Review: Airspace Lounge New York JFK Airport Terminal 5

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Thanks to Global Entry we cleared immigration and customs within about 10 minutes, and then took the AirTrain to Terminal 5, where our JetBlue flight would be departing from. As we took the AirTrain we had a great view of the PIA 777 that just flew us from Manchester.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 1
Pakistan 777 JFK Airport

As we took the AirTrain we passed the iconic former TWA terminal, which will eventually be turned into a hotel.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 2
JFK Airport construction

This was my first time flying out of Terminal 5 since JetBlue renovated it, so I was quite curious to see what it was like.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 3
JetBlue Terminal 5 JFK

Once off the AirTrain it was still quite a walk to the actual terminal. At the end of the walkway there was an escalator down to the check-in level.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 4
JetBlue check-in Terminal 5 JFK

We already had our mobile boarding passes, so headed straight for the TSA Pre-Check lane, located at the far end of the terminal.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 5
JetBlue security Terminal 5 JFK

The line there was only very short, and we were through within a few minutes.

Compared to JFK’s other terminals, Terminal 5 is rather beautiful. It’s modern, has high ceilings, and is well organized.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 6
JetBlue Terminal 5 JFK airside

Once through the security checkpoint we walked to the end of the hallway.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 7
JetBlue Terminal 5 JFK airside

Then we turned left and followed the signage towards the Airspace Lounge.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 8
JetBlue Terminal 5 JFK airside

On the way I stopped and took a picture of a JetBlue A321 with the Mint configuration, the same type of plane we’d be flying later (though our flight would leave in the dark, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a good exterior shot).

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 9
JetBlue A321 JFK Airport

The Airspace Lounge was located about halfway down the hallway and to the left, between gates 24 and 25. The lounge is open daily from 4:30AM until 11PM.

I should note that even though we were flying JetBlue Mint (their version of business class), JetBlue doesn’t operate any lounges. Instead we could use the Airspace Lounge thanks to our credit cards with lounge access.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 10
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport entrance

There was a sign outside describing all the features of the lounge.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 11
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport signage

Once inside the lounge there was a departures monitor to the left, along with some nice decorations.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 12
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport entryway

The reception desk was located immediately ahead, and wasn’t staffed when we first arrived. However, within a few moments a representative appeared.

This lounge can be accessed directly with The Platinum Card® from American Express or The Business Platinum Card® from American Express. While those cards come with a Priority Pass membership, you don’t actually need Priority Pass to access the lounge, but instead the card itself gets you in.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 13
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport reception

Those entering with the Amex Plat Card receive a $10 per person credit to spend in the lounge on premium drinks, food, etc. Each cardmember can bring up to two guests into the lounge.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 14
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport card with $10 credit

I had heard the lounge was small, though it was even smaller than I expected. It’s tiny.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 15
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport seating

There are maybe a dozen seats on the ground level of the lounge, split between tables along a bench, along with some leather lounging chairs.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 16
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport seating

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 17
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport seating

Then on the upper level of the lounge there’s another area with eight seats.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 18
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport seating

Behind that is a bar with seven seats.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 19
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport bar

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 20
Airspace Lounge JFK Airport bar

To the left of the bar is the self serve snack and drink area.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 21
Airspace Lounge New York self serve area

Lastly, in the corner of the lounge is what’s described as a semi-private conference room, which in practice has seating for six. We really lucked out, because when we first arrived at the lounge we were the only people in it, and we had the room to ourselves for several hours, despite the lounge otherwise being full.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 22
Airspace Lounge New York conference room

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 23
Airspace Lounge New York conference room

If you think an Admirals Club or United Club has a bad snack selection, you should check out the selection at the Airspace Lounge.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 24
Airspace Lounge New York self serve area

The complimentary snack selection is limited to whole fruit and snack mix. That’s it.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 25
Airspace Lounge New York self serve snacks and fresh fruit

Then there was complimentary Peet’s coffee & tea, as well as iced tea.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 26
Airspace Lounge New York self serve coffee & tea

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 28
Airspace Lounge New York Peet’s Coffee & Tea

There was also a tap with water and soda.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 27
Airspace Lounge New York self serve soda & water

The lounge theoretically has free Wi-Fi (oddly with the password “peetscoffee”), though it was almost unusable. Instead I used the JetBlue terminal wifi, which was much faster.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 29
Airspace Lounge New York Wi-Fi info

As mentioned above, the complimentary drink and snack selection is pretty bad, so each person entering with the Amex Platinum gets a $10 credit to spend on the bar menu.

The menu and beverage list read as follows:

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 30

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 31

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 32

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 33

We decided to sample a few things on the menu. We ordered the “daily cheese board.” Based on the unimaginative cheeses on offer, I suspect this might as well be renamed the “yearly cheese board,” as I can’t imagine there’s much variance.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 34
Airspace Lounge JFK daily cheese board

We also ordered some olives.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 35
Airspace Lounge JFK marinated olive mix

Matthew wanted a smoothie, and apparently the day’s selection was a vanilla smoothie. Matthew said it tasted like a vanilla milkshake.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 36
Airspace Lounge JFK smoothie

The most redeeming quality of the lounge is that it has a single shower room. Getting one of the staff members to make it available is a bit of a challenge, as the bartenders seem to double as shower attendants.

I was so excited about this shower after flying for a countless number of hours. The shower room was surprisingly nice and large, and even had a departures monitor in the mirror.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 37
Airspace Lounge JFK shower room

The shower room also had a Japanese toilet.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 38
Airspace Lounge JFK toilet

The shower was large and featured both a wall-mounted showerhead, as well as a handheld one.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 39
Airspace Lounge JFK shower room

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 40
Airspace Lounge JFK shower room

It’s also quite impressive that Airspace gives guests using the shower an amenity kit of sorts, with shampoo, body wash, a toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, etc.

Airspace-Lounge-JFK - 41
Airspace Lounge JFK amenity kit

The one issue with the shower was that the water pressure was pretty bad, and the temperature controls didn’t work properly. The water also fluctuated between lukewarm and scalding hot, even without changing the settings. Regardless, I was so happy to finally get a shower (as were the people seated around me, I’m sure).

We had a roughly seven hour layover in New York, most of which we spent in the lounge. I was happy to get caught up on email. Ford was joining Matthew and me on the flight back to Los Angeles (he had been in New York for the week), so I was excited to see him again as well.

At around 9PM we headed to our departure gate for our flight to Los Angeles.

Airspace Lounge New York JFK bottom line

The Airspace Lounge Terminal 5 is really small, and has a pretty bad drink and snack selection. Even the “paid” options weren’t very good. The redeeming quality of the lounge was that it had a shower.

On one hand I’m inclined to say that this lounge is “better than nothing,” though I’m not sure that’s necessarily true. The JetBlue terminal at JFK is nice and spacious, and has free Wi-Fi. Towards the end of our layover we sat down at a restaurant in the terminal, and I found that significantly more relaxing than being in the lounge. Still, if you have access to the Airspace Lounge for free, it’s at least something to be aware of, as it’s the only lounge option as a JetBlue passenger.

If you’ve visited the Airspace Lounge JFK, what was your experience like?

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  1. Been a few times here. You’re right, it is at least something. The few times I’ve been in – dirty, no one at the checkin counter (long wait one time even though they looked right at me.) If nothing else, it’s a free drink.

    Best guess – B6 will add a lounge if they do TATL flights, hopefully.

  2. The worst part about this lounge is the attendants seem to all be frustratingly awful. I’ve had attendants too lazy to turn on the espresso machine (the only nice thing that’s free), ‘too busy’ to set up a shower during a 3 hour visit, and slow + surly service from the bartenders. I once witnessed a Russian family get so ticked off at the lack of help they just barged their way behind the bar and started grabbing their own stuff.

    It’s dark, the crowd is usually depressing, and the food is lousy and expensive. The $10.00 credit sounds nice until you realize menu prices start at $7.00 for -basic- stuff. This is without a doubt the most miserable way to spend time in the otherwise wonderful T5, and aside from a shower (which -is- nice from my experience) it isn’t worth the (free) price of admission. The restaurants and concessions in T5 are fairly good, the WiFi is free, and there’s a nice variety of seating surfaces in the terminal itself.

    Additionally, weather permitting, the T5 ‘rooftop’ is a pretty nice escape from the terminal.

  3. As much as I love the idea of naming aircraft, “Never a Dull Moment” is not something I would ever use! Seen this exact plane before at JFK, and it always cracks me up (don’t think I want to fly it though).

  4. Next time in terminal 5 check out the outdoor deck they have. It’s not as nice as the one in the delta lounge but it’s still cool and open to everyone. There’s also the aer lingus lounge but I don’t know if you can buy access to that.

  5. Next time you’re there, check out their outdoor space. Nothing too exciting, but access is free and you can get some fresh air.

  6. Talk about shower in the lounge, does anyone shower with partner in the airline or airport lounge before? Is there any rules on this?

  7. Totally off topic, but generally good news:
    There are rumors that the Marriott CEO is leaning towards keeping SPG, but it isn’t confirmed yet. If SPG is the combined program, that will be great, but the program might be devalued.

  8. The only Airspace lounge I’ve visited is in SAN, where it apparently replaced an Admirals Club and therefore welcomes AC members and those who would otherwise qualify for AC access. The food there is also basically nonexistent. It just seems like a strange concept, and I can’t imagine that anyone would pay for access. I presume the business model involves getting paid very little by their airline and credit card partners, so they have to be super cheap with food and furnishings.

  9. Sorry but if you have to pay for food and drink then it’s not a lounge. More just another area of the terminal

  10. Personally I agree that just staying in the terminal is better at JFK T5. There are actually some very good restaurants, so it is nice to get a decent meal, and there are even some workstation-type areas next to some gates where you could use a computer reasonably easily if you wanted. And not only is the lounge small and crowded, but it is also so dark and claustrophobic, while the terminal is light and airy.

  11. The rooftop is better than that lounge. Why did you stay in T5 for several hours? JFK has some pretty decent lounges (for a USA airport) in other terminals. You could’ve waited there until the hour before your flight.

  12. @IKC

    Actually the name is “Never a Dull MoMint”. Many of the mint planes have Mint in their names — usually strained puns such as The UltaMint Experience.

  13. I kind of liked the Air Space lounge in Cleveland. It’s a similar set up and very small but it was empty while I was there and I was able to take a meal to go for my flight. Definitely better than nothing.

  14. @ Savannah — That’s because it’s an imitation SToS. The real ones are exclusive to Admirals Clubs. 😉

  15. I used that lounge once, and also found that private “conference room” to be quite nice to catch up on work quietly. But as Lucky and others mentioned, T5 is so nice and spacious that it is nicer to just sit in some restaurant in the main area (they even have a sushi place!!).

  16. I fly in to T5 often. The terminal has so many superior food and beverage offerings that the smart money stays in the terminal. As well, the seating in the terminal is often less crowded. And, as you note Ben, the terminal’s wi-fi is superior. That shower is the only saving grace. When your red eye from the West Coast lands at 5, 6, 7 am it can snap you back to life.

  17. I just enter the lounge to get the $10 credit and save it for when I enter a lounge worth spending it in. Otherwise, coffee, water, bathroom break, and back to the terminal I go.

  18. Cane across this review while researching ideas for my upcoming 5 hr layover. I don’t have an AMEX so I would have to pay $25 to enter, which I was thinking about doing until now. Thank you for writing this, I won’t waste my money.

  19. Absolute crap. No space to sit. Screaming kids. Loud staff with an attitude.

    Fits right in with the overall Jetblue experience.

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