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While I had flown Cathay Pacific first class many times before, I was excited to fly them this time because the airline recently announced a major refresh to their first class soft product.

And what a flight this was… talk about ending a trip on a high note!

Booking My Cathay Pacific First Class Flight

The return portion of this trip was booked using Cathay Pacific Asia Miles. I redeemed 125,000 miles and paid $141 in taxes, fees, and carrier imposed surcharges, for the following itinerary:

12/11 KA937 Beijing to Hong Kong departing 7:30AM arriving 11:15AM [First]
12/11 CX812 Hong Kong to Boston departing 6:05PM arriving 8:50PM [First]

The reason I booked through Asia Miles is because nowadays it’s generally the only program that has access to Cathay Pacific first class award availability last minute. See this post for everything you need to know about redeeming miles for Cathay Pacific first class.

As a reminder, Asia Miles is transfer partners with Amex Membership RewardsCiti ThankYou, and Capital One.

Cathay Pacific First Class 777 Review

My layover in Hong Kong was over six hours, so I spent most of my time in the Cathay Pacific Pier First Class Lounge. I won’t be reviewing it again, because little has changed since my last review.

My flight to Boston was departing from gate six, located right near the security and immigration checkpoint. US-bound flights tend to depart from this area.

Hong Kong International Airport departure gate

Boarding was scheduled to start at 5:25PM, and I got to the gate at 5PM. The 777-300ER was already parked there, so I looked up the registration code and confirmed that the plane would in fact feature Wi-Fi (which most Cathay Pacific four cabin 777-300ERs do at this point).

Cathay Pacific 777 Hong Kong

Boarding started at 5:30PM, though I wasn’t immediately allowed to board. As is normal for flights to the US, I was first asked some (ridiculous) security questions. A couple of minutes after that I was onboard.

I was so excited about this flight. I had checked the load and seatmap right before boarding, and knew that I’d have the first class cabin all to myself… can’t beat that!

Before I get into the review, let me note that I was looking forward to the following in comparison to previous Cathay Pacific first class flights:

Cathay Pacific 812
Hong Kong (HKG) – Boston (BOS)
Wednesday, December 11
Depart: 6:05PM
Arrive: 8:50PM
Duration: 15hr45min
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat: 2K (First Class)

Ahhh, Cathay Pacific first class! I boarded through the forward door, where I was greeted by the inflight service manager, Claire, as well as the two first class flight attendants, Judy and Joanna.

“Mr. Schlappig, I will show you to your seat. You are our only first class guest this evening.”

Cathay Pacific’s first class product is still one of the most comfortable out there, even though the “bones” haven’t changed in a long time. The cabin consists of six seats, spread across two rows in a 1-1-1 configuration.

Ordinarily my preferred seat would be 2A. That’s because the left aisle has more privacy, since the two center seats face the right aisle. So the left aisle has two seats, while the right aisle has four seats.

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER first class cabin

However, since I had the cabin to myself I decided to sit in 2K.

Cathay Pacific first class cabin 777-300ER

That way I could sleep in one seat, and relax/work in the seat right across (Can I take a moment to appreciate how happy I am with the camera on my iPhone 11 Pro? The pictures are all sooo much better than with my old point-and-shoot).

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER first class cabin

If you’re going to be stuck in a “center” seat, then it’s tough to beat Cathay Pacific’s 777 first class (well, maybe Emirates’ new first class center suite with virtual windows takes the cake, but this isn’t too bad either).

Cathay Pacific first class cabin 777

Anyway, back to my seat, 2K. While Cathay Pacific doesn’t have fully enclosed suites, the seats are so comfortable and spacious, and they’re still very private (especially when you have the cabin to yourself).

Cathay Pacific first class seat

Cathay Pacific first class seat

A couple of things to note. Historically Cathay Pacific’s personal televisions have been frustratingly low definition, even in first class. Cathay Pacific has installed new monitors that are such a huge improvement. They are high definition and perfectly crisp.

Cathay Pacific first class seat

In the past the monitors would swivel out from the console to the side of the seat, while now they simply slide out, so that has changed a bit.

Cathay Pacific first class TV

There’s also a storage compartment underneath the television.

Cathay Pacific first class storage

To the side of that is the ottoman, which can also double as a buddy seat, should you want to dine face-to-face.

Cathay Pacific first class ottoman

The large tray table folds out from the side of the seat.

Cathay Pacific first class tray table

Then even further up is the entertainment controller, a monitor with seat controls, and a small storage compartment.

Cathay Pacific first class seat & entertainment controls

Cathay Pacific first class storage

A 110v and USB outlet are also to the side of the seat, underneath where you’d remove the tray table.

Cathay Pacific first class power outlet

There are no overhead bins in first class, which makes the cabin feel more spacious. Instead each seat has a closet where you can store bags, in addition to being able to place bags underneath the ottoman. Worst case scenario you can store bags in the closet at the front of the cabin.

My only real complaint about the hard product is the lack of individual air nozzles, though that didn’t prove to be an issue on this flight, as the cabin was kept at an appropriate temperature.

Waiting at my seat upon boarding were two pillows and a blanket. Cathay Pacific recently refreshed their bedding, which is now from Bamford.

While the below isn’t even the proper bedding (it’s just two pillows and a blanket, which complement the mattress pad and duvet you get with turndown service), I thought this was a huge improvement. The bedding actually felt luxurious, soft, and plush, which I didn’t feel was the case the last time I flew Cathay Pacific first class.

Cathay Pacific first class bedding

A moment after settling in, I was offered a pre-departure drink of choice. I ordered a glass of Krug. They were pouring the incredible 2004 vintage. Nom nom nom nom. I was offered some mixed nuts to go along with it.

Cathay Pacific first class pre-departure champagne & nuts

I was confused at first, because I thought Cathay Pacific had introduced a new “service moment” upon boarding (as they described it), in the form of a welcome reception tray, including a personalized welcome note, a hot towel, and a glass of sparkling jasmine silver needle tea from JING.

So I asked the flight attendant about this, and she informed me that Cathay Pacific hadn’t yet rolled out the new catering and service concept on all routes. She said it was available to London, Los Angeles, and New York, but not to Boston just yet.

That was frustrating, since experiencing that was one of the reasons I took this flight (I wish they had clarified in the press release that it wasn’t yet available on all routes). However, she said that all the other new service elements had been rolled out, including the new bedding, amenity kits, etc.

So I’m sorry that unfortunately this flight won’t include a full review of the new dining.

As is normal in Cathay Pacific first class, the next few minutes felt like Christmas, as I was given the menu for the flight, Bose headphones, an amenity kit, pajamas, and a warm towel.

Cathay Pacific first class pre-flight goodies

Cathay Pacific has new amenity kits from Bamford. I’d say these are a downgrade compared to the old ones from Aesop. I love Aesop, so I’m sad to see Cathay Pacific slowly phasing out their partnership with the brand (though their lounges still have Aesop products).

Aside from the brand change, the kit had a limited number of products, as has long been the case. There was just a dental kit (including mouthwash), earplugs, eyeshades, lip balm, face mist, and moisturizer.

Cathay Pacific first class Bamford amenity kit

For pajamas I selected them in size medium (which was perfect for me), and they were from PYE.

Cathay Pacific first class pajamas

Cathay Pacific first class pajamas

Then there were Cathay Pacific’s excellent Bose headphones, which are tough to beat.

Cathay Pacific first class Bose headphones

I was also given the menu for the flight, presented on a nice wooden board.

Cathay Pacific first class menu

Most business class passengers boarded through the forward door as well, and business class was only about half full. It’s funny that towards the end of boarding a couple of business class passengers came and peeked into the first class cabin, and one lady commented “wow, you have this whole thing to yourself?”

At 5:50PM the captain (who I believe was American) made his welcome onboard announcement, informing us of our flight time of 14hr44min.

He noted that this was significantly faster than usual and that we should arrive early, but also warned us that the international terminal at Logan Airport is busy around our arrival time, and there was a chance our gate might not be ready.

A few minutes later the cabin doors were closed, and then at 6PM we began our pushback, at which point the safety video was screened.

There was a beautiful sunset as we taxied out for our departure. We had a quick taxi, and by 6:15PM were cleared for takeoff on runway 7R.

As we climbed out I first took a look at the entertainment selection. The entertainment selection was excellent as always, though what delighted me most was how much higher definition the screen was than in the past. This makes such a huge difference.

Cathay Pacific first class entertainment selection

Cathay Pacific first class entertainment selection

I also checked out the map for our flight.

Cathay Pacific inflight map

You know it’s a long flight when the route can barely be viewed on one screen!

Cathay Pacific inflight map

While the entertainment selection was excellent, I had brought my own entertainment, and in particular had an episode of a very important show to catch up on. Maybe Angela could write a guest review of Air Peace first class on her next trip to Nigeria?

“K-1 or K-Done!”

I’d argue that the most exciting development to Cathay Pacific first class in recent years, though, is that there’s now Gogo 2Ku Wi-Fi. A majority of Cathay Pacific’s long haul 777s feature wifi, and soon all of them should have it.

The Wi-Fi pricing is $9.95 for one hour or $19.95 for the entire flight, which is excellent. It gets even better than that — first class passengers get free Wi-Fi.

Cathay Pacific Wi-Fi 777

To access the free first class Wi-Fi you just have to enter your name and seat number.

Cathay Pacific free first class wifi

The Wi-Fi was incredibly fast, and I could switch between devices for free. What a fantastic improvement!

It is worth noting, however, that there are some coverage gaps, specifically around the Arctic Circle, and some other areas that are really far North. Here’s that map:

Cathay Pacific Wi-Fi coverage map

Anyway, the seatbelt sign was turned off 15 minutes after takeoff. At this point the crew had already turned on some mood lighting.

Cathay Pacific mood lighting

Once the seatbelt sign was off the meal service began. The service throughout the flight can only be described as flawless. I’ve had quite a few flights where I was the only first class passenger, but they almost always adjust staffing as a result, so that you have only one flight attendant taking care of you (the horror!).

On this flight they kept staffing the same (I’m guessing because other cabins were quiet as well, so there was no need to adjust service), so I had two excellent flight attendants taking care of me. Service was every bit as good as you’d expect based on that.

The menu read as follows:

The drink list read as follows:

Just about 15 minutes after takeoff my meal order was taken, with the crew reminding me that I can eat what I want when I want. Since I was hoping to get some sleep, I decided to have dinner right away.

To drink I ordered more champagne. One of the horribly difficult things about being the only first class passenger is trying to not be wasteful. I had started that bottle of Krug, and I would have hated to see it go to waste… 😉

My champagne was served within minutes, along with an amuse bouche, consisting of prawn ceviche.

Cathay Pacific first class dinner — amuse bouche

I ordered the caviar to start, which was tasty and beautifully presented.

Cathay Pacific first class dinner — caviar service

Cathay Pacific first class dinner — caviar service

As is the norm in Cathay Pacific first class, there was a note from the crew.

Cathay Pacific first class note from crew

There was also a breadbasket with a few different options.

Cathay Pacific first class dinner — breadbasket

Next up was the soup, and I was offered some cracked pepper to go along with it. When my order was taken I was informed that they had a sweet corn soup rather than the harissa lentil soup listed on the menu.

The soup was good though rich, so I didn’t have the whole thing.

Cathay Pacific first class dinner — soup

Next up was the mixed green salad with kwai fei chicken and a citrus vinaigrette, which was also quite good.

Cathay Pacific first class dinner — salad

For the main course I ordered off the Chinese menu, and had the braised bean curd stuffed with prawn mousse, assorted mushrooms with yellow fungus, and steamed jasmine rice. The dish was pretty good, but not memorable.

Cathay Pacific first class dinner — main course

Lastly I had dessert, where I selected the caramel fig cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

To be honest I’ve never been a huge fan of Cathay Pacific desserts, and I hope they revise these with the new meal service. The fig cake was kind of hard, and they use Hershey’s chocolate sauce, which I wouldn’t exactly consider to be great.

Cathay Pacific first class dinner — dessert

At the conclusion of the meal I was offered a toothpick, a warm towel, and a box of pralines.

Cathay Pacific first class warm towel & chocolates

The entire meal service took about 90 minutes, and the service was friendly and perfectly customized. While the caviar was excellent, otherwise I’ve long found Cathay Pacific’s first class meal service to be nothing special.

That’s not to say it’s bad, but as a comparative matter, it hasn’t ever impressed me too much. Maybe part of the problem is that I feel like they haven’t really switched up the format of their menu in about a decade. So I hope with the new meal service they make some changes.

At the conclusion of the meal I was tired and asked to have turndown service. Cathay Pacific has new bedding, and I was presented with a pillow menu and asked if I wanted a soft, medium, or firm pillow. I love this — well done, Cathay Pacific!

Cathay Pacific first class pillow menu

While my bed was being made I headed to the lavatory, of which there are two at the front of the cabin. The one on the left is much bigger, while the one on the right is smaller and often used by pilots.

The lavatories were always in pristine condition, with the toilet paper being in a perfect triangle, and there being a paper toilet cover on the seat every time I visited.

Cathay Pacific first class lavatory

Cathay Pacific first class lavatory

Much like the amenity kit, the lavatory had Bamford products, replacing the previous Aesop ones.

Cathay Pacific first class Bamford amenities

When I returned to my seat I found the bed made, so I got ready to go to sleep. The new bedding is a huge improvement over the old bedding, as it feels so much more plush.

Cathay Pacific first class bed

Cathay Pacific first class bed

Cathay Pacific first class bed

Cathay Pacific now places some Bamford botanic pillow mist on the pillow, which is a cute touch.

Cathay Pacific first class pillow mist

By the time I got into bed we had just over 13 hours remaining to Boston, and we were slowly approaching Japan.

Progress enroute to Boston

Cathay Pacific inflight map

While I tried to go to sleep, literally a couple of minutes after I closed my eyes we hit some pretty substantial turbulence, as seems to be the norm over this part of the Pacific. It lasted for about 30 minutes, and was significant enough that I couldn’t sleep, so I just relaxed for a bit. Finally I managed to fall asleep.

I got nearly six hours of sleep, and woke up with just over 6hr30min remaining to Boston, as we were over Alaska. That was perfect for me, since I’d be landing at night and wanted to make sure I could still sleep when I got to my hotel.

Cathay Pacific inflight map

I kept the bed in seat 2K (just in case), and moved over to seat 2D to work. I ordered my beloved egg tarts from the snack menu, along with a cappuccino. Yum…

Cathay Pacific first class snack

I was still a bit hungry, so I also ordered the mixed berries without the rose syrup from the dessert menu.

Cathay Pacific first class snack

I spent a couple of hours working, and eventually ordered a Cathay Delight (probably my favorite cold, non-alcoholic drink on any airline), as well as some earl grey tea.

Cathay Pacific first class drinks

At this point I turned on the nose camera and it was light outside.

Cathay Pacific 777 camera

I also opened the window shades to some incredible scenery!

View enroute to Boston

Soon enough it was nighttime once again, meaning it was my second sunset of the flight.

View enroute to Boston

Just under three hours before landing I decided to have my pre-landing meal.

Cathay Pacific inflight map

I ordered breakfast, which is logical from a Hong Kong body clock standpoint, but less logical when you consider that you’re landing at your destination at night.

To start I ordered a fruit plate, as well as a cappuccino and a mango and passion fruit smoothie.

Cathay Pacific first class breakfast

I was also asked if I wanted pastries or toast, and I asked for some wheat toast, which was served in a breadbasket.

Cathay Pacific first class breakfast

I was also offered some yogurt, and selected plain-flavored yogurt.

Cathay Pacific first class breakfast

Cathay Pacific offers cooked to order eggs in first class, so I asked for some well(ish) done scrambled eggs with all the vegetarian accompaniments. As far as airplane eggs go, this is tough to beat!

Cathay Pacific first class breakfast

For the last couple of hours of the flight I watched “Don’t Forget The Driver,” a British show. I watched a couple of episodes and was intrigued, though I still couldn’t quite figure out where exactly the plot was going. Anyone watch this show/want to fill me in in a couple of sentences/want to tell me if I should keep watching this on my next Cathay Pacific flight? 😉

Cathay Pacific entertainment selection

Before I knew it were under an hour from landing in Boston.

Cathay Pacific inflight map

At 7:30PM Boston time the captain announced that we’d be descending shortly and would be landing in 30 minutes. He said we’d be 45 minutes early, though he wasn’t yet sure if our gate would be open.

Shortly thereafter the crew began to prepare the cabin for arrival, with the seatbelt sign being turned on about 15 minutes out.

Our approach ended up taking a bit longer than expected, and we landed at 8:10PM on runway 33L, and had a five minute taxi to our arrival gate.

It’s amazing how much Boston Logan Airport has grown, as the international terminal was packed. We ended up parking next to a Norwegian and Qatar plane.

Immigration was quick, and I ended up at my airport hotel within 30 minutes, before flying back home to Miami the following morning (where it was about 50 degrees warmer).

Cathay Pacific First Class Bottom Line

Cathay Pacific has long offered one of my favorite first class products, but they’ve really taken it to the next level recently.

I love Cathay Pacific’s new Gogo 2Ku Wi-Fi (which is free for first class customers), greatly improved bedding (including a pillow menu), and their higher definition personal televisions.

I’m bummed I didn’t get to experience their new first class dining concept, but I trust this will be a further improvement as well.

This flight was such an incredible treat. While flying first class anytime is awesome, having a cabin all to yourself is an unreal experience, in terms of the personal space the crew to passenger ratio, and just the feeling of being in a really awesome private jet.

I also think this may have been my favorite timed flight from Asia to the US ever. It was over 14 hours and left at night and landed at night. That meant I could enjoy a meal, sleep for about six hours, and then still have nearly half the flight left, so that I would be tired once again when I got to my destination, just in time for a good night of sleep.

  1. Between the mistake fare and unrest in HK I have found their soft product lacking recently. I could be mistaken but it seemed that they replaced some of their normal flight attendants with those less experienced (language and service in general). Perhaps that has changed in the past few months but I was disappointed on several of my 2019 flights.

  2. I was privileged to be served that same vintage Krug on my YVR-HKG CX F flight (red-eye) in May and it was amazing. My friends and I had the F cabin to ourselves but they didn’t drink any!!!! I ended up drinking 1.5 bottles by myself without any dinner since I do not liking eating too much that late at night! lol It was an incredible flight. One of my 2019 travel highlights for sure.

    Tbh, I was nervous I would not enjoy too much since I am not too fond of the normal Krug.

  3. Cathay is one of my favourite airlines. I fly CX in First (paid ticket only) at least 4 times a months. The rest of my flights are with JAL and AF (First). The Pier First class is always a treat and I must confess the Pier business class lounge is also excellent.

  4. I agree totally about Cathay’s F service.

    I can’t help but think that almost everywhere comfort has been compromised for privacy in first and business class – moreso in business class.

    I would sacrifice privacy for comfort every time, after all, even in first it’s public transport open to all. I think that Cathay’s first has lasted while others have continued to play about with their offerings is testimony to the fact that they have got it right.

  5. Sorry, Ben, it’s just not true that AsiaMiles is the “only” program with last minute CX F space. I’d really encourage you to use less absolute language for this topic. I know you’re the expert and I’m just a reader, but I saw CX F JFK-HKG-BKK about a week ago, for a flight 3 days later, on for 110,000 AAdvantage miles. I hasten to add that I did NOT click through. I was using old/Advanced search method.

  6. Great review as always Ben. I couldn’t help but smile seeing the picture of your seat as a bed, in comparison with AA’s premium turndown service. #starkconstrasts

    I flew CX first a few times last year ex JFK, every single flight was equally memorable. Have to give it to Cathay for ensuring such consistent standards. Looking forward to the first review trip of 2020.

  7. It’s been a few years since I last flew Cathay F so I don’t remember much about the seat. Since then, I’ve flown JAL F, La Premiere, BA F and Emirates F. I have to say I was surprised to see Cathay F’s ottoman size. I had forgotten it’s actually about the same size as BA F which is a bit disappointing. I hope when Cathay eventually get a brand new F, they will install a much larger Ottoman like the ones on Air France or JAL.

  8. FWIW those Pye pyjamas are pure cotton and exceptionally finely tailored. Also the sizes are wacky: Size M is equivalent to size L anywhere else.

  9. Mr Lucky Charm – do you know when the Bos-HKG gets the new dining? I’m flying at the end of the month.

  10. Well, if you go to any high end London department stores (Selfridges, etc.), Bamford products are apparently more pricy than Aesop. Not that much of a downgrade, money wise.

    Well, based on promotional pics, J pax are getting Bamford amenities as well now?

  11. The egg tarts would’ve been perfect with a Hong Kong style milk tea; I’m not sure why you didn’t have at least one as that’s usually one of your favorite drinks!

  12. happy new year.

    curious how they cater this flight, knowing the only have (1) F passenger? assuming they have to board all options, not knowing what you’d order, yet still being able to offer a first class product. what happens to all the rest of that food?

    i’d have to drink that whole bottle of krug, anxious about wasting a drop of that $300 bottle!

  13. Thanks for the review, Ben. It would be good if you could focus a bit more on the wines that are being served in first class. For example, the 2008 Lynch-Bages that was served on your flight is one of the best red wines that is currently offered by any airline. Also, Cathay offers a HK$500 voucher that is redeemable at any Pye Store (The voucher is attached to the bag that contains the pajamas).

    Gesundes Neues Jahr 🙂

  14. Looks like an amazing flight with Cathay. I definitely think their F class product looks to be one of the best. Love he handwritten note, and how awesome to get the whole cabin on the 777 to yourself!

  15. @Andrew

    Yes, I’ve seen Bamford in a few high end London shops, and they have a stand-alone store in the Royal Exchange.

    I do love Aesop, and Bamford refers to the Bamford family behind it. This is the same family who own JCB, and are high profile Brexit supporters. Which puts me off them completely.

  16. I noticed your fetish towards Apple and Bose. No doubt their products are decent, but praising them to that extent is quite irritating considering their specifications are quite a bit behind say Samsung or Sony.

  17. Ummmm….on such an apparently amazing flight( that you paid $141.00 for) you were disappointed that you didn’t get some sparkling jasmine needle tea and a handwritten note…..which seemed to show up later? Wow. Please realize how privileged you are and try not to complain about such minor service lapses. Perhaps another glass of Krug 2004 might help wash down the sadness?

  18. While it is great to be the only passenger in F,on an otherwise lightly loaded flight, it was my experience in Nov/Dec that this can lead to outright cancellations of CX flights.
    Over a window of a few months my simple 2 flight itinerary (JFK-HKG-ADL) had 4 separate involuntary changes due to cancelled flights with the final itinerary being JFK (different departure time)-HKG (much longer layover at the airport)-SYD (not my original arrival point; make-your-own-way-to-ADL).
    Fearing further last minute changes I cancelled and got my Alaska miles redeposited.
    I then used my JAL Mileage to book JL F JFK-NRT, an overnight stopover at the Narita Nikko, then NRT-MEL in JL J, with an overnight at MEL Mantra , the a QF J morning flight to ADL.
    Done that all before, so happy to repeat. JL service is magnificent, and it all went like clockwork, in contrast to the never-ending turmoil with CX !

  19. Great review, as always. I fly CX F to HK almost annually and flew LAX-HKG-LAX over the Christmas holiday nd returned this last Sunday, with the cabin to myself. The new dining concept is fantastic, you’ll love.

  20. One thing you didn’t comment on Ben: the left-side toilet is by far more plush than the right-side one, which is meant for pilot use as well. The left toilet is bigger, more “designed” (darker materials), has a touch-free faucet and real hand towels. I could never figure out why CX doesn’t make them more consistent.

  21. Great trip report, CX F looks really impressive.
    Being the only PAX in F is absolutely great. I remember my experience on LH FRA-KIX with 744 (upper deck) back in 2002. The perfect flight…

  22. @John: couldn’t agree more. Recently experienced CX new F service and was such a disappointment. Totally confused flight attendants and food sequence, miserable food, unfriendly service. I even don’t like their seat, it is so uncomfortable. Nah, CX is imho one of the worse F experiences out there. Much prefer SQ, LH or EK.

  23. @DenB® :
    >Also the sizes are wacky: Size M is equivalent to size L anywhere else.

    When I flied it for my first time, I asked my flight attendant for her suggestion. She suggested a pair of small, to my surprise. I stand 5’9, mid built I normally wear medium, but they fit perfectly. Her guestimation was spot on. I’ve been requesting small since then.

    >curious how they cater this flight, knowing the only have (1) F passenger? assuming they have to board all options, not knowing what you’d order, yet still being able to offer a first class product. what happens to all the rest of that food?

    The crew eat them. I don’t know if there were any missed connection pax or not, but I was the only pax. When I went to the lav, I saw my flight attendant eating what they looked like ribs and steakhouse fries, out of an aluminum tray. After a while, I was able to connect dots: they were same as the lamb and polenta that I’ve ordered, ha!

    >i’d have to drink that whole bottle of krug, anxious about wasting a drop of that $300 bottle!

    In that same solo f cabin, after 4 glasses, my flight attendant asked me if I wanted another glass. With that free WiFi, I was able to see the cost of the bottle, and I found them just fine but not extraordinary (I know nothing about champagne), and remembering the bottle was almost empty, so I felt bad having them open another expensive bottle, I moved on to white wines. Funny somebody like Lucky who used to all luxury felt the same way!

  24. @OT
    >One thing you didn’t comment on Ben: the left-side toilet is by far more plush than the right-side one, which is meant for pilot use as well. The left toilet is bigger, more “designed” (darker materials), has a touch-free faucet and real hand towels. I could never figure out why CX doesn’t make them more consistent.

    When I was the only pax, the ‘sub’ lav was always locked when I passed by a couple of times. I always wonder which one is more environmentally friendly in the sky: reusable real towels or disposable paper towels.

    >Maybe a silly question: can you keep the Bose at the end of the flight?

    Maybe it’s worth asking FAs, because the used pair probably cost less than a bottle of Krug? It has 3 prongs, so I don’t know if we can easily find adapters and for how much.

  25. Lucky,
    I’ve been lucky to be able to fly CX F 3 times last year, it’s always fun to read your reviews, especially for something I’ve also experienced.

    The personaized card and the sparkling tea pdd, I may have received once, but I don’t really care to remember.

    My HKG-YVR-HKG, both segments were full (we wonder why!), but JFK-YVR segment last month was all for myself. At the JFK gate, there were a few people in the same line, but maybe they were Emeralds? I was surprised CX didn’t upgrade any of their elites.

    I’ve completely forgotten to check the award availability of that flight last minute by various partner airlines. I’ll make sure I’ll do that when I fly again in a few weeks!

    The service on JFK-YVR was almost same as the long haul: minus caviars, minus pre arrival meal (though you can have your meal anytime you’d like), minus flowers by the windows, and minus Cathay Delight (how disappointing!). I was given a Pye PJ and a Bamford kit, though, heck, even the champagne and white wines were exactly the same as when you reviewed. I loved the whites so much that I didn’t try reds and other drinks. I don’t think I’ve ever had their new F dining concept yet.

    In October, on my YVR-HKG leg, I was served Amour de Deutz brut millesime 2009, so when Krug vintage 2004 was presented, I told myself ‘oh, it’s different from October.’. My flight attendant must’ve heard, she told me they change selections from time to time. I hope my tone of voice was fine and she didn’t take it as a complaint!

    Surely the best transcon product hands down, I’m sad to see it soon terminated.

  26. @ Maverik — Happy to hear you’ve had great experiences! And yep, Emeralds can board with first class, which is why they would have been in that line.

  27. @ Tom — That’s not what I was saying. I review airlines for a living (in part), and one of the reasons I took this flight was to review the new service concept. My issue wasn’t that I didn’t get a handwritten note at the beginning of the flight and “jasmine needle tea” on boarding. It’s that I was hoping to be able to review the new service concept.

    Did that cause me to have a bad flight in any way? Of course not. I’m just apologizing to readers that the meal service in this review is “business as usual” for Cathay.

    I swear it’s not that complicated to understand.

  28. @ Aaron — I selected the hard, and really liked it. In retrospect, since I had the cabin to myself I should have asked for one of each. Oops.

  29. @ JW — I’m not a huge Apple fanboy, I just don’t want to be the guy with green texts. As far as Bose goes, please let me know which airline has quality Sony headphones! I’m reviewing airline products here, and I do think Bose headphones are the best offered on any airline (I prefer them to Bang & Olufsen).

  30. @ M.J. — Generally speaking they still cater at least one of everything, and in some cases they’ll even cater it for a couple of extra passengers, in case there are any last minute upgrades. Generally the crew can eat the leftovers, though not until the very end of the flight, when they know that the passenger doesn’t want to have anything else.

  31. ANA gives out quite high quality Sony noise cancelling headphones in F.

    CX F is in desperate need of the new catering.

  32. @Ben
    Luckily no excited kid sitting Behind you this time.
    Glad you enjoyed the flight. You just missed me as I did that flight the week before.

  33. It’s the same as always, except no amuse-bouche any more, no salmon any more. And the food is always blah, but there’s a lot of it.

  34. Hands down one of the best beds in the sky! Super plush bedding and ample shoulder space. Have always slept the best in CX F. Interestingly, though my last flight in October 2019, ex-SFO they did not cater Krug in the F cabin.

  35. I’ve been able to fly this (same route) a few times in F and only once with the cabin to myself. Found out that if you order more Krug after you sleep they actually open a new bottle to make sure it’s not flat.

    Was a great change from the first time I flew it when the cabin was full and I slept first as I always do on this flight (I take it often, but usually in J, but will often transfer MR or TYP to upgrade if I can) and then they ran out of Krug because some people vacationing on miles drank all of it. Oh well hope they enjoyed themselves but I was exhausted from work and valued the sleep more.

  36. @Lucky: The lavatories were always in pristine condition, with the toilet paper being in a perfect triangle, and there being a paper toilet cover on the seat every time I visited.

    Same as QR. Always kept cleaned by the crew.

    Anyone from AA or UA would simply refuse that assignment, and the lavatory would looked trashed for 14 hours.

  37. Maybe when Michales K1 visa gets approved Angela and Michael can fly together on air peace first class. Hopefully a flight attendant won’t fuss at them when they request turn down service.

  38. Yes, finish that show – Don’t forget the Driver. I loved it. Its very heartwarming and funny!

  39. @JDS How sad are you, bringing politics into an airline review. That you feel the need to do this should put anyone off you as a human being. Get a grip of yourself.

  40. Thank you for a great review. I will be flying Monday 10th Feb in F from SFO. I’ve always had a hard time getting F or J on CX using AS miles. This is the first time in at least 8 years I have been able to get it. As a person who eats mostly Vegetarian and occasionally Chicken or Seafood, its always disappointing why CX loves to serve Pork, Beef and Duck. It would be nice if they had some mainstream dishes that the majority of people can eat. Pork especially there are people that don’t eat it for ethical and religious reasons but the Airline menus seem to be loaded with it (except middle east airlines). Ordering an Asian Vegetarian meal means they serve the same overspiced goop over and over again so I started avoiding that. Anyone have any experience ordering Asian Vegetarian on CX First?

    My favorite is Emirates since you don’t have to ever order a special meal since they always have a dish that I can eat.

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