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Want to book an itinerary on the Four Seasons private jet? Contact [email protected] for more details. He can help you at no extra cost, and may even be able to add further perks.

While miles & points is the primary focus of this blog, sometimes it’s fun to look at some of the other travel experiences out there. In that sense I wanted to take a closer look at the Four Seasons private jet, which is a pretty unique (and pricey!) experience.

It’s an especially exciting time for this concept, as Four Seasons will start flying an all-new jet with its upcoming journeys.

What is the Four Seasons private jet?

Four Seasons is known for its world class hotels, and many people follow the brand almost blindly, and will visit somewhere because it has a Four Seasons. Well, in 2014 Four Seasons took its hospitality concept to the next level, with the introduction of the Four Seasons private jet.

The concept is simple — Four Seasons has essentially created a luxury “air cruise” concept of sorts — a few dozen people can travel around the world on a semi-private jet, experiencing all kinds of amazing destinations and hotels, without the hassle usually associated with it.

I think the main draw of this concept is how seamless it all is — you just show up, and all the other details are handled for you. If you’re a very independent traveler who likes to plan your own itineraries, or if you’re looking for the lowest price, this concept probably isn’t for you.

New Four Seasons private jet (A321LR)

Up until now, the Four Seasons private jet has been a Boeing 757-200 with 52 seats. Well, Four Seasons is getting an all new plane. As of 2021, the new Four Seasons private jet will be an Airbus A321LR. This is the current longest range version of Airbus’ popular A320-family aircraft, with a range of up to 4,000nm in a standard configuration (this plane’s range is probably significantly greater, given that it has fewer passengers).

Four Seasons private jet Airbus A321LR exterior

The Four Seasons A321LR will feature just 48 fully flat seats, spread across 12 rows in a 2-2 configuration.

Four Seasons private jet Airbus A321LR passenger cabin

Not only does each seat turn into a bed, but the ottomans are even designed so that you can have a guest sitting on them, to facilitate face-to-face interactions.

Four Seasons private jet flat beds

Four Seasons private jet passenger seating

These aren’t the most private business class seats you’ll find out there, though keep in mind that they plan these itineraries so that the flights aren’t too long, as they move around the globe in a logical order (unlike some of us who are into miles & points). 😉 Furthermore, all flights operate during the day, and arrive at destinations mid-afternoon. So it’s not like guests will take any ultra long haul flights on these planes.

The A321LR will also have a bar and social area. Four Seasons says that this area will be used for “artisans to showcase their talents and crafts in interactive workshops.” Also in the social area, guests will have “the opportunity to meet and learn from Four Seasons master chefs and mixologists, wellness experts and art and culture aficionados for an enriching in-flight experience.”

Four Seasons Private Jet bar & social area

The bathrooms are also designed to be among the biggest you’ll find on this type of plane, and to feel more residential.

Four Seasons Private Jet lavatory

This is a ridiculously snazzy Airbus A321. La Compagnie has an A321neo in an all business class configuration with fully flat seats, but that plane features 76 seats. So the fact that this plane only has 48 seats really gives you a sense of how spacious and exclusive it is.

Here’s a video about the new Four Seasons private jet:

Here’s how Four Seasons’ president of hotel operations describes the Four Seasons private jet experience:

“The Four Seasons Private Jet experience defines modern luxury air travel, encouraging meaningful connections between people and places while delivering a seamless and highly personalised journey. Building on the tremendous success of our Private Jet program to date, with consistent sell outs, waitlists, and near perfect guest satisfaction rates, our drive to continuously innovate and push the conventional limits of travel has led to this new opportunity to experience Four Seasons like never before.”

Four Seasons private jet journeys

Four Seasons generally publishes private jet journeys up to two years in advance. Most trips last somewhere around three weeks. Some are quite focused on certain regions, while others are truly global.

As mentioned above, the Four Seasons private jet flies exclusively during the day, generally aiming to arrive at the destination mid-afternoon. Overnight accommodation is generally at Four Seasons, though in places where Four Seasons doesn’t have properties, you instead stay at another five star hotel.

Obviously with travel restrictions resulting from coronavirus, some of the upcoming journeys are likely up in the air. Four Seasons will reschedule any itineraries as needed, and is also offering a flexible booking policy right now.

With that out of the way, here are the upcoming Four Seasons private jet journeys:

Four Seasons World of Adventures 2021

The “World of Adventures” Four Seasons private jet journey will operate May 28 through June 20, 2021, and will cost $170,000 per passenger (based on double occupancy).

This journey goes from Seattle to Kyoto, to Bali, to the Seychelles, to Rwanda, to Marrakech, to Bogota, to the Galapagos Islands, to Miami.

Four Seasons Ancient Explorer 2021

The “Ancient Explorer” Four Seasons private jet journey will operate October 5 through October 28, 2021, and will cost $167,000 per passenger (based on double occupancy).

This journey goes from Miami to Mexico City, to Easter Island, to Bora Bora, to the Great Barrier Reef, to Bangkok or Koh Samui, to Jordan, to the Pyramids, to Athens, to Madrid.

Four Seasons International Intrigue 2021

The “International Intrigue” Four Seasons private jet journey will operate November 27 through December 20, 2021, and will cost $163,000 per passenger (based on double occupancy).

This journey goes from Seattle to Kyoto, to Hoi An, to the Maldives, to Serengeti, to Marrakech, to Budapest, to St. Petersburg, to Paris.

Four Seasons Timeless Encounters 2022

The “Timeless Encounters” Four Seasons private jet journey will operate March 14 through April 6, 2022, and will cost $168,000 per passenger (based on double occupancy).

This journey goes from Kona to Bora Bora, to Sydney, to Bali, to Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai, to the Taj Mahal, to Dubai, to Prague, to London.

Four Seasons Ancient Explorer 2022

The “Ancient Explorer” Four Seasons private jet journey will operate April 8 through May 1, 2022, and will cost $170,000 per passenger (based on double occupancy).

This journey goes from Miami to Mexico City, to Easter Island, to Bora Bora, to the Great Barrier Reef, to Bangkok or Koh Samui, to Wadi Rum and Petra, to the Pyramids, to Taormina, to Madrid.

What’s included with Four Seasons private jet journeys?

Obviously the price tag for the Four Seasons private jet is steep, but fortunately a lot comes included. All Four Seasons private jet experiences include the following:

  • All meals, including on the ground and in the air
  • All beverages on the jet, as well as beverages with meals on the ground
  • Many tours, which are generally in groups of six to eight people
  • The highest category deluxe rooms at each hotel, with the option to further upgrade at a cost
  • Being accompanied by a Four Seasons concierge, journey manager, assistant journey manager, private chef, physician, and a 14-person cabin and flight crew, including three pilots
  • Emergency medical assistance, including coverage for up to $100,000 in medical evacuation and coverage for up to $50,000 in medical expenses for covered reasons

The Four Seasons private jet has a 14-person crew

What’s not included with Four Seasons private jet?

  • Airfare to & from your home airport
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Personal expenses such as laundry and telephone charges, optional activities, spa services, private cars and drivers, and liquor and snacks consumed outside of the private jet and regular daily meals

What’s the best way to book the Four Seasons private jet?

If you’re interested in booking the Four Seasons private jet, you can of course book directly, by calling or emailing Four Seasons. Alternatively you can also book through a travel advisor, and ideally an experienced one who is a Four Seasons Preferred Partner agent.

Booking this journey through a travel advisor won’t cost you anything extra, and it will hopefully get you more personalized service, and perhaps even some extra value or perks. I know Ford would be more than happy to help, and he can be reached at [email protected]

My take on the Four Seasons private jet

I have a few general thoughts about the Four Seasons private jet concept, in no particular order:

  • This is obviously targeted at ridiculously wealthy people who are willing to drop $300K+ on a trip (either as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or as an ongoing thing)
  • Four Seasons private jet journeys have been extremely popular, and often sell out a year in advance; clearly there’s a market for this, even at this cost
  • This isn’t ideal for someone who is an independent traveler, and who enjoys planning their own journey and dealing with the complexities of international travel
  • This is ideal for those who love traveling to cool places but don’t enjoy the complexities of planning
  • I have to give Four Seasons credit for how well they craft these itineraries, because you wouldn’t be able to visit such off-the-beaten-track places so easily on your own, like hopping from Easter Island to Bora Bora to the Great Barrier Reef
  • I would imagine that some people view this trip as a great networking opportunity

Bottom line

The Four Seasons private jet sure is an intriguing concept, especially with Four Seasons upgrading its jet from a 757-200 to an A321LR. It goes without saying that this isn’t for everyone, both in terms of budget and in terms of travel style.

If money is no object, you want to visit some pretty awesome places, and you want all the details handled for you, I can’t think of a better way to travel than this. But if you don’t have tens of millions of dollars and/or are more of an independent traveler, fortunately there are plenty of other great experiences to be had.

What do you make of the Four Seasons private jet concept? If money were no object, would you book a trip like this, or would you rather plan it independently?

  1. I think in Seattle, the leave out of Boeing Field, not Seatac. I often spotted their 757 from my commuter train. I am thinking part of the attraction here, for the high net worth individuals participants, is the networking potential vs the actual vacation itself.

  2. So under the line you pay $ 14k per night per couple and get to stay in regular hotel room, not even a suite. That’s just plain stupid. But good for them if they can sell it!

  3. I can’t even imagine the competition for a job working these trips. I’m curious where they get the staff. It must be not only fun but outrageously lucrative. Assuming that tips are a thing and guests leave an additional 15%-20% at the end of the trip for the staff – that would be a significant windfall spread around 24 couples and split amongst the crew.

  4. Agree about the competition to crew these trips. The staff would receive thousands in tips.

  5. Yes lucky you can charge to your R&D line;) It would be the only review out there and drive further revenue .

  6. That truly would be an amazing experience but, (but but) I give it a zero chance they are able to enter Australia this year to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Without the mandatory 2 week quarantine it isn’t happening folks.

  7. Ridiculously mainstream, boring destinations with perhaps a few exceptions. Probably because there are limited Four Seasons hotels in far flung destinations. Anyways whatever floats your boat and you have money that is burning a hole in your pocket.

  8. Well…. before we say this might be the best way to travel how about the AMAN private jet itineraries? I’m sure the hotel experiences would be far superior to FS? Would love the post with the same detail around AMAN jet!
    🙂 James

  9. The Ancient Explorer looks great, saving a lot of time. The other ones, I would much rather just fly F and J everywhere and stay in a FS specialty suite at those prices.

  10. Networking? A month stuck with the same 24 couples? Not worth it! Just attend the semis and finals of Wimbledon and go to a sponsor’s tent if networking is the primary motivation.

  11. The prices are a bit on the high end. I would’ve said around $110,000 per passenger. But the destination aren’t very unique. The biggest problem is taking a whole month off. Unless you’re old and retired, I can’t imagine taking that much time off. Actually, you pretty much have to be old and retired or married without kids. Right now, we take maybe 4 day trips and take a nanny for the kids or leave the kids home with 2 nannies. But there’s no way we can leave for a whole month.

  12. Why don’t you call FS Ben and ask how many points it would take to book one of these itenaries

  13. @Hal

    People with this level of income can easily travel for a month.
    Also, generally speaking people with this income level don’t just switch off because they are travelling.

  14. @mario your room night calculations are leaving out the chartered aircraft….

    @stuart I have worked trips that are higher end than this. It can be fun and you can experience things you never would otherwise (kobe beef, fly in a VistaJet global, etc.), but there are sky high demands. I guarantee this is a nightmare for plenty of staff. Things always go wrong, even when you have your own aircraft.

    For example, we were flying a Gulfstream IV into Cuzco, and about 30 minutes before landing our landing permission was pulled due to the sunset curfew. We diverted to Puerto Maldonado. A jungle airport. So there we were, 10 angry billionaires, a $20m plane, and I was calling taxis to take us to a 3* hotel. So yeah, that one hurts.

    Overall, I’d guess these are people buying “down” from fully private, which is actually a substantial savings.

  15. I sadly don’t have the ability at present to stay at a Four Seasons, and they are asking for a 160k per person! Haah!

  16. After scrolling through this article (I swear I’ve read it before)…makes me think about the really cool re-posts, with a twist that you could have done on here during the past year.

    The Four Seasons plane is fine, and I know people who would take this. Think the over 60s crowd.

  17. Spend $300k per couple and they stick you in a deluxe room. LOL!

    2-3 days at each location isn’t enough either. Also, 30 days with the same couples sounds horrible.

    Other than that, I like the fact that it’s tailored and you’re on the FS jet. I’m sure the service would be amazing throughout.

  18. But what credit card do you use to maximize points? Does this code as airfare or general travel expenses?

  19. The Four Seasons Private Jet itineraries are operated by TCS World Travel, which has run trips like this for decades, some under the Four Seasons banner. From both hard product and customer service points of view, I am more impressed with them than perhaps any luxury tour operator out there. If I’m not mistaken, they created the “Private Jet” tour concept, and having been on board one of their pretty wonderful 757s (which are being phased out), I’ve been in a tizzy waiting for these new, custom-designed 321LRs.

  20. Wow. Even if I had $160Kpp to drop on a trip – this is tantamount to setting money on fire. So much better value and experience to be had in planning an independent trip with that level of coin.

  21. Interesting concept but ultimately with the same drawback with cruises – the inability to immerse oneself and to enjoy the time and experience at a destination. Some cool destinations though.

  22. The silly talk of points in these comments is amusing.

    People who can spend this don’t care or need points.

    I haven’t done anything like this with 4S, but I have used Aman to arrange a private charter and an entire package of services. That was lovely and I didn’t have to be on aircraft with multiple other strangers. That doesn’t appeal to me at all.

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