The World’s Best First Class Airlines [2018]

Last year I wrote a series of posts about what I consider to be the world’s best first class products. I wrote an intro sharing my methodology, I ranked the 10 best first class products, I ranked the 10 best first class airline lounges, and then Tiffany wrote a post about how to redeem miles for the world’s 10 best first class products.

I don’t think it’s quite time to do a full follow-up series, since my thoughts on the world’s best lounges hasn’t changed.

However, since I wrote that series, two new first class products have been introduced — the new Emirates 777 first class suite, and Singapore’s new A380 Suites.

So this post is an update with my new rankings of the world’s 10 best first class products. It goes without saying that this is entirely subjective, so it’s perfectly reasonable if others disagree with me.

Let me also emphasize that I’ve actually flown every single first class product I rank (and paid for the ticket, either in cash or miles), and have flown almost every first class product in the world (the only airline I haven’t flown in first class is Kuwait Airways). So I’m not going off any marketing bullets with these rankings, but rather my firsthand experiences. If you’d like to see more of my trip reports, check out the trip report index.

With that out of the way, here are what I consider to be the 10 best first class products, starting with the best:

1. Emirates First Class 777-300ER

Emirates introduced their new first class on select 777-300ER aircraft earlier this year, and the product is spectacular. Emirates is the first airline to introduce truly fully enclosed suites in first class. The suites don’t just have doors that add privacy, but rather are enclosed floor-to-ceiling (Air France has curtains that go floor-to-ceiling, but I consider that to be different). As someone who likes privacy, I love that.

The seat is also thoughtfully designed, with every detail thought of. The suite is spacious, the TV screen huge, the bed extremely comfortable, you can control the lighting and temperature in the suite, etc.

The soft product is also exceptional, from their free flowing Dom Perignon, to their dine on demand menu with all kinds of great options (including caviar).

While Emirates A380s don’t have seats that are impressive, they have the advantage of having onboard showers and an onboard bar, so that’s a treat as well.

2. Air France First Class 777-300ER

There are great first class products, and then there’s the perfection which is Air France first class. Air France’s 777-300ER first class cabin consists of a single row of seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration. The cabin is so elegant, and rather than offering suites with doors, they instead have curtains you can pull around your suite.

But what really sets apart Air France is the first class soft product. The food is the best I’ve had on any airline, the service is impeccable and oh-so-French, and every part of the experience is thought out.

When it’s time to sleep, Air France has some of the most comfortable bedding in the sky, and I love being able to draw a curtain around my seat for privacy.

The way I see it, Air France first class is the world’s most well rounded first class product. So while I do think Emirates wins out in terms of the onboard experience, Air France still offers the world’s most well rounded first class experience, given that they offer the world’s best first class lounge experience at their Paris Charles de Gaulle hub.

The only area where Air France first class could improve is with the addition of wifi, but that’s coming soon.

3. Garuda Indonesia First Class 777-300ER

Garuda Indonesia is another airline that’s both consistent and tailors the experience from the time you arrive at the airport to when you leave. Garuda Indonesia first class has eight suites with doors. The hard product is good, though not remarkable compared to some of the other products out there.

But everything about the soft product is perfection. I find Garuda Indonesia to have the best flight attendants of any airline, and they even have an onboard chef in first class. The food is divine, they have great wine pairings, the presentation is exceptional, they offer first class passengers free wifi, etc. If you have any special requests for your flight, you can even make those before departure.

But really it’s the crews that make the experience. Many surveys rank Garuda Indonesia as having the best cabin crew, and I have to agree. The warmth of the Garuda Indonesia flight attendants I had on both of my flights with them was unrivaled.

The only area where Garuda Indonesia can improve is with their bedding. While it’s good, it’s not nearly as plush as what some other airlines offer.

4. Singapore Suites A380

Singapore Airlines is known for being one of the best airlines in the world, and they introduced their new Suites late last year between Singapore and Sydney.

Some might be surprised that this isn’t in one of the top two spots on my list.

The new Suites are really, really impressive. They’re in a 1-1 layout, with just six suites at the front of the upper deck of the A380. Singapore has dedicated more square footage to each first class passenger than any other airline.

Each Suite has both a seat and a separate bed, which is a mighty nice feature.

On a good day, Singapore’s Suites might be the best first class soft product in the world. On a lunch or dinner flight departing Singapore their catering is typically excellent, and they sometimes have caviar, satay, etc. You can even “book the cook” in advance, and order from a huge menu that’s not otherwise available onboard.

Singapore is also the only airline to offer both Dom Perignon and Krug onboard, and at the moment they’re even serving 2004 Krug.

Service on Singapore Airlines is typically impeccable.

So based on that, how the heck am I not ranking this product higher? It really kills me to say this, but Singapore Airlines just didn’t put much thought into the design of the Suites. The cabin looks beautiful, and the seats look impressive, but when it comes down to it, the individual components aren’t great.

The seat is wobbly and has limited recline. You can only eat facing the aisle, where you’re looking directly at another passenger. The bed is no bigger than on any other top airline, and it’s extremely hard. There are no individual air nozzles, and air flow is very limited.

So this is still a world class product, all things considered. However, despite the amount of space they invested in the Suites, I can’t help but feel disappointed in the fact that they didn’t instead use the space to create the world’s most comfortable bed on a plane. They had the space to do it, but they didn’t.

5. Etihad First Class A380

Etihad was the first airline to have a single-aisle configuration in first class on their A380s.

Their First Class “Apartments,” as they’re called, will take your breath away. I remember being speechless the first time I walked on an Etihad A380.

Etihad has a dine on demand menu with an onboard chef who can help you customize your meal, an onboard shower, and the second most square footage dedicated to each first class passenger. The airline also recently added caviar in A380 first class, so in some ways they’re improving.

However, there are some areas where Etihad is style over substance, in my opinion. While the suite is huge, it isn’t actually that practically designed, as the seat doesn’t recline that far back, and the bed isn’t that large. This is the same issue I have with Singapore’s new Suites.

6. Cathay Pacific First Class 777-300ER

Cathay Pacific’s product has more or less remained unchanged for the past decade, and it’s still one of my favorites out there. Cathay Pacific first class has just six seats, in a 1-1-1 configuration. While the seats aren’t fully enclosed, they’re angled away from the aisle and sufficiently spacious so that there’s no need for them to be. It makes the product feel less claustrophobic, which I appreciate.

Cathay Pacific has one of the three most comfortable beds in the sky. The bed is wide, and the bedding plush.

I also love the ability to dine face-to-face with a companion. Caviar and Krug at 37,000 feet is a heck of a date night. I also appreciate that Cathay Pacific offers a full meal service even on departures in the middle of the night.

Cathay Pacific crews are also consistent and attentive. They’re always there during the meals, and when you need something during the flight, they appear in just a couple of seconds after pushing the call button.

So, why isn’t Cathay Pacific ranked higher? They don’t yet have wifi on most planes (though they’re in the process of installing it), but mainly because other than the caviar, I don’t find their meal services to be that great. The food has been identical for about a decade, and their main courses are typically pretty bland. I wish they’d switch things up a bit more.

7. Japan Airlines First Class 777-300ER

There’s no country where there’s more pride in the service industry than Japan, and that’s incredibly evident when flying Japan Airlines first class. It’s like getting a taste of Japan before you even get there. Japan Airlines has fully flat beds in first class with direct aisle access, though the seats as such don’t stand out that much.

What does stand out is the excellent food (caviar, sushi, wagyu beef, etc.), Cristal champagne, the free and fast wifi, the ability to choose the firmness of your mattress pad, and the perfect service.

8. Lufthansa First Class A380 Or 747-8

Maybe I’m biased due to my German background, but I love Lufthansa first class for how consistent and elegant it is. No, they don’t have the most private first class seats out there, but the cabins are elegant (in a German way), the service is among the best of any western airline, and they’re remarkably consistent in terms of their offerings.

There’s just something about the pre-flight champagne, nuts, and roses that makes me feel like I’m at home in Lufthansa first class.

Lufthansa has great bedding in first class, and they offer first class passengers free wifi, and it’s even quite fast.

9. Swiss First Class 777-300ER

It’s a toss-up between Lufthansa first class and Swiss first class, so I could have just as easily ranked Swiss ahead of Lufthansa. Swiss’ 777-300ER first class cabins have eight seats, in a 1-2-1 configuration.

The food presentation and quality are definitely higher-end feeling than on Lufthansa, even though they don’t have caviar.

I’ve had great service in Swiss first class, though I’ve also had pretty bad service, so I find that part of the product to be a bit inconsistent.

Swiss’ first class bedding is plush and comfortable, so a great night of sleep on Swiss is a given.

10. All Nippon Airways First Class 777-300ER

Some might be surprised to see me ranking ANA first class a few places below JAL first class. Like I said, there’s no science to my rankings, but there are two reasons I don’t like ANA first class quite as much as JAL:

  • I find ANA’s seats to be poorly designed; they’re like cubicles, and have wood panels by your side so that you can’t easily look outside when you’re in a window seat, and can’t comfortably talk with your seatmate if you’re traveling with someone in the center seats; this is such a silly design
  • Much more minor, but ANA’s wifi is significantly more expensive

Other than that, ANA first class is great. Caviar, Krug, fantastic Japanese food, etc.

Honorable Mention: Etihad A380 The Residence

This can’t be included on the list since it’s not technically a first class product, but rather is the most incredible experience you can have in commercial aviation. Unfortunately it’s also priced accordingly. Having your own three room suite, including a private bedroom and shower, with butler service, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and then some.

Man, how fondly I think back on my flight in the Residence…

Bottom line

There you have it. Those are what I consider to be the world’s 10 best first class products. As you can see, compared to the last list, Emirates moved from #4 to #1, Singapore moved from #5 to #4, and Etihad moved from #4 to #5.

I’d like to once again emphasize that I think anyone would be reasonable to think that the above products should be in a different order, but hopefully this is at least a useful list in terms of the 10 all around best first class products.

For anyone curious, I think I know what I’d rank as the next six first class products (11-16), roughly in order — Qatar, Oman, Qantas, Korean, Thai, and Asiana.

Are there any rankings of mine you particularly disagree with?


  1. @ Ben — No fair that your first four would be the ones I haven’t flown. Probably true for most of your readers as well! I doubt we’ll fly Air France or Garuda F anytime soon, but hopefully we can snag the new SQ and new EK A380 suites with miles soon (done the old, tired ones 😉 ).

  2. Where would you place Saudia? Other than the fact it is a dry airline you loved every other aspect of it?

  3. My experience has been that the F product varies depending on where the plane departs from.

    I’m sure Johan appreciated his picture representing your ideal of memorable service.

    It’s very telling no Korean carrier made the list.

  4. The key to these rankings is subjective weight that goes into various things, for instance I’d never rate Air France or Garuda as highly because of the lack of real estate each first class passenger gets in the cabin.

    Of course I find the Etihad seat comfortable even though it doesn’t offer a true lounging position, and I don’t find the bed hard. Plus though it doesn’t compare to Emirates in this regard it does offer a shower. And I don’t emphasize ground experience as much so lounge cutbacks get a bit of a shrug from me.

    ANA’s catering though is really top notch, especially if you enjoy Japanese cuisine.

    Hard time seeing Korean as being in the top 15, and ahead of THAI despite the latter’s inconsistencies. Claustrophobic suites (and too many planes flying long haul with open seats), not much catering variety, very weak lounges, nothing special by way of lavs. Qatar has nice lavs, and the business class bar, but totally open seats without any privacy whatsoever.

    Of course that’s what’s fun about these lists, debating and reorganizing based on the relative value we place on each element of the product. And I applaud almost everyone that tries to pull it off these days!

    Given the choice I’d take Emirates new first, Singapore new suites, Etihad apartment, Emirates A380 suites, Signapore old suites, Air France new first, Garuda first, Cathay first, Etihad non-A380 First, JAL first, ANA first, Malaysia A380 First, Swiss first, Lufthansa first, Qantas first as my top 15 products in order.

  5. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I have to join Gary regarding the Air France Premiere and Etihad Apt. rankings. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the update from last year. I agree with your rankings especially if someone is a business traveler or travelling alone. However, when travelling as a couple who wants to share the experience of First Class together, I’d probably tweak the rankings a little bit and put Air France la Premiere on top.

  7. None of this matters without considering the single most important factor for your readers: how easy/difficult/impossible is it to get an award seat on one of these products?

    Without that critical detail, you might as well be selling us Elon Musk’s Private Penthouse Suite To Mars, since that’s equally available to your readers.

  8. So does Etihad or Singapore have more square footage per passenger? The way this is worded it seems they both stake this claim.

  9. “Where does TAAG rank on this list? Bahaha”

    Probably just above BA. I can’t wait for Lucky’s list of the ten worst first-class products.

  10. that’s all good for the mega rich or trust babies, but what about NORMAL people? Please actually review longhaul economy instead of bombasticness.

  11. The funny thing is, I flew Thai (A380), ANA (77W), and Asiana (A380) First last month. I easily had the most fun, slept the best, and enjoyed the service the most on Asiana. The size of the Suite made it, the experience of the A380 was tops, the crew flawless, the sleep great, and the food great (even if ANA outdid them). So much of it is related to your expectations and mood when you get on the flight, and privacy, comfort, and lots of food was what I wanted.

  12. @ brad — If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, hopefully you’ve realized that normal people can fly first and business class while utilizing points (especially if you’re lucky enough to have access to US credit cards). That’s one of the main points of the blog. 😉

  13. @lucky, and what about normal people that don’t use cards? You only ever review first or business, never economy unless it’s shorthaul.

  14. I love reading these lists – thanks for compiling. I thoroughly enjoyed Korean F this past FEbruary from Singapore to Washington via Seoul. My seats were comfortable, service was exquisite on both legs, and the food was delicious. I’d definitely take them again. On that same trip, I flew EK F A380 on the outbound. Very different experience, but it was FUN, which I enjoyed. Thanks for the refresh.

  15. @brad- the whole point of this particular blog is using points/cards to fly in premium classes, and the reviews of those classes. If you want something else, go to another blog.

  16. I flew JAL in F in March and it was outstanding. The space is not opulent like on Etihad, Emirates… but the service was fantastic. Would love to do it again, but hoping for others before.

  17. Lucky – knowing you can’t rank every one of the myriad other F products (Korean, BA, American, TAAG, Qantas, etc.), it would be interesting to see how you would group them — e.g., Runners Up, On Par with Top-Notch Business Class, Don’t Even Bother, etc.

  18. jason, the whole point of this blog is stuck up snobs and arseholes, which includes people like you.

  19. I think Lucky has fallen victim to artificial scarcity where he ranks the “hard to redeem” FC products higher because he views them subconsciously as more exclusive. Air France and Garuda, for sure.

  20. @brad – why are you reading this blog then if you dont like it? Nobody is forcing you to? Do you just get delight in making ridiculous generalizations about somebody (me) you’ve never met, as a way of stoking your own ego? What is the point of calling me names? Why even resort to that? Lucky has been purposeful in creating a blog with a specific niche – he does not try to be all things to all people. He has a specifically-defined niche, which I was pointing out, and you decide to call me names. I really don’t understand why you would do that. If your interests do not align with the goal of this blog, there are others out there. No need to call me names in the process.

  21. @ Lucky – It takes a long time to rack up points for such first class flights. Economy class is what many of us would use points for since we don’t get thousands of points in referrals like you do. It would be nice to hire someone who can perhaps review economy class for us common folks.

  22. Eeek reading this list makes me want to change my mind AGAIN about how to get to jordan. Have a direct flight in j to Abu Dhabi on etihad but there is availability via jfk in apartments. Means buying a jet blue flight for $95 and giving myself only three hours leeway at jfk.

    Btw it’s 63,000 AA points to redeem for the j flight (and $16). Got 70,000 miles for signing up to aa Citi card. So not that hard to achieve. Could also “buy” trip there on Swiss biz for around $2200 using lifemiles (economy listed price was around $1900) so still SOMEWHAT accessible to the masses.

    Economy reviews are helpful but they don’t differentiate as much as different j products. And I’ve flown (suffered) PLENTY of economy around the world

  23. Sorry , at this point, you can’t seriously say a F product is one of the worlds best unless it has a separate real bed, like EY, LH (on 747), SQ

  24. @brad – you mad bro? Stop being such a hater. If you don’t want to use your miles and points to fly in intl J or F, then I’m good with it. More award availability for the rest of us! Why are you even reading this blog?

  25. @Lucky – I assume you only wanted to list each airline once (and their best first class product), but curious where you’d put the old first class products offered by Emirates / Etihad / Singapore Suites which are still offered on many routes?

  26. @ Drew — That’s something I asked myself as well. I’d say my rankings from last October would mostly still be reflective of how I feel.

  27. anon – LH doesnt have a “separate real bed” on any of their airplanes anymore. Those were on the 747-400 for awhile. Now the 747-400 just has business class seats where those beds use to be, and the rest of their fleet doesnt have separate beds from seats in First.

  28. @ anon — Lufthansa’s 747-400s don’t have first class anymore, so Lufthansa doesn’t have a separate seat and bed anymore. While a separate seat and bed sounds nice, in practice if it doesn’t lead to a more comfortable bed I don’t actually view it as an advantage.

  29. I think one helpful addition would be to mention if any of these are in a non-standard long haul configuration. For instance, the new Singapore suites are on a very limited subset of flights. Likewise, if Emirates is just initiating the new 777 seats, most flights will not have that product yet. Letting readers know that they need to (currently) fly SIN -SYD on the A380 to get the new Singapore suites or how to tell the new configuration from a seat map would help avoid people booking the wrong product.

  30. For me the best 3 are Cathay, JAL and ANA. Being in Canada makes it harder to earn points, so these are the only feasible ones for me anyway. I would include BA, since they’re easy to get and fly from and to where I want to fly.

  31. I’m pretty sure there was no caviar in F on ANA in October 2017 when I flew it. Also, the HND-LAX flight departing around 11pm had a limited dinner service–and, of course, no caviar.

  32. @Brad:
    Flying F/J long haul isn’t for snobs or the riches, *anybody* can do it with some helps aka this blog. I did a lot of F/J travels throughout my grad school years that I was way poorer than most people. Hence this blog is for flying F/J with miles & points or even cash when there’s a huge discount.

    Why won’t Lucky cover flying Y/Y+?, because if you decide to NOT have credit cards, or NOT put any effort to earn some miles, or NOT pay a tiny extra when there’s a great F/J discounts, then the recommendation on flying can be very simple and short: experiences in Y/Y+ do not vary that much so buy the cheaper one or the one with best schedule. If those are equal, non-US carriers tends to have better services. That’s it, no blog is required to guide you to choose Y/Y+

  33. THAI 1st … there something about the Thai 1st class experience and flying in the nose of a 747 …..I do understand why it’s not in the top 10 with all the new birds with all the bells and whistles and beds and showers ……great artical

  34. @Lucky- above comments are right, no caviar in ANA first ORD-NRT and back in July 2018. But we did receive vouchers for free WiFi for the whole flight, no option to pay for additional data. I didn’t use it for work, but it was fast enough for email/instagram for the 13hr duration of the flight.

  35. Plus 1 for THAI 1st … the Thai 1st class experience and service is definitely worth another mention as best in class of service (CoS)

  36. Definitely it is a subjective thing. I like ANA quite a lot, but the way the suite needlessly blocks the windows is kind of annoying and the IFE choices aren’t as strong as some others. Personally I really like Korean’s 777 F class with their latest suite product a lot. I like the closing doors and large video screen. And it’s very easy to book with miles on their website. But I don’t know that anyone has a large enough sample size to really rank them other than based on the design.

    TG is just so inconsistent that I think it’s hard to rank them high. I guess the ground experience at BKK is quite good, but the A380 F seats are showing quite a bit of wear. And operationally the airline is a bit of a mess.

  37. Really feel that Asiana is not getting the praise it deserves. Yes, the lounge is sub-par, but from a hard/soft product perspective, I think this should be top 10!

  38. I recently flew Emirates A380 from Dubai and am surprised it didn’t rank at all in the top 10. Maybe because Emirates 777-300 was already rated #1? Everything was great; from the 1st class lounge to the lay flat seats. The only issue I had at all is the water shut off in the shower when the gauge still showed I had time left.

  39. Small point, but we just flew ANA F a couple weeks ago (SFO-NRT), and they gave us codes for free WiFi, so not sure why price difference vs JAL WiFi would be relevant. Maybe the free WiFi was finite (don’t recall), but it was enough for me to have push-email on the entire flight, surf the web as much as I wanted, and download a few documents.

    We flew JAL F back, so I just had the direct comparison between those two. I thought the service level was equivalent — slightly more attendant on ANA, but that was a daytime flight versus a nighttime flight, so that was expected; food was better on JAL (though it was very good on ANA too), but liquor was better on ANA (Krug vs. Cristal; Hibiki 21 vs. Hibiki 17); seat set-up is definitely better on JAL, particularly since I was with my wife, though the cabin on our ANA flight was in slighly better/newer-looking shape; cabin temperature was definitely better (cooler) on ANA — JAL was a little uncomfortably warm for sleeping, particularly given the weight of their pajamas.

  40. The only first class flight I’ve experienced is Asiana Seoul to NYC. It was amazing, full doors, but sill with a retractable divider for middle seats if you’re with someone. My partner and I loved being able to sit across from each other sipping champagne and enjoying caviar. And the bed was great. I was too excited to sleep but he slept most of the time and claimed he never got jet lagged. (we only got 30 mins of “sleep” before an early flight from Tokyo to catch the flight, maybe that helped…) As a saver ticket on United’s website, I can’t imagine a better use of united miles. So I cannot wait to see what a top ten airline is like if Asiana is 16!! I’m still saving up points after blowing my wad on that trip two years ago haha. Did ANA in business to Tokyo to start the trip, really burned some points for the two of us. Both were united saver though. Felt it was a great value though for united miles.

  41. @Lucky
    Echoing some of the other comments it’d be super cool if you had a page on the website listing every (major) long haul business and first class and a rating of some sort and personal recommendation that considers cost, availability, and ease of accumulating the needed points. It would be a bear to do, but I don’t think anyone has that, and you could still do update post like this that’s more in-depth when changing it up. Maybe its too basic, just a thought.

  42. @Brad there are a ton of reviews for econ, premium econ, ulcc, etc all over the web. Go to and type in “top ten economy airlines”. Suck on that you whiny boohoo.

  43. @christian
    Lucky mentioned that SQ’s new Suites rolled out on SIN-SYD but they are now also available on flights from SIN to LHR, ZRH, PVG and HKG. While not all long-haul flights, SQ will be retrofitting their older 380s to have the new Suites.

  44. Where would you list EK A380? It’s so different from the EK 77W and the 77W with new first class is so limited so I think it merits its own entry.

    I agree with Ben on the emphasis on ground service. I love being pampered on board but the main reason I pay for first class when I do is for a more relaxing experience. Nothing is as seamless as AF F, no matter where you’re flying to or from.

  45. Now in Sydney after arriving today on a Thai F with 40Kmileage plus OLD redemption….
    I didn’t eat anything the rest of the day…. Too full. I made use of seafood choice and even got it at breakfast ha ha.
    The massage at BKK was fairly good and all the stewards nice & gracious.
    Lounge is OK though….

  46. not all accurate as this is personal view of point and it does not represent the whole market view.

  47. ANA crew is charming, have done several ORD NRT and rate crew top, Krug and Hibiki 21 real treats, kasekei dinner amazing, so sad but caviar service ended 2015. Love the basket of Japanese amenities though. I will not turn down a chance to fly TG…06 DP and excellent crew but ++ availability on points. Time to retire the 747.

  48. Thankfully I do find a few positive words about ANA this time around. The previous time it was just a list of reasons why NH F was not as good as JL F. But I’d like a little more justification (more than one line) about why Lucky feels NH deserves to come in this Top 10 list.

  49. Lucky, why don’t you publish an airline first/business class ranking based on area, for e.g. a top 5 in Asia, a top 5 in Europe etc? This would probably be more useful since a lot of passengers face choices between the carriers with the most routings in these areas. Also, I don’t think too many other people create lists like this.

    This may also take into account certain cultural differences and the like between continents.

  50. Stop bashing @brad. I do know a lot of people who could not reach the spending for the bonus nor have good enough credit score to get approval on any card you wish. @brad is just at the wrong place.

    I’m sure each of us knows someone who is anti credit cards and even try to ‘lower’ CL for the wrong reasons.
    @brad is the type of person I consider my inflight entertainment when I fly Spirit or other ULCC (Spirit attracts them most for some reason). I don’t expect nor even want someone like @brad to shares the same F/J cabin.

  51. Lucky — As one who have booked The Asiana A-380 First Class (Seoul – LAX) for next month — and given the number of commenters who have sung its praises on this thread, I wonder whether you might be willing to expand a bit on why it ranks so low in your runner-up list.

  52. I love how Air France divides the first class space with a curtain instead of a hard physical barrier.

    I also appreciate that all the airlines on this list are known for above average service throughout their classes, not just first class. Who else gives you wooden toilet seats? I’m looking at you Emirates!

  53. I’m a bit puzzled as to why Singapore A380 Suite is ranked at #4. I read the full review and it seems that if the seat is that uncomfortable for lounging, along with the bed, than this shouldn’t even make the top 10. I mean on a several hour flight, is one supposed to stand? Or was the seat not really that bad? I see a lot of negatives in the full review for the hard product:

    1: “That’s a bit of a problem, since Singapore Airlines keeps their cabins pretty warm, and these Suites don’t have individual air vents.”
    2: “You have to position your seat towards the tray table during the meal, and that has you looking almost directly at the aisle. This seems so poorly designed, in my opinion, since you’re basically looking at the person seated across from you.”
    3: “The bed itself is hard. I would have loved to see them create a bed that’s more comfortable and larger than what else is out there.”
    4: “The seat itself had limited recline, and the legrest wasn’t long enough for my feet, so they just dangled off the end. When reclined it was like a less comfortable version of a dentist’s chair.”
    5: “Not that it really matters, but the Suite door doesn’t go down to the floor. There’s maybe a 6-8″ gap at the bottom, which I wasn’t aware of going in.”

    It seems like there’s a premium here for an uncomfortable product. But maybe I’m missing something?

  54. Hi
    Great read!
    I’m due to fly DUB to Singapore via CDG soon in Air France F. Sounds great but worried a little about safety. I’m a very nervous passenger and that Lufthansa tail always inspires confidence when I see it!!

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