Weekly Review: May 16, 2015

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Hello from New York!

I’ve flown nearly 27,000 miles since last Saturday, and 35,000 if you include the two days before that.


Needless to say I’m excited to be on the ground for a few days with my family!

Featured Stories

30% Off (Almost) All Etihad Fares, Including The Residence


Etihad has an amazing promotion code at the moment offering up to 30% off flights in virtually all fare classes and markets, including one-way flights in The Residence. If this fits with your travel plans, this is potentially a great deal!

Internet In China: Staying Connected While Traveling

Great-WallAfter two trips to Beijing this week I can vouch for how complicated bypassing the “Great Firewall” can be.

For other people traveling this month, here are some tips on dealing with internet in China.


DOT No Longer Requiring Airlines To Honor Mistake Fares

Stop-you-right-there-real-housewivesThe Department of Transportation has announced their intention to update their policies on post-purchase price increases.

In the meantime, the DOT has issued a temporary notice suspending enforcement of “mistake fares,” and outlining new general guidelines.


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TIPS: Earning Miles & Promos

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30% Off (Almost) All Etihad Fares, Including The Residence
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TRICKS: Redeeming Miles

Life Without Dividend Miles Is An Empty Shell
Is Cathay Pacific About To Cut Off First Class Awards For Partner Airlines?

TRAVEL With Ben (Lucky)

“I Thought He Didn’t Have Any Teeth, How Is He Supposed To Eat The Beef?”
My 9(!!!) Hour Flight From Washington To Dallas
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Internet In China: Staying Connected While Traveling

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NEWS & Updates

La Compagnie Acquires An Airbus A340 (Sort Of)
Emirates’ Brilliant “Golden Age Of Travel” Commercial
Emirates President Speaks Candidly About Open Skies
Qatar Airways Shifts A380 Focus From Paris To Bangkok
Lady Wants Answers From Southwest After Husband Commits Suicide
Alaska Introduces Preferred Plus Economy Seating
Akbar Al Baker Thinks Doug Parker Has Been Misled Into Open Skies Battle
A Must Read Story For Any Aviation Geek
Virgin Atlantic Yanks Champagne From Upper Class
American Outlines Process For Merging Reservations Systems
Air New Zealand’s New Surfing Themed Safety Video
Silvercar Minimum Rental Age Lowered To 22
Plane Contract Canceled After Saudia Plane Is Taken To Israel
Korean Air To Introduce A New First Class Product
Qatar Airways CEO Calls Delta CEO Unpatriotic, Weak, and Unethical
Etihad Introduces Elite Only Twitter Account
DOT No Longer Requiring Airlines To Honor Mistake Fares

I’ll be spending a few days with my brother and his family in New York before heading back to Beijing.

What is everyone else up to this week?

  1. Lucky… You are lucky…

    Here is my last 15 days all in coach!(45,081 mi)


    I just want to say how much i enjoy your writings and envy you. Keep it up and thanks for everything.

  2. @Nolan Snoeyink

    You misquoted the article or the article changed since you read it , what it says now is;
    “There is currently no aircraft in the Malaysia Airlines fleet which could replace the A380.”

    Note the currently part of the quote.

    I believe their B772ER has the range, but the seating config is bad and many of the planes are getting old.

    If MH are going to get rid of the A380 they must either upgrade some of the B772ER with new cabin configs or buy new planes or both.

    B787, B777X, A350 or A330NEO are all options for newer and more fuel efficient planes, but unless MH has some on order I think the wait might be long for most of these.

    If I remember correctly there are some early model B787 aka the terrible teens that that have not been delivered and is sitting and waiting to be sold. But I seem to have read that they are heavier than normal B787’s so might not have the range.

    Also I think there is still a hole in the order book for 2017 model of the B777, did not United just ordered some cheap like 50% of list price? Will get some of upgrades that are going in to the B777X so from 3-5% lower fuel burn than a 2015 model B777.

    Not as good as a B789 or A350, but far better than what MH has today with lower fuel burn and cheap purchase price.

    Bonus of having the same type rating as much of their current fleet so they already have plenty of pilot’s and other crew trained.

  3. I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world for 1 solid year and living out of hotels….but 27,000 miles in one week after all the other miles you’ve done this month…dats too much for me.

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