Weekly Review: August 20, 2016

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This has been a challenging week here at OMAAT. Last Saturday Ben started what was to be a trip to Fiji, New Zealand, and Tahiti, but had to turn around nearly as soon as he arrived due to an emergency back in the US.

Meanwhile, I traveled to Hawaii and back for a long-planned trip with my in-laws. Maui was lovely, of course, but goodness that’s a difficult time zone to work from.


That’s a combination that has made things a little complicated around here, and we know posts have been erratic. (As a side note, I can confirm that Ben is a machine. Trying to write a post or two a day this week was exhausting, and it’s amazing to me that he does 8+ daily posts on a consistent basis).

As always, we’re all grateful for your readership and support. Thanks for your patience this week, and I know Ben treasures the kind thoughts many of you have shared as well.

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ACT FAST! Wide Open Business Class Award Space To Europe!


If you have plans to go to Europe in the next 11 months, stop everything! Star Alliance carrier Austrian Airlines has released a ridiculous amount of award space on routes to and from North America, through the end of the schedule.

How ridiculous?

Like 8+ business class award seats per flight, nearly every day, from all North American destinations to the Austrian hub in Vienna.

I’m honestly shocked that this is still available a few days after space first opened up!

Great Deal: Up To 50% Bonus On Purchased Alaska Miles

Emirates-BarIf you are still building your mileage balances, or aren’t able to take advantage of credit card offers, buying miles can be a great way to travel in premium cabins for a fraction of the price.

Alaska Mileage Plan is offering a mystery bonus on the purchase of miles, whereby you can earn between 35% and 50% bonus miles when you buy Alaska miles.

This is a limited time promotion which is only available through September 29, 2016.

Ending Soon: 2 Great Limited Time Citi Sign-Up Bonuses

Admirals-Club-2For the past several weeks, Citi has been offering increased sign-up bonuses on the Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card and Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®. These offers end August 31st.

So if you’ve been considering applying for either or both of these cards, We’d recommend doing so soon. Keep in mind these offers ending coincides with Citi changing the rules on applications for many of their cards.

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TIPS: Earning Miles & Promos

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Ending Soon: 2 Great Limited Time Citi Sign-Up Bonuses
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Virgin America Throws Shade At JetBlue Points March Promo
Official Details Of What May Be The Most Compelling Credit Card Ever
Great Deal: Up To 50% Bonus On Purchased Alaska Miles

TRICKS: Redeeming Miles

Save 12% On IHG Points & Cash Bookings
Did American’s Award Pricing Just Get More Dynamic Without Notice?
ACT FAST! Wide Open Business Class Award Space To Europe!
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TRAVEL With Ben (Lucky)

An OMAAT Chat: Tiffany & Nick Discuss Hotel Design
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REVIEWS & Trip Reports

Review: Iceland Saga Class 757-200 Gothenburg To Reykjavik
First Look: New Hawaiian Airlines Lie-Flat Premium Cabin
Sneak Peek: Concourse Hotel LAX Renovations
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NEWS & Updates

You Might Still Be Able To Fly Transaero First Class (Even Though The Airline Doesn’t Exist Anymore)
10 Things Only An AvGeek Would Understand, Per JetBlue
Ex-Pat Pilots In China Are Making Bank
Kuwait Airways Is Finally Cutting Their London To New York Flight
Malaysia Airlines Has 99 Problems… This Isn’t One Of Them
Delta Gets Patriotic In Their Latest Ad… And It’s Sort Of Weird
Do The New Delta One Suites Make You Upset?
British Airways To Charge For Snacks In Longhaul Economy
American’s Latest Unfriendly Baggage Policy Change
American’s Premium A321T To Fly Between Los Angeles & Toronto For A Limited Time
Japan Wants To Introduce Pre-Clearance Immigration Facilities
Delta Is Introducing Suites With Doors In Business Class
Cathay Pacific Increases Their Checked Baggage Allowance
Amex Wants To Make The Seattle Centurion Studio Their Biggest Lounge
Airline Branding Fail: Qantas & China Eastern Edition
Garuda Indonesia Gets One Step Closer To Launching US Flights
Delta Reducing Service To Tokyo Narita — Check Your Reservations

Thanks again for your understanding this week, and hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

  1. I don’t envy his lifestyle. Actually it’s pretty shitty. The novelty has probably already worn off. And now it’s a chore chugging the Krug down.

    The first time I went business class I dreank so much champagne. Now thinking of the acidity makes me want to puke. Arriving in style at your destination is great. Simply arriving in style with nowhere to go, which is what most of his trips are, is useless.

    No envy 🙂

  2. Ah, a three-time winner. Credit wins best post of the day again.

    But a lot of stuff in life is more fun to read about than to do. Mountain climbing and marathon running come to mind. And the pictures from the former are hard to beat.

  3. Marathon running and mountain biking end with a sense of self accomplishment.

    Landing after a pointless 15 hour flight in a pair of $90 pajamas comes with a sense of self pity.

  4. Thanks to you all for the best website and your really hard work. I do hope that your compensation equals the amount of time you guys send making my travelling life better.

    I have your back.

  5. Even at half mast – which I certainly don’t think this last week has been – this is still the best travel website I know.

  6. @Credit – Not to mention he is having to travel on far inferior carriers to have some fresh reviews and maintain blog traffic. I do wonder when he’ll get sick of the endless travel without purpose.

  7. Some of these commenters are insane if they think what Ben does is “travel without purpose.” It’s literally his JOB to travel and then review it. And, as is apparent, air travel gives him huge thrills. So he’s literally getting paid to do his favorite thing in the world. That strikes me as a level of purpose that most of us will never achieve in our professional lives. Jeez, some of these commenters are just so annoyingly sanctimonious, and will say anything so that they can feel superior to Ben. They’re the type of people who view other people’s successes and then try to rationalize why those people are still worse off than them.

  8. Ben – I suppose it is a backhanded compliment that some (less than totally sane) people choose to criticize your lifestyle and travelling. If they really thought it was worthless they would not bother to read or subscribe to your blog. The fact that they continue to criticize rather than “hanging up the phone” suggests that they are envious of what you are doing and jealous that they can’t do it themselves.

    Hope all is well in your private life and ignore the ignoramuses.

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