Working hard on my trip report….

Just wanted to mention that I pulled an all nighter to work on the trip report. Actually, I’ve been working on it almost nonstop since 8PM last night. The goal is to post part one tomorrow and roll out the rest at a pretty quick pace thereafter.

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  1. Thanks for pulling an all-nighter for us. We appreciate all that you do. Go out (or stay in) and have some fun tonight though!

  2. Comon Lucky….I saw the preview on flickr, now I’m anxious for the read the story behind the Presidential Suite in IST. :-).

  3. Not to discourage you, but I personally enjoy most long trip reports about as much as 2 hr slideshows where I get to “experience” every minute detail and moment of someone else’s vacation. ;). There are currently 873 other unread items in my feed reader to review/process and life is short…

    I guess others see it differently, so like I said, don’t let this lone (?) voice discoourge you.

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