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My stay in Singapore happened to be over a weekend, so the logical option on the hotel front was to book the InterContinental using an expiring buy one get one free weekend night certificate.

I ended up booking a shophouse club room for 385SGD (~$310USD), expecting that would get me a two category upgrade to an executive suite. With the second night free and all the Royal Ambassador benefits I’d get (late check-out, free internet, free minibar, etc.), it seemed like a steal at $150USD per night.

I took a taxi from the airport to the hotel upon arrival from Frankfurt, which took about 20 minutes.

Hotel exterior

Upon arrival I proceeded to the Ambassador check-in desk, where the agent promptly processed my check-in and offered me a money clip as a welcome gift.

She informed me I had been upgraded to a shophouse suite. While that’s only a one category upgrade, I wasn’t about to argue given that I was traveling alone so wasn’t all that concerned about how big of a suite I had, let alone the fact that I was using a buy one get one free weekend night certificate.

I do love the design of the lobby, which I think is one of the most beautiful yet classic designs out there.


Lobby lounge

The doorman walked me to my room, 254, in the shophouse wing of the hotel. While the hotel has over 400 rooms, they have a small shophouse wing which basically overlooks an indoor shopping mall. Some people love it, some people hate it, and I’m kind of indifferent towards it.

Shophouse wing

My room

The entryway of the suite led to both the bathroom and the living room, and was also where the minibar was.



In the living room was a couch facing a flat screen TV as well as a desk.

Living room

Living room

There was also a further welcome amenity consisting of fruit, water, and chocolate.

Welcome amenity

Beyond that was the shophouse balcony. I do wish the balcony was a bit bigger, but then again since it faces a pretty hot indoor mall, I’m not sure I’d spend that much time out there anyway.


View from balcony

The living room led to the bedroom, which featured a king sized bed and a couple of chairs with ottomans.



That led to the bathroom, which featured a tub, shower, double sinks, and toilet.





The toiletries were from “The White Company.”


On the whole I think the room is classic without being worn, so I’m a fan.

There is a bit of noise from the shophouse even with the doors closed, which is why some prefer a room in the main building.

The club lounge, which I had access to, was located just down the hall from my room. I visited the first evening after landing just to check out the offerings (they serve appetizers from 5:30PM to 7:30PM), and frankly was shocked by how crowded it was.

Club InterContinental

Club InterContinental

Club InterContinental

Evening spread

Evening spread

Evening spread

Evening spread

Evening spread

The lounge is massive, but despite that every last seat was taken. People had their feet on the furniture barefoot, and it was about as loud as a live sporting event.

For me club lounges aren’t just about eating as much as humanly possible in a short period of time, but rather a nice place to get some work done on my laptop in a different environment than the room.

The lounge was so full, though, that I left right away. I really have to wonder what the deal is, since access isn’t cheap at 90SGD per night.

Fortunately as a club guest you can have breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant, Olive Tree. The spread was extensive, though not quite as impressive as those at the St. Regis Bangkok or Le Meridien Bangkok.

Olive Tree entrance

Restaurant seating






The club lounge also serves afternoon tea, which I found to be the most “relaxing” service of the day, since the lounge wasn’t as crowded during that time. They had finger sandwiches, cake, scones with jam and clotted cream, etc.

Afternoon tea spread

Given what I paid and that I used a buy one get one free weekend night certificate, I’d say I got a great value. That being said, Singapore has quite a few good hotels, so I’d probably try a different one next time just for variety.

  1. I think the shophouse rooms/suite were refurbished last year, so they shouldn’t be worn out :-).
    I’ve stayed in their executive/ambassador suite last time and I wasn’t really impressed – of course it was spacious, high floor and stuff, but the layout was really odd – huge living room with a dining table, a couple of couches and a really small bedroom, with little place left on the side of a king bed.
    I do like the hotel overall, club is nice (wasn’t so crowded when I was there) and was a great location for me since I like to walk and explore the city.

  2. Thanks for the review. Your pictures agree with your assessment, that it’s a nice hotel but not necessarily “special”. Hope you had a nice stay.

  3. @Lucky, about how far would you say the InterContinental is from the Nathan Rd shopping area?

  4. Oops, sorry. Yes, meant to say Orchard Rd. That would be one heck of a long metro ride, lol!

  5. I’ve been there a number of times, and never had a good experience. In fact one time it was so bad (FD clerk argued loudly with me about stated PC/Ambassador benefits) – and refused to get a supervisor when I asked nicely – right in front of her I called the Marriott, secured an upgraded room, canceled the IC reservation, and walked out. It’s just another example of IHG’s policy of letting every hotel make up its own rules. That’s why as a PLAT/AMB they’re way down on my list when I select a hotel.

    @Coutureguy – I think you mean Orchard Road? About 15 minutes by subway.

  6. The design of the hotel seems a little too “classic” for me (I hate pastels) but I’m a sucker for clotted cream. Sign me up!

  7. My last stay at the IC Singapore in April I had the same reaction: club was waaaay crowded, almost ridiculous. Shame since this hotel is the one that turned me on to ICs to begin with. I will have to think twice before booking there again though.

  8. I’m all with wxguy – the Intercon Singapore treats Platinum Ambassadors very poorly, basically offering nothing except a slightly larger room. You still have to pay for club lounge access and Internet, among other things, and you have no chance of a suite. Also, the lounge is very snobby with its dress code. The Marriott offers much better treatment to elites, but unfortunately it’s usually almost double the price of the Intercon.

  9. Wow. What a nice place, and what a nice suite!!! That is a steal. I really like the entry way. So nice.

  10. Lounges should absolutely not be about “get[ing] some work done on[e’s] my laptop.” If food or alcohol is present, laptops should be absent.

  11. @ Tim — There’s only alcohol in the evenings. During the day there’s no food for the most part, and in the afternoon just finger sandwiches. I can’t work while enjoying some sandwiches? 😉

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