Weekly Review: August 15, 2015

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Hello from Los Angeles!

My week was fairly uneventful, and I spent most of it getting caught up on the blog. I did fly from Tampa to LA on American, and I missed my upgrade on both of them. In fairness I also didn’t think I’d get the upgrade when I booked. But I actually had a specific time I needed to fly, which limited my options.


That might not sound exciting, but I’ve only missed a handful of upgrades on American over the years, and never two in a row, so it was a new experience for me ;).

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How To Justify A Credit Card With An Annual Fee?

Cash back

There are so many credit cards on the market, and while many of the most rewarding travel cards have an annual fee, other cards don’t. Big picture, what should prompt someone to acquire a “premium” credit card and pay an annual fee on it? And under what circumstances does it just not make sense?

Emirates Will Launch The World’s Longest Flight

Longest-FlightEmirates already operates quite a few ultra longhaul flights. Presently Emirates’ longest flight is between Los Angeles and Dubai, which is also the fourth longest flight in the world.

The title for the longest flight in the world belongs to Qantas, with their nonstop A380 flight between Sydney and Dallas, which clocks in at an astounding ~17 hours, covering a distance of 8,578 miles. With this new route, it looks like Qantas is about to get the title for world’s longest flight taken away from them.

Delta Cloaking Partner Award Space

Delta-BusinessElite-SaoPaulo-40The relative value of Delta SkyMiles is increasing in many ways over the past 18 months or so.

However, the fundamental problem with the program remains: I don’t trust the SkyMiles program.

In the most recent example, Delta.com is cloaking award space for partner airlines. I’d like to think this is a website glitch, but SkyMiles has a (deserved) reputation for making award redemptions more difficult and expensive than they need to be.

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I have a few domestic flights this week, but this is my last week of “summer vacation” before I go back to my normally crazy flying schedule. I’ll have gone over eight weeks without an international flight, which hasn’t happened in years.

What is everyone else doing this week?

  1. After a month off myself I am gearing up to head back to the Middle East. I’ll be moving to Abu Dhabi! Shortly making my way to Doha and a few open adventures I haven’t finalized yet! Looking forward to getting back in the air myself but the time on the ground has been really good. look forward to following your travels Ben.

  2. Hope you’re enjoying the crazy dry heat here in LA! I’m currently trying to avoid melting at the beach.

  3. RUH-YYZ, need I say more?

    As much as I love flying, being on a plane for 16.30 hours straight isn’t something I look forward to!

    Well at least it’s a B777 :s

  4. I don’t fly alot, but I got flagged 2 times at San Diego. I think because I had knee replacements, told them, and walk with a cane, okay. I understand that. But then got bumped from my upgrade because of my cane, Delta didn’t like that I sat near the emergency exit. Promised to refund my money, took me 18 months to get that. So, I’m reluctant to fly.

  5. @Earlene;

    I would not let that discourage you from flying.
    In UA.com when you get an exit row seat it tells you everything that you cannot and can do and it usually says something about mobility issues.
    Next time you fly, just give yourself extra time to go through TSA, tell them ahead that you have an artificial knee and ask for a “pat down” in private if you prefer.
    Also purchase an upgraded seat in the front but not in the exit row.
    It will have extra leg room and having a cane should not be a problem.

  6. @Lucky Welcome to SoCal. Unrelated question. It’s been two months since AA was given the authority to operate LAX-HND. There’s been no announcement of a start date. That slot will be handed to AA on 1st Oct. What happens if they don’t commence service on or after that date? Will they be forced to give up that slot? As of right now, it seems DL may have called out AA on their bluff.

  7. Looking forward to Lucky’s review of Americans coach class! I haven’t flown AA in probably 10 years. I’d love to hear about the amuse bouche and champagne.

    Separately, I hope you parents’ place is surviving the Tampa rains. A lot of places aren’t doing so well. If they’re not flooded out, roofs are leaking. It’s 2+ weeks to get an estimate, longer to get work done.

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