Around the World in a Week, Part Six: The Grand Hyatt Singapore

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While cabs in Singapore are relatively cheap, I decided to take the subway to the city. Singapore must have one of the most efficient subway systems in the world. Despite needing to transfer twice, I made it to the Grand Hyatt about 30 minutes after leaving the Crowne Plaza, for a mere $1.80SGD, or about $1.30USD.

The hotel is only two blocks from the Orchard Road subway station, which is quite convenient. The exterior of the hotel is rather rundown.

Hotel exterior

The lobby made a much nicer impression, and did indeed feel more “grand.”


The reception desk is located towards the elevators, where I was immediately helped.


The agent explained that the room they had reserved for me wasn’t available yet, but they could put me in a different room on the 8th floor with a pool view instead. He mentioned it was far from the elevators. Given that I just wanted to check in and explore Singapore, I went with that option. The agent informed me I would have access to the Grand Club, which is on the 15th floor. It’s worth noting that I redeemed a Hyatt “Big Welcome Back” night for my stay, which is a great value at this property, as the revenue rate was around $450SGD.

My room was in the back tower, so I proceeded down the long hallway to the elevators.


Tropical elevator area

I had to enter my key to access the 8th floor, as seemed to be the case for all floors. Once on the 8th floor the hallways were fresh and I headed towards my room, 892. As it turns out it was indeed the last room on the floor, so it was quite a hike.

Elevator area


The room itself was somewhat unique in that it had wood floors. You don’t see that very often in hotels. The room was a decent size, with a king bed, desk overlooking the pool, and good sized bathroom with tub and shower. The room had a bit of an odor, though.

Room entrance

Floor plan



Desk overlooking pool

View from desk area

View of bathroom


Shower and tub


As a Diamond I get free internet, and both the wireless and wired internet are free. Unfortunately the wireless is extremely slow, so I had to use the wired internet.

As you can see from the view from my room, the pool is quite nice with plenty of lounge chairs. And the gym was really nice as well (proud to say I visited it once).

The Grand Club is located on the 15th floor, and I visited one evening for evening cocktails, which are served from 6PM to 8PM, and for breakfast, which is served from 6:3AM to 10:30AM. The club itself is quite large, though it doesn’t really boast any views, which is often one of the nicest things about lounges.

Grand Club

Evening spread

In the evening beverages are served by the wait staff, while there’s a buffet set up with cheese, vegetables, a couple of two hot dishes, shrimp, salad, sushi, etc. Overall it was a decent spread by Hyatt standards, though a bit sub-par to most of the international InterContinental club lounges I’ve used.

Evening snacks


The morning spread was a bit more disappointing, with breads, pastries, cereals, yogurt, fruit, and scrambled eggs. Overall it was sufficient but nothing spectacular.

Breakfast spread


The Diamond welcome amenity was a box of chocolates and a couple of apples (which I had to follow up on to receive). Now maybe I’m confused, but I was under the impression that as a Diamond you get a food AND beverage amenity at international Hyatt properties, not a food OR beverage amenity. Ultimately I probably wouldn’t have consumed the bottle of wine, but it just seems to be very inconsistent at international properties. At least a bottle of water would be nice.

Diamond welcome amenity

Would I return to the hotel? Using a free night certificate, absolutely, but otherwise I’d go back to the InterContinental, which I stayed at last time. It’s nicer and typically priced cheaper than the Grand Hyatt.

  1. Nice. I’d love it if more hotels had wood floors.
    Hopefully you got some street food in addition to lounge food. Singapore is my pick for best street food city.

  2. We were here for two BWB nights in late May.

    The wireless in our room was not working, and after pointing this out, they moved us to the front tower in one of the junior suites. We found that club to be a bit bigger.

    In general, I’d agree with your assessment of the place.

  3. Surprised you were not greeted as you entered the hotel from the street as I assume you had luggage and coming from Orchard Rd should have been easy to spot? Did you notice any hotel staff (other than valet / doormen) when you entered? As a Diamond I’ve by-passed the counter check-in most of my last visits as I’m greeted upon exiting my taxi and check-in is performed in room.

  4. My trick when the option is wired ethernet vs. very slow WIFI (or no WIFI at all,) is to have an Apple Airport Express along with me. I plug the hotel’s ethernet into my Airport Express, and then I have my own personal secure WIFI in a hotel room. I never get stuck having to plug into a wired network.

  5. @ JOSH — I believe it was the Grand Bed, so it was quite comfortable.

    @ Halothane — Good to know, thanks. Didn’t see that reflected on the website.

    @ jraphs070 — I sure did, and I definitely agree with you.

    @ hobo13 — Good to know, thanks. Interesting that they have two clubs. Wonder if I could have used that one despite being in the other tower.

    @ canuckinkl — I did see some hotel staff and they opened the door for me, but I don’t think they offered to take anything. Not that I really needed help…

    @ Randy — Smart idea. Guess I’ll have to get into the right century and buy a Mac to do that, though!

  6. I see they put you in the back tower. The ‘real’ i.e. better Grand Club is in the front tower which has much nicer rooms. The last time I was there they gave me a back tower room, but after an incident with the guest next door they moved me to the front tower.

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