A Royal (dis)HHonor: St. Regis Singapore

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Singapore is one of those hotel markets I really struggle with, as I outlined in this post. I’ve stayed at the Conrad, Crowne Plaza, Grand Hyatt, InterContinental, Marina Bay Sands, and Shangri-La, though have wanted to try the St. Regis since it opened about five years ago. Rates have always been outrageous when I looked, though for this stay the St. Regis was about $290USD. For a one night stay that seemed worthwhile for the sake of reviewing the property.

The St. Regis is a category six Starwood property, making it 20,000 Starpoints per night, or 10,000 Starpoints plus $180 using “cash & points.” I considered outright paying for the stay a better choice than either of the points options. I even applied one of my suite night awards to the reservation (Platinum members with at least 50 nights per year earn 10 of them), and five days out was confirmed into a St. Regis Suite, which I was pleased with.

We got to the St. Regis before 1PM after taking a taxi from the airport.

The exterior of the hotel was beautiful, and we were assisted by two bellman as we pulled up.

Hotel exterior

We were escorted to the lobby, and invited to take a seat at one of the check-in desks on the left. I do love how most St. Regis properties let you “sit down” while checking in, though far too often it’s not well executed with long queues. That wasn’t the case here.



The agent checking us in was friendly, though informed us our St. Regis Suite wasn’t ready yet (I had emailed the hotel in advance to inform them of our early arrival time, though of course they have no way of guaranteeing that). They suggested we leave our bags there and come back at around 3PM when our room would hopefully be ready. Given that we were leaving very early the following morning and didn’t care that much about the type of room, I asked about the possibility of downgrading to a standard room, which they said they could do, though after calling Starwood they said my suite upgrade couldn’t be redeposited.

As an alternative the agent offered a further upgrade to a Caroline Astor Suite for 150SGD. Fair enough offer, though since we were leaving early the following morning and planned on spending most of our time outside the hotel, I wasn’t planning on spending even more money on the stay.

So I asked when a suite would realistically be available. She said both St. Regis Suites were still occupied and they both had 4PM check-out, so we’d get whichever opened up first.

Okay, check-in time is 3PM, and realistically it could have very well been 5PM before we had our room. So I asked about the possibility of getting a temporary room until the suite was ready. After checking with the duty manager the agent offered us the Caroline Astor Suite at no extra cost. I appreciated the fact that the agent was able to apply logic to the situation rather than just “going by the rules.” I would have been really ticked if we could only check in at 5PM due to Platinums checking out late, so I’m happy they were proactive.

We were escorted up to our room on the 10th floor (1001). I was mildly entertained by the fact that the elevator had a small bench. Totally necessary, right?


The hallways were modern and nicely decorated.


Room entrance

At the entrance was a large living room with a couch and two chairs, all facing a flat screen TV. Next to the TV was a work desk. The setup probably isn’t ideal if you want to work from a desk and watch TV at the same time, but that’s not a good work ethic anyway. 😉

Living room


The living room featured decent views of the surrounding area, including of the Regent and Traders. In terms of views I’d much rather be near the Marina than on Orchard Road, but then again you don’t stay on Orchard Road for the views.

View from living room

Next to the living room was the bedroom, which featured a comfortable king bed.



Next to the bed was a control panel to control the lighting and drapes in the room.

Control panel

There was also a small desk with a vanity mirror, with a glass panel facing the bathroom (though for privacy the shades could be lowered between the bedroom and bathroom).

Bedroom facing bathroom

The views from the bedroom were much “greener” than from the living room.

View from the bedroom

The bathroom could be accessed from both the bedroom and the living room. Near the bedroom entrance were double sinks and the soaking tub.

Double sinks

Soaking tub

Then there was a large walk-in shower with excellent temperature control, water pressure, and multiple “heads” out of which water was dispensed. So the shower gets a gold star from me.


Lastly there was yet another sink on the other side of the shower by the toilet.


The entire bathroom featured Remede amenities and felt really “marbley.”

Remede amenities

Given we had been traveling for so long and wanted to explore Singapore a bit I ordered some tea, which is complimentary at all St. Regis hotels. It was promptly delivered. The same “butler” also brought a fruit plate, which I guess was a welcome amenity.

Complimentary tea

Fruit plate

After briefly catching up on email we spent several hours of the afternoon exploring Singapore, and took a ride on the Singapore Flyer, visited Lau Pa Sat (the “famous” hawker center in Singapore) for an afternoon snack, walked around the Marina, and then walked through the Marina Bay Sands shopping area. Singapore really is my favorite place for a one day layover given how easy the city is to explore. Not only is transportation easy and cheap, but almost everyone speaks English (or some variation thereof), and you can visit a lot of attractions in a short period of time.

View from Singapore Flyer

We returned to the hotel in the early evening, and I was happy to see that the St. Regis has a complimentary evening happy hour for Platinum guests at the pool bar, LaBrezza. This is entirely unnecessary and generous on the part of the hotel, so big kudos to them for that.


There was a special drink menu which consisted of cocktails, beer, wine, and soft drinks.

Platinum menu

There was also a small buffet set up with all kinds of canapés.

Platinum buffet

Platinum buffet

The one (potential) downside is that the happy hour is outside, and Singapore isn’t exactly the coolest of climates.

Platinum happy hour

While I didn’t have a chance to use the pool it looked quite nice and I especially liked the lounge chairs they had in shallow water.





Overlooking the pool was the gym, which had a decent variety of good equipment.


The following morning we had breakfast at the hotel’s main restaurant, Brasserie Les Saveurs. Breakfast is served from 6:30AM till 10:30AM. Since our flight was early we were at the restaurant right as it opened. As a Platinum member we could partake in the buffet for free, and it’s worth noting that this isn’t even in lieu of the welcome amenity of 500 Starpoints – you could do both.

Not only was the restaurant extremely elegant, but the food spread was phenomenal. For me it’s third to only the St. Regis Saaidyat Island Abu Dhabi and Le Meridien Bangkok. But it simply had everything, both western and Asian. The only glaring omission was an ice cream sundae station. 😉

The service was great as well, and we didn’t even have to sign a check.













After breakfast we grabbed our bags and went to the lobby for check-out. As I emerged from the elevator the same lady that checked me in the previous day was standing at the elevator and addressed by name to ask me how my stay was. It’s the small touches you remember at luxury hotels, and that really impressed me.

By 7AM we were in a cab to Changi Airport.

I really liked the St. Regis. It’s a beautiful hotel, and frankly more than anything else it’s modern, which is tough to find in Singapore. It’s not super-modern and feels a bit older than it is, so I’d say it’s a middle of the pack St. Regis (I certainly prefer the décor of this property to the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Abu Dhabi, though I prefer the décor at the St. Regis Bal Harbour and St. Regis Bangkok.

If the price is right I’d definitely return. It’s worth noting that the St. Regis belongs to American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts and Virtuoso, both of which offer added amenities for stays. In my case it didn’t make sense to book through them since my pre-paid rate gave me a 30% discount over the flexible rate (which is the rate you’d get through Fine Hotels & Resorts and Virtuoso). The only added amenity I would have gotten is a $100 food and beverage credit, and I would have basically been paying $80 for that. Given the amazing food options in Singapore, that’s not worth it to me.

I should note one last thing – the St. Regis is located near Orchard Road, which is basically the 5th Avenue of Singapore. While this is where most people want to be, I far prefer being down near the Marina. So in terms of location I prefer properties like the Conrad, though I’m probably alone in my location preference.

  1. FYI, the link on the top to your HKG-SIN segment is wrong (I think the date of the post is off).

  2. This is my favorite hotel in Singapore. I arrived one time from Jakarta very ill and they got a doctor for me and really looked after me well, so i guess i am a bit biased. But glad you had a good stay.

    By the way, the St Regis Osaka, one of my favorite hotels anywhere, also has an outstanding breakfast and their suites are fantastic.

  3. Nice, was just here in November! Out of maybe 15 elevator rides, someone was enjoying it a third of the time haha..

  4. I’m glad you liked it and had a good experience, I only stayed at that St. Regis once in 2010, it has much nicer standard rooms than the Conrad, but I prefer the Conrad for the location as well.

  5. Hey Ben – that’s the room I’ve had a few times and I’m pretty sure it’s a St Regis Suite, not a Caroline Astor?

  6. The photos look like the standard St Regis Suite that I have been upgraded to twice. It is the standard suite that Platinums get, when it’s available (which is rare)

  7. No you are not alone. I stay at the Conrad Singapore some 75 nights a year. The Marina area is much better.

  8. Nothing beats that Marina Bay Sands Pool…we’ll be staying there next month. But thanks for great St. Regis report, I’ll keep it in mind for another trip.

  9. Nice review, I like their service, and it gels with my experience in Bal Harbor. Room wasn’t ready at 4pm arrival (we only had to wait 15mins) so we were offered more champagne at the bar whilst waiting, and SPG Plat breakfast for the weekend, which was nice as we were Golds at the time.

  10. Ben – I applaud what they did for you. As a lowly gold on a points+cash stay for one night, I arrived at 7:30 AM. I was offered the choice of paying a half day rate or waiting until 10:30 for the exact same room. I wish they would have given me the slack, but I certainly didn’t argue. I was just miffed that the room was ready to go and they honestly told me it was going to be the same room either way.

  11. @ Andre @ Anthony — Now this is interesting (and makes me slightly miffed). The St. Regis Suite is described on the website as being 753-861 square feet, while the Caroline Astor Suite is described as being 861-969 square feet. Based on the pictures on the website it does indeed look like the St. Regis Suite. So what’s the difference between the two anyway?

  12. The bench is provided usually for the comfort of elderly who often prefer to be seated. My wife’s elderly grandmother often found this to be a good rest when moving on long rides.

  13. Slightly off topic and I noticed you haven’t stayed there (or at least no trip report) but any thoughts on the Ritz Singapore? I have an Amex FHR stay upcoming that I got a pretty good rate on and wondering if worth changing to a different hotel.

  14. @ Lucky — 108 sq. feet. 😉

    @ Steve — Lucky has answered that question several times before. Pillows down the middle of the bed. No cross-over permitted! 😉

  15. I have been looking forward to this post. We considered staying at the St Regis SIN in 2011 but it was a bit above our budget, so I am glad to see somehting other than the lobby and the restaurant. We had Sunday champagne brunch at Brasserie Les Saveurs and it was incredible, best brunch ever.

  16. This is one of my ALL time favourite hotels. I have stayed here 3 times since it opened. Twice I have stayed in the Lady Astor Suite, once on level 10 too! I just cant recall if my room was 1001 or 1019 (maybe)?? Regardless, its a fantastic property. Other stays I have had the Lady Astor room which is also very nice and fine if there are no suites to be had. The pool is wonderful…I have spent some lovely hot Singapore afternoons on those lounge chairs and in that pool. They used to bring you a little tray with fruit, cool towels, and iced water when you sat by the pool, not sure if that still happens. I havent stayed for a few years. I will definitely go back next time I am in Singapore if the price is right.

  17. @ Lee — Because he usually doesn’t answer questions that have been asked a number of times before, particularly on subjects that aren’t really relevant to the review. Probably a wise strategy now that I think of it!

  18. @Austin:

    I know, I’m not lucky, but we just left the RC Millenia Singapore. Booked a room+breakfast rate with TY points and we were very pleased overall. Hard to know what you’re looking for or what parameters might induce you to “jump from the RC ship,” but if I can answer any questions, let me know.

  19. @Andrew

    Nothing in particular. More just noticing that Lucky hadn’t reviewed the RC and wondered if there was an aversion to the property. I know they don’t participate in RC/Marriott rewards but that doesn’t really matter to me. Basically, a buddy and I are taking a month off from work to travel. Sounds like we’ll stay with the RC.

  20. typical self absorbed review. FYI, most elevators at high class properties always have benches, an anachronistic (but charming) throwback to the early days. You appreciated being able to sit down when checking in? So did ladies of class when in the elevator. Actually funny, any time I’ve been in Singapore I was wisked past the front desk entirely and checked in with a swipe of a pen in my room. Found the rest of your review boring.

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