Star Of Emirates’ New Ad Campaign Is Scared Of Flying

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Over the weekend I wrote about how Jennifer Aniston has signed a ~$5 million deal to be the star of Emirates’ new ad campaign. She’s an interesting choice, given that she very much has a “girl next door” vibe.

Contrast that to Etihad, which earlier this year announced that Nicole Kidman would be their new brand ambassador. Her first big commercial for them was Etihad’s “Flying Reimagined” campaign, which is pretty whimsical and spectacular.

I’m curious to see what kind of ads Emirates will use Jennifer Aniston in. Could they be taking a more lighthearted approach to their ads, maybe even incorporating a bit of comedy? Or are they going to have her showcase the luxury and exclusivity of Emirates’ products?

Regardless, here’s something funny. A reader sent along this clip to a Jimmy Kimmel interview with Jennifer Aniston, whereby she reveals that she is scared of flying and really doesn’t like it:

Something tells me that won’t be incorporated into Emirates’ new ad campaign, though! 😉

  1. While unlikely, I could see them putting a ‘fear of flying’ spin on it. “I have a fear of flying… an airline that doesn’t serve Dom Perignon with my caviar”

  2. At least I’m fairly sure that she won’t put her dirty feet up on the seats like Nicole Kidman did in the Etihad advertisement; as an Australian, may I just say that that was a somewhat appalling look?

  3. I may have a little insight on this. Last month, I did the Pan Am Experience dinner at the Hollywood Air studios in Los Angeles (well, Pacoima technically). After the dinner, we took a tour of the studio and saw the aircraft sets they have setup… and our guide told us that Jennifer Aniston had been there earlier in the day filming a commercial for Emirates. But the sets at this studio are of generic, older aircraft, nothing remotely close to a blinged-out Emirates A380, so we were puzzled. But the guide went on to explain that the scene was of Aniston searching the interior of some U.S. carrier plane, looking desperately for the onboard shower.

    So I think the ads are going to have some humor. Aniston is on a crappy U.S. carrier searching for all the amenities Emirates offers and she can’t find them. I suppose it could come across as harsh and biting when that happens, but I have a feeling it’s going to be more lighthearted. We shall see…

  4. Hi am a mom 27 years old I am not traveling on Emirates again because of this accedint happened with me I was going from Dubai back to Cairo in 2015 in March which the pilot couldn’t have control over the plane and there was a very bad turbulence or sand storm in Cairo and they still didn’t cancel the flight and you put me and all the people in that scary situation every body was crying and screaming even some was praying and the pilot didn’t bother to apologize or even explain what happened the feeling was like falling I thought we will crash in a bit or never get better for 15 min I lost hope this is not accepted now you ( Emirates airlines) are the black point in my life when it comes to traveling and I can’t fix it anymore am always scared since that happened and I will never book with you and as I can see that you always have these really young pilots and hosts like even the hosts are fresh grads please make sure these people you hire are enough trained . I don’t know how you could help me to come over my fear of flying again and specially I miss UAE but I cannot fly to it again reply me back please if you can help me with my fear towards flying I already traveled after that a lot but not on Emirates airline but everytime I got to the plane I go with tears and high heart beats, I didn’t thought of contacting you as I thought maybe no one will care and I thought this fear will go buy time but actually it didn’t. Now I cancel any trips that have to deal with flying on emirates airlines since that accident, anyways my friend just told me today what about if I text you guys and maybe you could help me with this fear of flying issue

  5. Is this campaign to help people who are scared of fling? wished that someone can help me or tell me what to do about how I could take this fear of fling out of my mind 🙁

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