Hyatt Privé Offers Huge Benefits At Andaz, Grand Hyatt, And More!

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Want to take advantage of Hyatt Privé benefits?
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Hotels still largely rely on travel advisors to sell rooms, especially at luxury hotels. As a result, many hotel brands have developed special partnerships with select travel agencies, so that they can offer their guests more perks when staying at their hotels.

In the past we’ve written about Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Shangri-La Luxury Circle, and Starwood Luxury Privileges. Beyond that, there are organizations like Virtuoso, which offer similar benefits, but have member hotels that span many hotel groups, and also include independent hotels.

Hyatt has now introduced a similar program for some of their hotels, which is exciting news for certain Hyatt guests. Hyatt Privé offers special privileges at over 200 Hyatt hotels around the world, about 100 of which don’t belong to Virtuoso. This includes all Park Hyatt and Andaz properties, as well as select Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Centric, Hyatt Regency, Thompson, and The Unbound Collection hotels.

What are the benefits of booking through Hyatt Privé?

The benefits vary by brand.

For stays at Park Hyatt hotels you receive:

  • A $100 property credit per room per stay
  • A one category room upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of booking (room-to-room or suite-to-suite) — based on availability at the time of booking
  • Daily full breakfast for two in the hotel’s restaurant
  • Early check-in (as early as 9AM) and late check-out (as late as 4PM), subject to availability; the late check-out benefit is only available at Park Hyatt properties
  • A welcome gift and letter

For stays at select Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Centric, Hyatt Regency, Thompson, and The Unbound Collection hotels, you receive:

  • A $50 or $100 property credit per room per stay (it varies by a hotel)
  • A one category room upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of booking (room-to-room or suite-to-suite) — based on availability at the time of booking
  • Daily full breakfast for two in the hotel’s restaurant
  • Early check-in (as early as 9AM) and late check-out (as late as 4PM), subject to availability
  • A welcome gift and letter

What is the minimum stay requirement for a Hyatt Privé reservation?

For Park Hyatt and Andaz properties, there’s no minimum stay requirement to book a Hyatt Privé rate. For Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, and The Unbound Collection, you need to stay a minimum of two nights to book a Hyatt Privé rate.

How much is the Hyatt Privé rate?

The Hyatt Privé rate should be identical to the flexible/standard rate. You can’t book a Hyatt Privé rate in conjunction with a member discount rate, a AAA rate, a corporate rate, a pre-paid rate, or an award stay, just to give a few examples. You also can’t combine this with Citi Prestige fourth night free.

Do you earn World of Hyatt points for Hyatt Privé rates?

Absolutely! You earn World of Hyatt points and receive all elite benefits when booking a Hyatt Privé rate. You can still apply a Globalist suite upgrade to a reservation, and take advantage of all other perks you’d receive for stays.

I’m a Globalist member, don’t I already get all these perks?

There are several potential advantages to a Globalist member booking a Hyatt Privé rate:

  • You receive a confirmed upgrade within 24 hours of when you book based on availability, while Globalist upgrades are based on availability at the time of check-in (and as a Globalist member I sometimes don’t receive any sort of upgrade)
  • You receive a $50-100 hotel credit per stay
  • You receive complimentary restaurant breakfast, while when a hotel has a club lounge you typically only get complimentary breakfast in the lounge

Isn’t this a good alternative to going for status?

In my opinion, yes. As hotels increasingly introduce these types of programs, the value of elite status sort of decreases. Just for booking through certain travel agents you get a complimentary upgrade, free breakfast, early and late check-out (subject to availability), and a hotel credit. Those are really the most valuable elite perks, and then some.

It makes you wonder whether it’s really worth being loyal to a particular chain, rather than just staying at the hotel that’s the best value in a given market.

How do I book a Hyatt Privé rate?

Consumers can’t book this directly, but rather you have to book through an eligible travel agent. I know Ford would be happy to help with these reservations, and he can be reached at [email protected]. Other travel agents are welcome to leave their information below, so that people can get in touch with them.

To make your own life easier, in general I’d recommend doing the following before contacting a travel agent:

  • Look up the flexible rate for the hotel you want to book, just to be sure that Hyatt Privé is the best option for you (again, other rates don’t qualify)
  • Make sure you’re meeting the night eligibility — for Park Hyatt and Andaz, a one night stay is eligible, while for the participating Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, and The Unbound Collection properties, a two night stay is required

Is there a list of Hyatt Privé hotels?

The hotels participating in Privé aren’t published by Hyatt, but here’s a list of all properties participating in Hyatt Privé as of June 2019.

This can change, but a travel agent can advise you exactly which properties are participating (in case there’s confusion), and whether the property credit is for $50 or $100.

Pay with any credit card

Unlike Amex FHR rates, with Hyatt Privé you can use any credit card to make and pay for your hotel stay. I’d, of course, recommend using a card that earns extra points on travel purchases, such as one of these:

Earn bonus points on travel

Where I see value in Hyatt Privé

I am excited about this program based on my stay patterns. Personally, I’ll get very little value out of this for Hyatt’s highest-end properties (like Park Hyatt). That’s because:

  • I typically redeem points for Park Hyatt stays, and you can’t get these benefits on award stays
  • For those Park Hyatts where I do pay cash, most of those properties already belong to Virtuoso, which offers similar perks

It’s with many of Hyatt’s other hotels where I see value in this. For example, I recently stayed at the Andaz Singapore. I just booked the flexible rate (there were no other discounted rates), which was the best rate available. If I had booked through Hyatt Privé I would have received a $100 property credit for my one night stay at no extra cost, which would have been awesome.

I’ll be in New York soon and have the Grand Hyatt booked for my two night stay. The member discount rate is $20 lower than the flexible rate. I’d gladly pay an extra $40 over the course of a two night stay to get a $100 property credit, restaurant breakfast, and a guaranteed upgrade.

Say you want to make a one night stay at the Andaz Scottsdale in summer, where the standard rate is $159. Even for a one night stay you’d receive a $100 property credit, which is a heck of a deal (and most definitely worth it over the member rate, which is $4 cheaper).

Soon I’m hoping to visit Saudi Arabia, and I was surprised to find that the Park Hyatt Jeddah wasn’t part of Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts or Virtuoso. It is part of Hyatt Privé, though, so I’ll receive a $100 property credit.

I’ve taken advantage of Starwood Luxury Privileges so often for stays at W and Luxury Collection properties, and I’m so happy to see Hyatt introduce a similar program for many of their mid to upper tier properties.

Bottom line

I’m super excited about the new Hyatt Privé program, as it will add a lot of value for my stays at Hyatt’s nicer hotels. Getting extra perks at Andaz, as well as many Grand Hyatt and Hyatt Regency properties, will be awesome, especially on shorter stays. It also makes you question the real value of elite status, if you can receive free breakfast, a guaranteed room upgrade, and a property credit, just for booking through a certain travel agent.

What do you think of the new Hyatt Privé program, and do you plan on using it?

Want to take advantage of Hyatt Privé benefits?
Contact [email protected] for more details.

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  1. Is Citi Prestige concierge able to book such rates? If so, it would be awesome to have the 4th night free along with these perks.

  2. Great coverage of the program Lucky, it’s only new but of great value!
    What I also love about Prive over FHR or Virtuoso is the credit is more flexible and can be used on most hotel facilities as opposed to just food and beverage like some credits.
    For those readers in Australia who would like to book with a local advisor, there are only a few selected agencies invited to be a member of the Hyatt Prive program and fortunately we’re one of them.
    Feel free to email me on [email protected] for access to these rates and also at any Virtuoso, Penn Club, Luxury Circle, Luxury Privileges, Langham Couture, Belmond, MO, Ritz Carlton STARS, Rosewood, Four Seasons preferred rates (the list goes of partner programs go on…)
    Kal Ruediger
    Founder & Travel Designer at Haus of Travel

  3. “I’d gladly pay an extra $40 over the course of a two night stay to get a $100 property credit, restaurant breakfast, and a guaranteed upgrade.”

    Why??? Are we talking about the same Grand Hyatt Times Square? Aren’t you a Globalist with guaranteed lounge access and suite upgrades upon arrival? How many breakfasts do you need? You know their suites are tiny right?

  4. Lucky,

    Am I missing something? It looks like the Andaz Scottsdale is actually not on the list provided.

  5. @ Joel Ang — Not sure why it isn’t on that particular list, but for travel agents it shows as being eligible, so it can definitely be booked.

  6. @ stvr — You get suite upgrades on a space available basis, but sometimes they’re not available. The base rooms at the Grand Hyatt are tiny, so at least being guaranteed an upgrade to a slightly larger room (which typically retails for $20 more per night) is worth something, as is the hotel credit. A restaurant breakfast is also better than the continental breakfast in the club lounge. Admittedly at the Grand Hyatt it isn’t as much of a slam dunk as some other properties, but I still think it’s worthwhile.

  7. Do you receive elite status night credit when booking this rate? What about world of Hyatt promotion bonus points?


  8. Dang, I stayed with a standard rate for $211 at the Park Hyatt DC last week… would’ve been nice to have the $100 credit. Will definitely keep this in my back pocket, very useful.

  9. Saudi Arabia is on your top list to visit? Really? Crazy that you’d want to in any way support such a bigoted and backwards country considering you are gay AND Jewish.

  10. @Lucky – Just to clarify, it won’t qualify for the Citi 4th night benefit… but the concierge that makes the bookings would likely book this? Or the only hotels they do are Citi related? They have gotten me cars and the like. I email them all the time so that would make it easy to add this.


  11. @ DaKine — I don’t believe the agency they use has access to the program, so I believe they couldn’t book it.

  12. @ Aaron M Curtis — It should be valid on just about anything except room rate, tax, gratuity, resort fees, or 3rd party businesses at the hotel.

  13. If you get the guaranteed room category upgrade, would you still be able to receive a space available Globalist upgrade to a suite upon checkin?

  14. Like LP, I think HP may be worth it in certain, limited circumstances.

    I disagree with Lucky, though, that paying $40 (plus taxes) for a $100 credit in NYC (where I generally am not spending a significant amount of time in my hotel), perhaps a marginally better breakfast (that will probably take twice or three times as long as breakfast in the club), and room upgrade (that one will likely get anyways due to the size of the hotel) is worth it. But I am probably a different sort of traveler than Lucky.

  15. Thank you Ben for bringing this new initiative to my attention ,I will most certainly take advantage of the Program . As a Globalist member it is rare if at all that I am offered an upgrade ( actually never) ,so this provides benefits over and above . Having Breakfast options is also a plus as the Executive lounges at times can be crowded and limited in choice.

  16. Hey Lucky! May i know where did you receive this information from? I’ve been trying to scour for an official release from Hyatt can’t seem to find one. Cheers!

    It’s an awesome new program that Hyatt is offering tho.

  17. Thank you lucky!
    I have a question about the program, specifically, transaction name.
    I’ve never used this kind of travel agency for booking my hotels or airlines.
    Then, it would appear “Travel agency name (e.g., travelsociety or Hausoftravel)” on my transaction list? or “Hotel name”. I am asking this for double-dipping with Amex offer(hyatt regency $200-$60)

    Thank you again

  18. @ aerogeek — You’ll be charged directly by the hotel, as usual, so it would show as the hotel’s name. The travel agent isn’t charging you, but just making the booking for you.

  19. @ford booked our Andaz in scottsdale two weeks ago! It was fantastic! We used he resort credit for a cabana rental and the breakfast was great! I HIGHLY recommend Ford and his services. We had such a great experience with Andaz, Ford booked us for Costa Rica over Labor Day!

  20. If a hotel is running a “Third Night Free” rate on their site (e.g. Park Hyatt Beaver Creek currently doing that during May), would I be able to get Hyatt Prive benefits?

  21. @Lucky – you mentioned that all Globalist benefits would be honored, but I haven’t seen it mentioned whether you still get your Elite Qualifying Nights if you book with a Prive rate? I am assuming you do, but just want to make sure!

  22. If I have a one night Prive booking, and then add another 3 nights as a separate booking using my own corporate rate (which is significantly cheaper), it works out the same cost wise as “get fourth night free”. My question is, the $100 prive credit would only be eligible for the 1 night booked via Prive, correct? I couldn’t use that during the extra 3 days I am there? Or would the hotel let me use it later in the stay?

  23. Hi Lucky,

    Have you heard of any change regarding the confirmed upgrade? I was under the impression that it could be confirmed upon request, but now I am being told that it is cleared based on availability at check in.

    Thank you

  24. When it comes to Prive upgrades, the official terms and conditions are as per below:

    Room Upgrade
    > Response within 24 hours of request by Travel Advisor
    > Subject to availability
    > One category upgrade, excluding non-suite to suite upgrades

    So it is not so much a guaranteed upgrade within 24hrs of booking, moreso a guaranteed response time to the upgrade request and this being within 24hrs of the request being made.

    In my experience with booking Prive for clients, hotels will confirm the upgrade in advance if the hotel isn’t forecast to be full and if they are they will leave the upgrade pending until the day of arrival.

  25. You may want to confirm this information, I just called the Hyatt Globalist line and was told I can not upgrade my reservation because the agent use the Prive rate. Then Citi confirmed that you can not use the 4th night benefit on a Prive Rate. That would probably explain why my recent stays are not paying out.

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