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I’m a big fan of Though I think I saw someone at DFW Airport yesterday who could give anyone on that site a run for their money.

I was flying from Dallas to London last night (more on that later), and there was one (American) lady aboard who seemed to be especially… patriotic.


Upon landing in London, one of the flight attendants announced over the PA “and we’d like to wish Judy a very happy 60th birthday today” (I realize she doesn’t look 60 from behind…).

My friend was seated across from the purser and said “is Judy the one in the dress?” She nodded and caught herself before she opened her mouth.

Happy birthday, Judy!

  1. If you got it, flaunt it. You haven’t been to Walmart if you think this is any comparison.

  2. Too hilarious! I actually think I know this same Judy….from a cruise a couple years ago! She was quite the entertainment to say the least. I am 99% sure that is her…how many 60 yr oldish Judy’s dress like that, have hair like that, and wear heels like that?? 🙂

  3. I realize this might not be the right place to post this (the ask lucky page is confusing to navigate right now)
    but @lucky have you ever been to the amex centurion lounge if so what did you think of it.

  4. RE: …there was one (American) lady aboard who seemed to be especially… patriotic.

    If she was patriotic, wouldn’t she be wearing an American flag dress?

  5. @Paul Yeah I think he meant to say either she was British or that she was an anglophile.

  6. If I looked like that when I was 60 I would probably dress like that too. Did she look different from the front?!

  7. Were you the one singing “let me show you how to move it, you got to move it… work it girl”?

  8. She could be British and patriotic.
    She looks good for 60.
    Sadly I’ve seen other women wearing the same dress at airports, weird. I think the Bangkok airport show has a pair of women wearing this sort of dress.
    It least she has on a dress and heels instead of crocs and sweat pants like so many females I see at airports.
    If she was wearing a confederate flag dress they would have banned her from the flight and called her racist.
    Do they make Union Jack yoga pants ?

  9. I hate to think of what people saw when Judy went through the TSA security checkpoint. Hopefully she’s eligible for PreCheck.

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