you, far from the glory days when the Qsuite (then only a much-rumoured and little-known Super Business Class) did not exist. There’s nothing quite like the First Class Terminal FRA.

    Let’s see if LH holds up, and, more importantly, if ANA can beat the Qsuite. The only thing lacking is NH’s entertainment selection, but it can be Japan’s Qsuite-beater otherwise.

  5. I’m most looking forward to Endre’s top 5 ranking. F only obviously, he’s too sophisticated to fly J

  6. I can save you the time on the LH A350-900. The hard product is non-competitive. The soft product is still decent. If I were flying routes that had other non-stop providers, I probably wouldn’t fly Lufthansa business class. You’d certainly be better off flying either United or Delta, and American’s seat is much better, but they’re service may compromise them. If you’re flying with a spouse or friend, Lufthansa is more tolerable since you’re probably not quite as worried about sitting on top of the person next to you with no meaningful partition or divider.

  7. I’ve flown 5 times to/from Tokyo on ANA Business in the last 3 years. The new seats look amazing. Everything about the airline is great, but I’m always disappointed by the food in Business. Only 2 choices of meals and the “Western” meal is not really Western beginning to end. I like Japanese food, but on the return I’m ready for a change. The one time I flew in coach I liked that meal, go figure. So, can’t wait for your review.

  8. Ranking a business class product is like ranking fruit as it depends on what is important to you as an individual. However pointing out what each airline and aircraft offer can be beneficial when deciding who to fly with. The other issue is the crew…this can make the difference between an ordinary flight and a fantastic one and often it is a crapshoot as to what mood your crew is in.

  9. Yeah! Undoubtedly ANA’s new business class is even better than Qatar Airways Qsuites. So far best business class product in the market.

  10. You intrigued me, I was impressed with the photos of the new first and business class ANA. Have a nice flight!

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