Sneak Peek: Concourse Hotel LAX Renovations

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A few years ago, Hyatt announced the (re)acquisition of The Concourse Hotel LAX. As part of the rebranding the hotel will be undergoing a full renovation, which as you can tell from Ben’s review last year, is desperately needed.

I stayed at The Concourse last Saturday before an early flight out of LAX. While the hotel renovations aren’t complete (and we’ll of course have a full review once they are), I was given a remodeled room, so figured I’d share a preview with y’all.

The lobby was an active construction zone, but once we stepped out of the elevator on the 10th floor we could instantly see the difference.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated hallway

The hallways have been completely refreshed, with a stylish new color scheme.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated hallway

Seriously, how much more appealing is this than the old version?

Concourse-Hotel-LAX-Hyatt - 8The Concourse Hotel LAX hallway (before)

I was assigned room 1050, which is on the airport side of the building.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated hallway

And the room was stunning!

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated room

The floorplan hasn’t changed, so the bathroom was off to the side.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated bathroom

I particularly liked the oversized sink — great way to give the space an updated feel without changing the floorplan.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated bathroom

The shower was lovely as well, with all new tile and fixtures.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated bathroom

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated bathroom

Quite a bit better than this, no?

Concourse-Hotel-LAX-Hyatt - 20The Concourse Hotel Los Angeles Airport bathroom (before)

Rather than the sliding-mirror closet, there’s a built-in console with a closet, luggage stand, and a refreshment area.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated room

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated room

The room itself felt much larger, and was crisp and modern without feeling sterile and tacky.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated room

The king bed was brand-new, and super comfy. The room also had a sectional sofa under the window.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated room

On the opposite side was a delightfully styled table, with two swivel chairs.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated room

A++ choice on this table and chair set team! The jet-age feel is perfect for this property, and the swivel made the chairs super functional.

Overall, an huge departure from this throwback:

Concourse-Hotel-LAX-Hyatt - 13The Concourse Hotel Los Angeles Airport king room (before)

The details

On the whole, the room came together nicely, and felt new rather than just updated.

Outlets abound, and bonus points for the aviation-inspired aluminum-framed mirror. Full marks.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated room

The windows are super-double-paned. Even with as close as we were to the tarmac, I didn’t hear any plane noises. On the downside, the insides of the windows were dirty, which seems like it’s going to be hard to resolve.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated windows

The carpet is really cool.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated carpet

The flat-screen TV is an improvement, but the installation leaves something to be desired.

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated TV mount

Honestly, how do you walk away from that and say “I just installed that correctly, go me!”?

My husband took one look at it and remarked “That is so distressingly wrong I might not be able to sleep.”

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated TV fail

I loved the collage of airplane pieces though:

The Concourse Hotel LAX renovated art

And the pops of yellow throughout the room were fun, though sadly may have been inspired by the preservation of the original (and yellowed with age) smoke detector covers:

The Concourse Hotel LAX vintage smoke detector

But for the most part, a great improvement, and really well done!


I am sooo excited for The Concourse to be completed. The hotel is a reasonable walking distance to LAX, has the best shuttle situation, and I always need Hyatt stay credits.

The renovations thus far look great (though they need to have a strong conversation with their TV installer), and hopefully the rest of the property will be finished soon!

Has anyone else stayed at The Concourse recently? Was your room renovated?

  1. Tiffany – wow, great review and perfect timing. I will be staying there next month under the same situation – early flight out the following morning. My question is do you have any idea what percentage of the hotel rooms have been updated? Any ideas on how to guarantee a renovated room when I stay there in mid-September. I’m Platinum with Hyatt. Or, after seeing the pics of the non-renovated rooms, maybe I should consider either the Sheraton or Westin to insure I get a decent room. Thoughts??

  2. It amazes me when a hotel does a major, and really nice, renovation and then does something like leave the old yellowing smoke detector covers.

  3. @ Casey — It’s worth asking! Maybe book refundable rates at both, and then call The Concourse a day or two before to ask what the odds are? They seem to be moving along at a pretty good pace, so more floors could be finished by September.

  4. Tiffany:

    I’m in the same boat as Casey – I will be staying at this hotel in three weeks. I have a late night arrival on Friday night, and a late night departure on Saturday night, so I wanted to stay at a hotel close to the airport, so naturally I picked this one. I’m hoping that I get a renovated room, too!

  5. I stayed here last month and found like you some glaring issues in their room renovations. As someone in the construction world it’s cheaply done and appears to have been done rapidly ! I have seen other issues but will leave them along.

    You didn’t mention the public areas other than under construction. The ‘restaurant” is nothing more than meeting room with meeting room furnishing ! Food is marginal at best, but I blame that on the construction, I mean really who renovates all the rooms , then presents a third world dining room and charges full rate?

    I do agree that this does have the makings of a great base to operate from in LA. I will stay here again however before I make reservations I will call first !!

    Whats interesting as a side note is these rooms “mirror” Marriott new design such as the Marriott in Bellevue a whole new layout which really works. Try it

  6. I love this line:

    “Honestly, how do you walk away from that and say “I just installed that correctly, go me!”?”

  7. Tiffany,
    do you know by any chance whether all rooms at this hotel will be renovated by the end of the year?
    Also, do you happen to know when a proper lounge is scheduled to open at this property (if at all)?

  8. @ Tom — They are planning on having a lounge, because they’re currently giving Diamonds compensation points for the lounge being under renovation. Not sure when the remodel will be fully finished.

  9. Thanks Tiffany this is great news knowing there’s a better Hyatt option near LAX for those oft times we’re flying out early or arriving really late. I’ll keep this mind for future trips – none scheduled now – but definitely will come in handy after 2016.

  10. Thank you for very nice review. All guests arriving are only put in brand new renovated rooms. There are no un renovated rooms left in the hotels inventory.

  11. and all arrivals booked under their companies preferred corporate rate will receive 1000 bonus GP points until end of this year. Take the time for me to show you our renovation progress and you will receive another GP 1000 points!

  12. This hotel is good for a LAX layover as long as the renovations do not increase the room rates. For a one-night stand, all I need is a good rate and quick access to the airport, and that’s what this hotel provided in the past. A shuttle for Diamonds to In-n-Out would be outstanding.

  13. @ghostrider5408 I’ve stayed there twice in the last month and can report that they just moved the restaurant to the lobby level. It’s still not in its final state yet, but it looks better than the awful conference room. Didn’t try it, since had such a bad restaurant experience the first time that the manager allowed us to use our Diamond breakfast benefit via room service.

  14. @Bob Blongiewicz – thank you for your information. Good to know that I will get a renovated room when I arrive in mid-September. Very helpful information!

  15. @Bob Blongiewicz

    I have a question about your 1000 bonus points that is only for corporate rates. I have instead made my reservation at the Double Your Points rate, it is higher at times, but that is fine. Should I cancel all of those and choose the lower corporate then?

  16. I suggest booking your corporate rate Please reach out to me prior to your arrival. I will award you additional 1000 points for taking the time to meet me. Thank you Mike.

    and to @ghostrider5408 so sorry about the bad experience in conference room – lobby area is much better temporary restaurant space and we just added new breakfast buffet as well.

    Thank you to all for all comments good or not so good – its the only we can improve.

  17. Pleased to report that we officially became the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles Airport hotel yesterday. The Concourse name is no longer! and the new lobby is now open. Restaurant , the Market and Lobby bar will make their debut in November/December

  18. Good afternoon Bob Blongiewicz, I have been reading all the reviews for this hotel, well we are looking forward to staying at the New Hyatt Regency at Los Angeles international airport on August 1st to the 3rd 2017, My daughter is an AA flight attendant and we love traveling to Los Angeles we prefer staying by the airport, we really would love to spend our 2 nights in your newly renovated rooms, thank you for your updates, I am also a Hyatt gold passport member, Your website looks very inviting, can’t wait to stay!!

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