Here we go!

And my trip to New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Bali starts today. As usual, you can expect plenty of updates (and this time around quite a bit of tweeting) and a trip report within a week or two of my trip. I’ll be sampling American’s domestic first class product, American’s Flagship Service, Cathay Pacific’s first class, Cathay Pacific’s business class, the Andaz Wall Street, the Grand Hyatt Bali, the InterContinental Bali, and the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, along with some exploring of Bali.

Looking forward to putting my new Hyatt status to the test and actually relaxing a bit.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Interesting how the destination, “along with some exploring of Bali”, is nothing more than a footnote to the planes and hotels.

    Is this even travel?

  2. I hope you and your brother have a great time on your travels. Can’t wait to read the trip reports. How many nights do you have to spend in hotels in order to get the highest status with two chains (if I recall you are a Royal Ambasador with Inter Con and now you have the highest status with Hyatt)? Are there any other hotel chains you ever use?

  3. I walked past the Andaz Wall St. a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday morning. Pretty deserted down there!

    The weather here IS gorgeous, yes!

  4. @Flyer23 – No, it’s not traveling. Last time this kid went on a similar trip, he ate nothing but lounge food – nothing local. A pizza in Hong Kong? Give me a break.

    Another trip of Diet Coke and hotel lounges – and not attempting to experience local culture or anything authentic. What an utter bore.


  5. Ben

    Those crotchety old brown 757 seats on American are a welcome amenity — when faced with flying on *any* of United’s two class 767 and 777 products in the US.. especially to HI.

    Before facing the torture of UA 777 ride in F from ORD/SFO/HNL, I had the pleasure of experiencing biz class on American’s 777 from LAX/MIA which was nothing less than Dreamy.


  6. Lucky,

    Looking forward to read your trip report on Bali Hyatt and Haytt Regencey (HK). I am going to stay at the Hayatt Regencey(HK) in a few weeks, and look foward to read your review.

    I am also considering planning a vacation to Bali. After reading your countless praises of Bali Intercontinental, I was leaning to dumping my Hyatt loyalty. I will stay put until I read your Grand Hyatt Bali review.

    Have a great trip!

  7. Hey Super80 –

    If you don’t like lucky or his blog posts…why the hell do you even bother reading them? A lot of people enjoy his writing, and nowhere does he say this is a cultural blog – you can go somewhere else for that. His blog is primarily about miles and point – which relates to…you got it! AIRLINES & HOTELS!

  8. I enjoy his writing and think his ability to secure premium awards is wonderful, but I also think he misses out on a lot of really cool things.

    I woudl probably eat breakfast in the lounge, but I don’t like to spend time in hotels at all once the day starts.

  9. Ben

    I’m not a twitter-er so I must use this as a forum to offer comments.

    I’m glad you posted the lovely on-demand AA screens. The nearly lie-flat seats were nice too, huh. United **needs** to offer this domestically. HNL to Mainland on those terrible seats in UA F cabin is certainly NOT a treat anyone should have to endure. Would take the penned-up brown dumpy 757s AA flies to LAX/SFO to Hawaii any day!

    Since you are a Nut Nut: Please admit that the AA nuts and the UA nuts are the same — except the AA nut bowl is about twice the size. So sorry to see you had to create the stack-up. Apparently your AA FA was about as BAD as my UA FA last week to HNL !! As always depends on the individual. Have always considered big mainline UA senior FAs to be exceptional until recently.

    Are you complaining that your “snack” was actually meal?


  10. Agreed on Super 80 – a total tool w/a major inferiority complex. Methinks he’s just a hater who always rides in the back of the bus. Love people who keep coming back to blogs only to b***h and moan for no good reason.

    Some of us actually, you know, like hearing about Lucky’s travel experiences. If you don’t like it, don’t read and comment.

  11. @Cliff – you must be dumber than you sound on a blog. Who is b*tching for no reason? Read the next post, and listen to the kid. He’s whining over not being offered breakfast, or the right bed. Aren’t there greater thing in life about which to worry? This kid is so intent on being treated well by employees – I’d look for real friends, real family, and real relationships for premier treatment. It’s a fantasy world – available for
    anyone who can buy it. Not exclusive at all.

    Real relationships can’t be bought.

    And, are you so idiotic, Cliff, that you can’t see why people would read something with which they don’t agree? This isn’t a dictatorship where we all keep our mouth shut in the name of sucking up to someone.

  12. I read stuff all the time I don’t agree with. And I like to intelligently debate the issue (like on FlyerTalk). As someone who is evaluating the top tier status levels with hotel loyalty programs, hearing his experiences is noteworthy. Not getting offered a breakfast is all relative. Don’t you think someone from hotel management might be interested in learning they’re not delivering on promised services to a valued customer?

    However, your sole raison d’etre (you probably don’t understand that) is to come on here and bash the guy. Why? It’s his passion, I’ve learned a lot from him. Do any of us need to fly for leisure? Of course not. Yet you come on here and whine about what he posts. Maybe YOU should get a life and go experience the world.

    It’s clear from your posts that you have your own inferiority complex, and your own relationship issues. Keep posting behind an alias too. Get a life bro, and go troll somewhere else.

  13. @Cliff, Miss Swan

    It seems neither of you can handle a challenge or opposing point of view to what Lucky posts to his blog. If it were my guess, both of you, on some level and in some small bit, agree with what Flyer33 and Super80 have to say and it agitates you. Likely because you too subscribe to paying far too much attention to a hotel room and a seat on a plane versus enjoying the path of travel or a destination.

    Lucky posts to this blog, hopefully, so people will read, digest, and put forth their own thoughts and ideas. The two of you, with your “If you don’t play the way I want to play I’ll take my toys and run!” mentality just don’t seem to get that.

    Oh, and one other point: If you truly believe in your argument, that of “Don’t read it if you don’t agree with it”, then why bother reading and responding to comments you clearly don’t agree with?

  14. Guys how can you be bothered to response to the troll? Can’t you all just be smart and ignore him like what lucky is doing? The troll is upset because lucky is ignoring him so he turned to his faithful readers and some of you felt for it…….

  15. MoiMoi,

    You make fine and fair points. However, what the two trolls are espousing aren’t “opposing points of view” – it’s the same one-trick pointless criticism. If you don’t agree with hotel/airline choices, speak up – that type of dialogue is enjoyable, and its fun to have a back and forth. If you don’t agree with the whole travel experience, why keep beating a dead horse and posting? It’s not like they’re bringing an original POV in every post – they really have nothing to say.

    I love to travel, and I love the game too – which is why I read and post. Those two don’t really ever have anything to say about either. Just a couple of haters with nothing else to do.

  16. Boy, this is getting boring with the kitty fighting.

    Ben, I had the lasagna rolls (pasta option for the veggies) a few weeks ago and it wasn’t stellar. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t super. Get the beef or whatever else was offered. Note that I’m never seen Ice Cream Sundaes on United domestic / hawaii flights. And I’ve never seen a United dole out a menu on any domestic/hawaii flight except for the p.s. service (which by vurtue of the equip, you’re back to the crappy blue leather seats instead of the lie-flats you sometimes get on AA.

    So – are you gonna comment on the UA/AA nut bowl sizes??? Please.

    Is a shame you didn’t get a 763 with the lie-flat biz seats on the TransCon. Although you seem to have had the lie-flats on one of the Miami connections at least you got to experience them. And remember this is only biz class


  17. @Katie- UA flies plenty of int’l config 767s on domestic routes where the biz seats totally blow away EVERY biz seat in AAs fleet. Due to the fact the carriers have hubs/gateways in different places, you won’t see both carriers using such aircraft on the same route. I could easily complain, for example, about AA not having any lie flat biz seats on SFO-IAD much as you complain UA doesn’t have them LAX-MIA.

    Sometimes UA flies int’l config 747 domestically too incl ORD-HNL. How does AA’s. 747 compare?

    I agree UA’s 2-class 767 seats suck. 777 2-class not so bad, 777 3-class on a domestic route is nice (had that LAX-IAD recently)

  18. @HunterSFO – dude-ly, have you tried American’s 777 3-class? The F cabin is fab, even the biz cabin is individual sectional seats (i.e. pods) with personal on-demand.

    I give in that yes it all depends on where these carriers are, well, carrying their planes to and from. But mainline routes like Flagship/p.s. and Hawaii should be consistent — and they should be nice. Every time I visit Hawaii from LA or your fair city, for example, even though I have to sit in a tired brown pen-written on seat, the seat itself and the service are *better* than had I traveled United on the same route. Last time — gee, every time — I fly AA, they gave me a true Hawaiian experience — even the menus are Hawaiian-themed. Last time I flew UA, they gave me a BAD seat on a 2 class 767, no menu and no Hawaiian-theme (unless you want to claim that the over-chatty purser who couldn’t stop begging for the agriculture declaration forms back every 1/2 hour, and who claimed at least five times throughout the flight that United has served the islands for over 75 years … to indeed be the Hawaiian them…)


    P.S. your voice is sexy on that podcast !!

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