Four Seasons Hawaii Resorts & Promotions (2020)

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Want to receive extra benefits for your stay at Four Seasons properties in Hawaii, including a space available room upgrade, complimentary breakfast, a hotel credit, and more? Contact [email protected] for more details. He may even be able to help if you already have a stay booked.

Over the past few years I’ve had a lot of inquiries from readers and clients about the Four Seasons properties in Hawaii.

Of all the Four Seasons properties, I receive the most emails and make the most bookings at the Four Seasons resorts currently operating in the Hawaiian Islands: Four Seasons Hualalai (on The Big Island, Hawaii), Four Seasons Lanai, Four Seasons Maui at Wailea, Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina, and Four Seasons Lanai at Koele.

I’ve written in the past about the Four Seasons Preferred Partner program, which is a fantastic way to maximize value when staying at any Four Seasons hotel or resort, from Bora Bora to Los Cabos to Paris. Four Seasons properties are largely expensive, especially their resorts in Hawaii, which is why it’s a no-brainer to book my clients through Four Seasons Preferred Partner, which offers perks like daily breakfast, room upgrades, and resort credits at no additional cost.

Four Seasons Preferred Partner also allows affiliated Travel Advisors to combines these perks with ongoing promotions like fourth or fifth night free, daily resort credits, and unlimited golf to help my clients get the most out of their stay. This makes Four Seasons Preferred Partner unique compared to similar programs from other hotel brands, which don’t allow you to combine these perks with promotions.

If you already have an existing booking with Four Seasons it may even be possible to add these benefits, so feel free to send me an email ([email protected]) and I can look into it.

Four Seasons Hawaii Resorts & Promotions

The Four Seasons properties currently operating on Hawaii have dominated the luxury resort market, with one resort on four of the five most popular islands to visit — Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, and Lanai. A little more on each property can be found below, as well as some info about promotions that are currently running at each resort and can be combined with Preferred Partner perks.

Keep in mind that promotions have blackout dates and are limited in availability, so you’ll have to check with an affiliated Travel Advisor to see what’s available for your dates. If you don’t have a Travel Advisor or have questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

I’d also note that Four Seasons properties in Hawaii don’t have resort fees. This is exceedingly rare among resorts in Hawaii, given that at many upscale hotels, that can add $50+ to your room rate per night. On principle it’s also nice to support hotels that don’t participate in this deceptive practice.

With that out of the way, here are the five Four Seasons properties in Hawaii, along with the basics of their perks:

Four Seasons Hualalai

  • The Island: Hawaii, The Big Island, which is home to 8 of the world’s 13 distinct climate zones
  • Opened in 1996, renovated in 2009
  • 192 rooms and 51 suites
  • The Four Seasons Hualalai is known for its Jack Nicklaus signature golf course
  • Promotions: “Experience More” nightly resort credit of up to $200 USD, unlimited golf package, and more

Four Seasons Lanai

  • The Island: Lanai, by far the smallest of the 8 main islands in archipelago, now owned by Larry Ellison
  • Opened in 2005, renovated in 2016
  • 168 rooms, 39 suites, and 6 specialty suites
  • The Four Seasons Lanai offers the most “private” experience, as the island draws in only about 1% of the all visitor arrivals in Hawaii, remains happily rustic, and lacks a single traffic light
  • Promotions: 5th Night Free, “Discover Lanai” nightly activity and spa credit of up to $400 USD, “Lanai Explorer” unlimited activities including golf, off-road adventures, tennis, water sports and more

Four Seasons Maui At Wailea

  • The Island: Maui, perhaps the most famous and fabled of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Opened in 1990, renovated in 2015
  • 288 rooms, 63 suites, and 32 specialty suites
  • The Four Seasons Maui was the brand’s 1st property in Hawaii and 3rd resort. It remains one of the most iconic of the Four Seasons properties.
  • Promotions: “Experience More” nightly resort credit of up to $200 USD, “Complete Suite Experience” with roundtrip transfers, a private dinner experience and more

Four Seasons Oahu At Ko Olina

  • The Island: Oahu, home to the capital city Honolulu
  • Opened in 2016
  • 370 rooms, 51 suites, and 4 specialty suites
  • The Four Seasons Oahu is a particularly convenient resort for guests, as it is just 30 minutes from Honolulu airport, which has the most nonstop flights from the continental US
  • Promotions: 4th Night Free, “Experience More” nightly resort credit of up to $200, and more

Four Seasons Lanai At Koele, A Sensei Retreat

  • The Island: Lanai, by far the smallest of the 8 main islands in archipelago, now owned by Larry Ellison
  • Opened in 1990, renovated 2015-2019
  • 94 rooms and 6 specialty suites
  • The Four Seasons Lanai at Koele is different than all the other properties, as it’s an all inclusive wellness retreat
  • Stays here include all all meals, beverages (including alcohol) spa treatments, fitness classes, yoga and meditation, island activities, roundtrip flights from Honolulu, and gratuities

Why I’m Not Going Into More Details On The Promotions

While Four Seasons Preferred Partner is great for the ability to combine special promotions with perks like free breakfast, room upgrades, and hotel credits, do be aware that they are limited in availability.

While there are date ranges and terms associated with each of the promotions, even then they won’t always be available, due to capacity controls. You’re best off reaching out to a Four Seasons Preferred Partner Travel Advisor to get all the details.

Here are links to the promotions pages for the four hotels (with the exception of Lanai at Koele), to give you a sense of what you can expect:

One of the other cool things about these promotional pages is that it shows you “value dates,” where you can expect to find among the best rates (these dates will always be updated).

These won’t consistently be the absolute lowest rates, but you can expect that more often than not you’ll get a better rate over these dates.

Four Seasons Hawaii Summary

It goes without saying that there are better value resorts in the world than the Four Seasons properties in Hawaii. However, tons of people love to vacation in Hawaii year-after-year, and the Four Seasons properties are among the most popular luxury resorts on the islands. Four Seasons doesn’t have a points program, so your best bet for scoring a deal at a Four Seasons hotel is to book through a Four Seasons Preferred Partner.

At a minimum you’ll get free breakfast, a room upgrade subject to availability, and a hotel credit of some sort. Even better is when you can combine Preferred Partner perks with promotions being offered by the hotel.

While a Four Seasons resort in Hawaii will never be “cheap,” there are definitely opportunities to score good deals, and in many cases you won’t pay more than you’d pay a mid-range property, especially when you factor in the free breakfast, lack of a resort fee, and more.

Ben and I have stayed at the Four Seasons Lanai and had an incredible time. Being at one of the only resorts on such an untouched island was really special.

  1. Are there any Amex specials or virtuoso specials that can be combined?

    So did ford write this? Or y’all writing under the lucky name these days since it says “Ben and I.”

  2. Why is the author Lucky? It’s clearly written by Ford. The biggest giveaway is the last paragraph… when you say “Ben and I stayed at the Four Seasons Lanai….”. I get that people seem to like to trash Ford on this blog, but there is no reason to put this article under Ben since it wasn’t written by him.

    Ford, you really should write regular hotel reviews on this blog despite vitriols coming to you whenever you publish an article. It’s par for the course when you publish any reviews online especially on this blog. Just remember when people coming at you, it says more about them than you.

  3. Do they still offer the package where you can stay at multiple Four Season Hawaii resorts — and they can arrange your inter island transfers and handle luggage for you? We did it years ago, from Maui to Lanai (both Manele Bay and Lodge at Koehler) and then to Hulalai. Lanai was the best. Wanted to stay at Oprah’s suite but it wasn’t available. Still waiting for the Lodge to reopen soon.

  4. Ford was a miracle worker! Seriously, I was skeptical, because who wouldn’t be? But he is a stand up guy. I gave him our reservation information for the 4 season’s Maui and he did his magic. When we arrived we had a free breakfast for 2 every morning ($100 value), a $100 food voucher, (~ 2 lunches), and we also upgraded to a ocean view room for only $100 more because we used him.

    Do yourself a favor and give this man a call!

  5. Lanai is not “by far the smallest of the 8 main islands in archipelago.” It’s the 6th largest of the 8. Niihau and Kahoolawe are smaller.

  6. Long time no see Ford! You should write more hotel/ resort reviews.

    Lanai property is the best among all of these Hawaiian Four Seasons properties. Thank you Larry Ellison! I would give the Maui one a pass although if you are going to Maui, it is the best resort on that island.

  7. BTW.. if you have AMEX offers, tomorrow is the last day to get 15000 pts with a $750.
    I went to the local 4 seasons here and bought myself a $750 gift card.

  8. Hi Ford

    Looking forward to my FS Toronto trip next week that you booked incredibly efficiently. I will definitely use you for future FS bookings.

    Having just spent 10 nights at FS Maui and Hualalai I’d say that neither resort is perfect and I get the sense they have become complacent. The pool situation in Maui is ridiculous (all loungers reserved by 7am at weekends does not make for a relaxing break) and we had multiple issues at Hualalai where there are a large number of regular guests who get treated like royalty while everyone else is left to wait. At upwards of £1k per night the level of service really was unforgivable and I say that as a massive FS fan. Hopefully they will work on these issues as both resorts were gorgeous.

  9. Question for the well-traveled among you: worldwide, what other Hawaii-esque destinations would you recommend? I’m guessing the best choices are somewhere in Asia or the south Pacific. I’ve traveled to many Hawaiian islands a bunch, and what seems to characterize them in my mind are otherworldly, diverse primordial landscapes, great hiking, lush vegetation, and an occasional nice beach (truthfully, the beaches in Orange County, California are better than most Hawaiian beaches.)

    I want to see Vietnam and Indonesia, maybe there are good places there?

  10. @Kendor that really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for crystal blue water that almost look neon-like, then Maldives is it (although zero hiking as most islands are very flat). I would recommend Cheval Blanc Randheli. Bora Bora has the typical over the water stilt look but the place to go is really the Brando which is on its own atoll. Gorgeous water and better service than Four Seasons Bora Bora. Your best bet in Vietnam is Amanoi. The snorkeling doesn’t compare to Hanauma Bay but it’s decent. Lots of places to hike as the resort is basically inside a mountainous national park. Amankila in Indonesia has blackish color sand (very fine and good to walk on). If you like bodyboard surfing, then this place has enough waves for that. It’s also on a cliff so you have to trek up and down to the beach (or take a golf cart). North Island in Seychelles does have a deserted island feel to it with lots of palm trees. Waves can be pretty strong though except the area right in front of the main restaurant. Lots of huge tortoise to pet and decent amount of hiking can be done on the island as it’s definitely not flat. Four Seasons Koh Samui is up on a hill so a lot of hiking to get to the beach unless you want to take a golf cart. Water is warm; it feels like you are swimming in a bathtub. Not a lot of waves here but definitely a lot of noisy cicadas.

  11. Have the luxury (pun intended) of a buddy who works for FS and is offering us his friends and family discount for our trip to Hawaii in late January. Due to both financial and PTO limitations, we’re only planning on two nights, and have narrowed it down to Lanai or Hualalai. Lanai seems to be the front-runner, because 1) It has direct access to a nice beach 2) we’re looking for the property likely to have the fewest children, and 3) my wife is a horseback rider (there appears to be a FS-affiliated stable on the island).

    Anything we should consider that might swing things in favor of Hualalai? Thanks!

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