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Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend. As usual I was expecting to have more time than normal, but I was having so much fun that time flew right by. So far everything has been pretty uneventful, to my surprise, but I did chuckle at least a few times. Right now I’m at SFO and will be taking the redeye to EWR in a few minutes. So far Channel 9 has not been on for three out of my four flights, which is a really bad streak of luck and disappoints me quite a bit). On the plus side I got to my destination almost on time despite a cancellation of my SFO-LAX flight, but that worked out to be a good thing since I made some new friends at the RCC at SFO. I’ll be seeing them several times over the next few weeks, and it’s always nice to know agents when the, erm, crap hits the fan.

One thing I have a really hard time not commenting on is the pilots at UA not wearing their hats as a sign of solidarity. It was funny walking through SFO and seeing all of the pilots not wearing hats. I had a hard time not saying (jokingly of course, I’m not trying to offend them) “nice hats” to the pilots without them on, of course with a smirk on my face, hoping they’d take it in good fun. As we know perception is reality, and if the pilot thinks I’m taking a jab at him/her, it won’t necessarily be good for me in terms of future Channel 9 availability.

The stay in LA itself was great. We had dinner at an excellent but pricey Greek restaurant (Petros), and then lunch the next day with a group of FlyerTalkers. My local friend also took us to Imperial Hill, which provided panoramic views of LAX, an airport that never ceases to amaze me as far as diversity of air traffic goes.

As much as I love Embassy Suites hotels for their reasonable prices and large rooms, they are well known for their “cattle call” breakfasts and manager’s receptions. Usually I don’t find the wait to be bad, typically having maybe three or four people in front of me in line. This hotel was different. As you can see in the picture below, the wait was around 30 minutes or so, which is crazy. I get a feeling that some locals come to the Embassy Suites for breakfast since they don’t really verify you’re staying there. Whatever it was, I certainly wasn’t going to wait that long for breakfast. Considering the breakfast area literally had gates to get in, I couldn’t help but finally understand the reference to the infamous cattle call.

We got to LAX pretty early where I made another friend in the RCC who worked in the 1K room back in the day. I was asking her about bump possibilities for my LAX-SFO flight, and explained to her that I could take another routing. She got confused by the fact that I could do a different routing when I was trying to be bumped off a flight to SFO, so looked in my PNR to see my full itinerary, and was shocked to see the routing. I explained why I was doing it and that I was earning 100,000 EQM’s this month alone through double EQM’s, and she said “that’s not possible.” She said you “mean award miles, not premier miles, right?” I explained to her what I meant, and she was shocked since her husband is a 1K MM and didn’t know about the DEQM promo and traveled weekly. I gave her my laptop and she registered her husband for the promotion when I showed her exactly where to do it. She thanked me profusely and I’m sure I’ll see her again soon.

The flight to SFO was totally packed (As the gate agents love to refer to it, “completely full.” Nothing makes me cringe more; it’s either full or it’s not full.) due to fog at SFO, and it’s almost time for the redeye. My flight tomorrow morning looks full from EWR to IAD, so I’m hoping for a bump there. Once I get home at around 4PM tomorrow I’ll head straight to bed as I have to get up at 3:45AM again in order to catch my next flight at 6AM.

Happy travels and stay tuned!

Update: Embassy Suites “cattle call” pictures



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  1. [QUOTE] Nothing makes me cringe more; it’s either full or it’s not full. [/QUOTE]

    What about “half full”, “mostly full”, “almost full” or “not all all full”? Given that, I’m not bothered hearing “completely full” unless (as is usually the case) we’re NOT completely full and end up going out with a bunch of empty middles (except the one next to me… yar!).

  2. I agree with you that it can be “mostly full” or “half full,” but I still believe “completely full” is wrong. Full already means “containing all that can be held” and “completely filled,” so to say “completely full” is beyond redundant.

    Also agree with you about the “completely full flight” not being full. Annoying indeed.

  3. Lucky,

    You call that a line? You should see the lines at the ES in Lake Tahoe (where they check your guest card) or the ES at Tysons Corners, VA (where they book a lot of groups). At both of those places if you aren’t up and ready for breakfast at 6 a.m. on a weekend you will face long lines and in the case of the Tysons Corners ES, there will be no donuts or pastries left, nor fresh fruit. At least you can still get the hot food.

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