How To Maximize Value At Four Seasons Hotels

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Want to receive extra benefits for your stay at Four Seasons properties, including a space available room upgrade, complimentary breakfast, a hotel credit, and more? Contact [email protected] for more details. He may even be able to help if you already have a stay booked.

Four Seasons is considered by some to be the Holy Grail of hotels and resorts (just look at their properties in Hawaii, Bora Bora, Paris, and Los Cabos). Others may say they are overpriced and overrated, although I think it’s fair to say that Four Seasons properties, as a group, are tasteful and luxurious — some more so than others, of course.

For those of you considering staying at a Four Seasons property, I figured I’d make a post about how best to maximize the value you can get out of a Four Seasons stay.

How to find Four Seasons free night & promotional offers

As a general rule, Four Seasons, like many luxury hotel brands, seldom discounts their room rates. Instead, they regularly offer incentives like a 3rd or 4th night free or a large hotel credit to be used during the stay (for example, I recently wrote about some of the offers available at Hawaii properties, which are among their most popular). These incentives, when taken advantage of, offer value similar to a discounted room rate.

While the promotions vary depending on the property and season, the good news is that Four Seasons publishes all available promotions on the individual website of each hotel, under the “offers” section at the top of the page.

This should give you a good place from which to start planning your next Four Seasons vacation. Furthermore, any deals should automatically show up when you search for a stay.

It goes without saying that different promotions will hold different value depending on your budget and the type of traveler you are. In other words, some people might say “wow, $1,000 per night at the Four Seasons Bora Bora is a steal” (given that it’s significantly below the normal rate), while others would understandably say “I’d never spend $1,000 per night on a hotel.”

With that in mind, I wanted to share a few examples of promotions that I think some might find useful even if they wouldn’t otherwise consider staying at a Four Seasons property. These are just examples and rates vary by date. Some dates will be more expensive, while other dates may be cheaper.

For example, the Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran Bay has a fourth night free promotion, so you can book a ~2,700 square foot villa (including interior and exterior space) for $560 per night.

The Four Seasons London Ten Trinity Square has a third night free promotion, so you can book a room there for 367GBP per night.

The Four Seasons Santa Fe has a third night free promotion, so you can book a casita for $333 per night.

The Four Seasons Beijing has a fourth night free promotion, so you can book it for around $200 per night.

There are dozens of other offers, though these are just a few examples to give you a sense of the range of deals they have.

Stacking free nights with Four Seasons Preferred Partner

One of the best hospitality preferred partner programs I have come across as a Travel Advisor is the Four Seasons Preferred Partner program. For those of you loyal to Four Seasons, rejoice. For those of you that have eschewed Four Seasons because you were skeptical of the value, perhaps this is a turning point for you!

Offers made available through Four Seasons can be stacked with Preferred Partner amenities when booked through a Travel Advisor, adding even more value.

The Four Seasons Preferred Partner program is similar to the Hyatt Privé program. Booking your hotel stays through this program is a simple way to maximize value at no additional cost, as the rates are the same as the best available rate. While Four Seasons doesn’t have a formal loyalty program, think of this as the closest thing to getting elite-level benefits at Four Seasons properties.

Four Seasons Preferred Partner rates may include amenities like daily breakfast, room upgrades if available, property credits, and more. You can contact your Four Seasons Preferred Partner Travel Advisor to find out more (more on that below), since they vary by property.

Four Seasons Florence

While most Four Seasons properties are bookable through American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) as well as Virtuoso, booking through the Four Seasons Preferred Partner program prioritizes the room upgrade, which is often considered the most important benefit offered by a preferred partner program.

Furthermore, not all of the offers available through Four Seasons are available through FHR or Virtuoso, and vice versa, nor can they be stacked with Preferred Partner amenities. Confused yet? I didn’t say getting the most bang for your buck was easy!

The perks across the programs vary a bit, too. For example, Fine Hotels & Resorts has guaranteed 4PM checkout, and Virtuoso as a standard (but not guaranteed) amenity offers early check-in and late checkout if available. Four Seasons Preferred Partner doesn’t usually offer flexible check-out times as an amenity, though it’s something you can check with your Travel Advisor about.

It’s worth comparing the perks to see what works best for you:

  • You can check Virtuoso rates and perks either by working with a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, or directly through the Virtuoso website
  • You can check Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts rates and perks through the Amex website or through a Travel Advisor, assuming you have an Amex Platinum Card

Four Seasons Paris George V

How to take advantage of Four Seasons Preferred Partner

In order to book a Four Seasons Preferred Partner rate, you’ll need to contact an affiliated Travel Advisor. While these rates cannot be booked directly by guests, the Preferred Partner rate is typically the same as the best available rate you can see online for the property you’re considering.

By booking with a Travel Advisor, you can often combine the Preferred Partner amenities with special offers available at Four Seasons properties. There’s simply no reason not to take advantage of these opportunities if booking through Four Seasons.

Travel Advisors are there to personalize the stay for you, and are meant to be your single point of contact for your trip… planning can be fun when you don’t have to fuss over the details!

Four Seasons Seychelles

Furthermore, in many cases Four Seasons Preferred Partner Travel Advisors can even help you with adding perks to existing reservations, so you can reach out to ask.

I know that Citi Prestige fourth night free is a popular perk for some, though note that Citi Prestige is not a Four Seasons Preferred Partner, so they wouldn’t be able to provide these perks.

An example of a Preferred Partner stay we made

In 2018 Ben and I went to the Four Seasons Desroches Island, which had just opened at the time. It’s located on a private island in the Seychelles, and we had an incredible time.

At the time we stayed we booked an “opening rate” which was over 700EUR, though at the time rates have gone down over many dates. For example, I see a rate of 585EUR for March, which uses a 30% off promotion.

That rate actually includes breakfast, but by booking through Preferred Partner you’d receive additional amenities, like a space available upgrade, a generous resort credit, and more.

Four Seasons Desroches villa

Four Seasons Desroches villa

Four Seasons Desroches villa

Bottom line

There are deals to be had at Four Seasons properties. Preferred Partner rates are a great way to get perks like free breakfast, hotel credits, and upgrades. These rates can also be combined with free night promotions offered by Four Seasons to maximize value.

If you would like to book a room or confirm a rate is available for your dates, are curious about ongoing promotions, want to compare Preferred Partner/Virtuoso/Amex FHR pros & cons, or have questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

I’m a Four Seasons Preferred Partner, a Virtuoso agent, and can also help with Amex FHR bookings as needed. Other Travel Advisors are also welcome to leave their info below.

  1. How to maximize value: get a Citibank prestige card.

    Though to be fair you did mention it briefly, which is holding yourself to a higher ethical standard than I have seen in other posts before on this blog. Kudos.

  2. Couldn’t agree more! Im also a Four Seasons Preferred Partner as well as a Virtuoso agent and would be happy to help book any stay at Four Seasons or Virtuoso properties. Just shoot me an email to [email protected] and i’ll respond to you promptly.

  3. Some of those properties look amazing and I could see spending that much for a special holiday. In some of those cases, the prices are less than I thought they would be. Thanks for the insights.

  4. I haven’t stayed at that many highest-end hotels but from my limited experience, Four Seasons tends to be the most consistently good. Ritz Carltons tend to be a bit more hit or miss overall and they have a few clunkers in their portfolio.

    There is something amusingly oxymoronic about the title of the thread 🙂

  5. Thank you for this! I’ve only stayed at the Four Seasons in Seattle (cousin’s wedding was held there) but I do hope to stay at a four seasons resort someday.
    Is it also possible for you to please write a similar post but for Aman hotels?

  6. Here is my take. For 10 years+ I was a loyal Four Seasons guest and achieved for a number of those years the special black and nicely packaged card that was given to a small percentage as being an elite guest. This I guess for the 100 nights a year I was staying at varying properties. What did I get for that in the end? Very little. Upgrades were few. I occasionally got a welcome in person by the GM (so what). My dedicated concierge was elusive and often took days for a response on a stay request. In time I started to realize that the premium FS charges is not worth ignoring points and what was a marginally better level of service for twice the price.

    With that I doubt this service you are touting will actually translate to anything beyond the usual quality service FS provides.

    Sure, I stay at FS here and there now. And as you provide I do so only on the readily available 4th night free program. But I would much rather, if given the choice, opt for a Park Hyatt, LHW, St. Regis, etc. As a Globalist with Hyatt, as an example, my stays now at an Andaz or Park Hyatt are catered to with amazing response from my personal concierge…usually no more than 3 hours for an email return. Just today they actually and proactively let me know that the rate on my room category for a stay tomorrow dropped in price and they are changing it for me. Now that is value. And, sure, while Andaz is not FS by a long shot guess what, my concierge let me know ahead of time that they got me blocked in a top level suite with an early check-in. I would get that maybe once every 40 stays at a FS.

    Four Seasons is special. I am not arguing that. But they have failed consistently over the years to REALLY recognize loyal patterns. No points. No bonuses. And a VIP program that is basically a heavy shiny card only.

    In the end I am having a far better time now trying new hotels as part of the growing alliances. Design Hotels with Marriott and the even better luxury Hyatt portfolio as two examples. I predict this will be a growing pattern with many under the 2%…which might just work for FS at their current number of properties…remembering Isolde Sharpe in an interview pointing to the street below and saying “See those people? I do not make Four Seasons for them.” That’s fine, but investors want growth and FS is not Aman. They are at a turning point and I predict they will have no choice but to open the kimono or remain where they are now in size. I am a perfect example of a defection that does not see the value. I am sure there are more.

  7. Sometimes staying at Four Seasons isn’t as expensive as people make it out to be especially if you want to venture outside of Hawaiian properties. For example I stayed at Bogota Four Seasons not too long ago. The cheapest rate was like $350. Plus “stay longer than” rate which gives you third night free. Add that onto Citi Fourth night free…. you are basically getting half off for four night stays!

    Sadly from Sept on, Citi fourth night free will only be usable for two time a year so I’ll be switching to Amex FHR to look for good deals there. I agree with Ford that once you reach the two Citi stay limits, it makes sense to book your Four Season stays through agent like him to get additional things like free breakfast which can easily be worth $100 daily.

  8. My agency has access to almost all the preferred hotel agent affiliations. If someone wants a one stop shop send me an email [email protected]

    American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts (plat and cent), Amex preferred rates, and Amex hotel collection
    Four Seasons Preferred Partner
    Hyatt Prive
    Ritz Carlton Stars
    Rosewood Elite
    Pen Club (Peninsula hotels)
    Shangri La Luxury Circle

    And one that I find the best all around program and haven’t seen it on any blogs is the Altour Collection which is similar to Virtuoso except available at a lot more hotels (and also has benefits at lower end 3 and 4 star properties around the world). I also find that this one is often more rewarding than some of the native hotel programs even at the same property.

  9. Not bad. But quite frequently I still find better deals on local sites from esp Expedia and
    Typically I prefer to book directly with airlines and hotels but sometimes much lower prices can be found elsewhere. I even had Agoda matching a few times a better price found elsewhere.
    Amex fine hotels never comes out good for me.
    So in other words if hotels prefer the direct bookings it would not harm to put some more effort into it.

  10. We are staying at the Four Seasons Ko Olina for Spring Break – I find the best deal to be had is to book early; however, often the FS will charge two nights upfront which I don’t like. We managed to secure our room for $649 per night with a $50per day credit. The same room is now $850 with no credit.

  11. The 4S Bali – Jimbaran IMO isn’t the best property in that region. It’s beach is much rockier than for instance the beach further north (Where the Hyatt(?) is).

    The best 4S on Bali is in Ubud and truly amazing.

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