A Royal (dis)HHonor: Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class Lounge Bangkok

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We got to the airport shortly before 2PM for our 3:25PM departure.

Airport exterior

While the Bangkok Airport terminal feels sterile and bland, it’s impressive and airy nonetheless.

Check-in area

Check-in area

We quickly found Royal Jordanian check-in, which was located in row “Q.”

Royal Jordanian check-in

There was no wait at the business class counter, and the friendly Thai Airways contract worker processed our check-in and issued us fast track security passes and lounge passes for the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge, which is what Royal Jordanian uses in Bangkok. As a reminder, there are quite a few options available in Bangkok if you have a credit card with lounge access, and wouldn’t otherwise be able to gain entry based on your boarding pass.

Business class check-in

We proceeded to the premium security and immigration lane, where there was only a very short queue. By 2:15PM we were through security and headed to the lounge.

Walking to security


The lounge we were invited to was the concourse “E” Thai Royal Silk Lounge, which was maybe a 10 minute walk away.


It required taking an escalator down to the lower level, where most of the lounges are located.  Right across the way from the Royal Silk Lounge was the Royal Orchid Lounge — anyone know what the difference is, since they both seem to he business class lounges?

Concourse “E” lounges

Upon presenting our invitations we were welcomed into the lounge.

Royal Silk Lounge entrance

The lounge was pretty average, except for the fact that it was almost totally empty. As far as I’m concerned the most important attribute of a business class lounge is that it’s a quiet place to work, and in that regard this place was awesome. It featured plenty of seating, to the point that we almost had the place to ourselves.

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

The food spread was also quite good, and featured a variety of hot and cold options. There was salad, fruit, pastries, pizza, samosas, dim sum, etc.

Food spread

Food spread

Food spread

Food spread

Food spread

Food spread

Food spread

Food spread

There was also a respectable self serve bar.


Soda/beer/soft drinks


The lounge boasted nice tarmac views, though the “dots” on the windows didn’t help with picture taking.

View from the lounge

At around 2:45PM we left the lounge and walked to our departure gate, F5. It was just under a 10 minute walk away, and by the time we got there boarding was well underway.

Walking to departure gate

“F” concourse

Our departure gate

Our departure gate

Our departure gate

Our A330 to Hong Kong

Little did I know a life changing flight was awaiting us…

  1. @Lucky, if I’m reading the definitions below correctly, they’re targeting Royal SILK for TG’s own J pax. I’ve been in both, and never noticed an appreciable difference.

    Lounge Access:

    * First Class passengers departing same day on any Star Alliance operating flight. One guest allowed.

    * Business Class passengers departing same day on any Star Alliance operating flight. No guest allowed.

    * Royal Orchid Plus Gold and Star Alliance Gold card holders departing same day on any Star Alliance operating flight. One guest allowed.

    Lounge Access:

    * Royal Silk Class passengers departing same day on TG operating flight. No guest allowed.

    * Business Class passengers departing same day on any Star Alliance operating flight. No guest allowed.

    * Star Alliance Gold card holders departing same day on any Star Alliance operating flight. One guest allowed.

  2. The infamous flight! Can’t wait to read about it. Just thinking about it you could have flown Thai airways a380 or Emirates a380 since both fly BKK-HKG route (as does so many other airlines!) why did you pick this particular RJ flight as opposed to the other airlines flying the same route?

  3. @ Joey — Bangkok to Hong Kong is an interesting market given how many airlines operate it on a fifth freedom basis — Kenya Airways, Ethiopian, Emirates, Royal Jordanian, etc. Of those only Royal Jordanian is in OneWorld and I was on a OneWorld award ticket, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try them.

  4. Have you visited the BKK observation deck? I spent a few hours at BKK without lounge access waiting to meet someone on a delayed flight, and it had a great view of both the runways and terminals AND the inside of the checkin area.

  5. to avoid the dots in the picture, try focusing on something far away in the lounge ( on most auto cameras just before your final press of the shutter button) and then aim out the window.

    It appears your camera was auto focusing on the dots and not the planes.

  6. Getting the popcorn ready for the RJ flight review ….interesting to hear your perspective on the service and flight attendants (and the very obvious air marshal) ,I flown RJ crown class US-AMM twice to visit family before and have a 2 coach segments planned this summer between LHR and AMM….

  7. @ KR — Tomorrow.

    @ Muerl — Didn’t realize it existed, will have to check it out next time.

  8. @lucky – No 30 Min massage for J passengers? Or do you have to be on a TG operated flight?

  9. @ EthanSF — You have to be on a TG operated flight, though this lounge wasn’t close to the Thai Spa anyway.

  10. That lounge was also EMPTY when we were there in jan. of course, once my family shows up, it is no longer quiet!

    The other tg business lounges at bkk are nicer IMO.

  11. A whole lot better than the shabby Sky Club I was in yesterday in ATL! US lounges are truly horrific. And let’s not even compare airport terminals…

  12. if im flying FRA-BKK-HKT in business, will i have access to the lounge in the international terminal upon arrival? or only the domestic terminal before departure? thanks!

  13. @ Mr. Cool — Only the domestic one, unfortunately, since you’ll have to clear immigration on arrival.

  14. Traveling from SGP to Doha with QR I visited the royal silk and royal orchid and both are quite average lounges (I must say I stayed there 7 years ago and they had a much better impression on me)
    What struck me most was that there was no wine offered?….
    Since I am Oneworld Platinum cardholder with Qatar Airways, decided to go to the Cathay First and Business class lounge in Concourse E. Cosy, good food selection and wine (even not the best selection…- what is wrong in being able to have a good wine available?).

    Bottom line, if they want to equal the lounge service level of middle eastern airlines (Emirates, Ethiad or QR) they need to step it up.

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