10 Things Only An AvGeek Would Understand, Per JetBlue

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Yesterday was National Aviation Day, and JetBlue published a remarkably on point “10 Things Only An AvGeek Would Understand” list on their Facebook page:


Very well played, JetBlue!

Anyone have anything to add to the list?

(Tip of the hat to Nick)

  1. When a movie shows the rudimentary shot of a 747 landing – but the character was flying a short domestic flight

  2. ‘A widebody is a good thing!’
    jetBlue doesn’t have any widebodies šŸ™‚
    ‘Is the lounge airside?’
    jetBlue doesn’t have any lounges šŸ˜€

  3. During a Thursday meeting, your boss asks if you’re texting, and you reply that you’re just checking the upgrade list.

  4. Hey Sean, really? The only one I’ve seen in the US recently is “Air Horse One” at Albany during the Saratoga racing season last year. The sight was so unusual that I had to look up what I was seeing!

    Deplaning down that back staircase, by the way, was a lot of fun.

  5. Been to Oshkosh.

    Can tell the difference between a319/320/321 when it is taxing by.

    And hate the penalty box.

  6. When you want to book a flight just to get to fly the airline’s new aircraft..and it doesn’t even matter if your passport gets stamped on your destination..

  7. When you notice in a movie that stock videos of two different planes are used to represent the same plane.

  8. When a movie shows the rudimentary shot of a 747 landing ā€“ but the character was flying a short domestic flight

    I’m more pissed when they do a 747 exterior shot but the interior is a 737.

    Also, i track my planes on FR24. Aircraft registrations FTW!

  9. @Cory

    If he hasn’t, I hope he does and files a report. I’ve always wanted to go but it’s not close to anywhere I fly so I’d love to hear what Lucky and others have to say before I book a special trip.

  10. @Donna

    I have never been even though it’s only about 2 hours from where I live. I do read some of the local coverage of it, though, and it always seems great. This year a story was about Harrison Ford taking a young aviation enthusiast for a ride in one of his planes. I know a few years ago the A350, maybe a Qatar A350, was there to tour. In the past the A380 had made an appearance. I’m a bit of an Avgeek, but I don’t fly and don’t rise to the level of the people who go to EAA. But, if you truly love to fly and love all kinds of planes then it’s a place to go for sure.

  11. When you have a free FR24 subscription because husband has put a feeder antenna in his mancave.

    When you pause a golf game in late afternoon to wave hi to the Emirates A380 passing overhead climbing out of LAX (waving at it like a crazy lady).

  12. When someone you know raving about her recent flight in a “Boeing A380” just makes you want to scream. (Even worse because you live in Seattle…)

  13. @Tom – we operate our 727 hauling freight in the less savory parts of the world. Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Libya, etc.. The versatility of the 727 for those kinds of missions simply can’t be matched.

    Don’t even ask me about the maintenance costs though. šŸ™

  14. @Sean – where do you base the maintenance and over-hauls on the 727s out of? Acquired 2 of these beauts in need of major over-haul – need retrofitting to handle cargo drops.

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