Finally back home!

After one of the most exhausting mileage runs I’ve taken to date, I’m back home and ready to hibernate. I’ve gotten a grand total of six hours of sleep in the past 60 hours. Best of all, I get to do it all again on Saturday.

Remind me again, why do I do this? 😉

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  1. ENjoy yourself today slacker. I have my first true MR today. Had to get into work at 245 am this morning as well. Ah, who needs sleep anyway?

  2. So I don’t feel bad for you Ben, we’re all stil waiting to hear you justify Starnet blocking, as promised…

  3. He says/thinks he was on a mileage run but perhaps, just perhaps, the powers at United intercepted him en route and brain-washed him into believing StarNet blocking is good for us. Repeat after me StarNet Blocking is GOOD. One World BAD.

  4. I understand StarNet blocking – specifically why United has to implement it – but what I don’t understand is why there isn’t a break for top-tier flyers.

  5. bmvaughn, My feeling is that it’s the top-tier flyers who are the people who would cost US the most with *A flights. GM’s probably just fly UA

  6. It’s all about the bumps and miles :p

    Or lucky really needs to crack that Nintendo game he’s playing :p

  7. You know guys, as I think more and more about it, it wasn’t really decent justification. I was just drinking a bit too much of their Kool-Aid. Nonetheless, I’ll put up a post about what they said which had me semi-believing them for about six seconds. 😉

    Oh, and another nice thing about being home is being able to drink milk without feeling weird. Although I don’t know, it just doesn’t taste as good on the ground….

  8. Okay, we’ll look for you on Saturday @ Dulles – any chance it’s SNA as the destination?

  9. @ Sharon — What time will you be at IAD? I’ll be there from around 11AM till 12:30PM. Not heading to SNA, unfortunately.

  10. What routing did you fly for the Mileage Run? I want to see your post on StarNet blocking.

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