Fun at ORD….

My morning was a total mess. The hotel shuttle was totally packed to EWR, and the only place they drop you off at the airport is at P4, which means one has to take the AirTrain to get to the terminals. As luck would have it they were doing construction on the tracks, so they only had one AirTrain doing the whole loop. That meant that instead of there being a train every two minutes there was only one every 20 minutes, not to mention the line was longer than an A340-600. I hardly made my flight, but in the end everything was fine.

Anyway, I’m now at ORD waiting for my flight to TPA. It is totally zeroed out, but I’m not holding my breath.

That’s the boring stuff though. I’m laughing my rear off internally here, sitting in the RCC. Across from me are two gentlemen traveling together on business, one Asian and one European. They’re both headed to HKG, and they’re communicating with each other in English despite neither of them having any sort of grasp on the language. For the past 45 minutes (I’m not exaggerating, I have been watching the clock), they have been arguing about how they should get from the airport to the hotel. They both have their laptops open and are trying to prove each other wrong. The European guy is suggesting they take the Airport Express (which is the smart thing to do, in my opinion), while the Asian guy suggests taking the bus.

They got downright angry at each other at one point (“Stop it, you’re not listening to me!”), and they just in general refuse to give in. Not that I’m a native to Hong Kong or anything, but I’m just about ready to go over there and explain to them the easiest way.

I wish I could film this, it’s downright hilarious.

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