Emirates’ Brilliant “Golden Age Of Travel” Commercial

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Yesterday I wrote about Emirates’ president, Tim Clark, speaking candidly about the Open Skies battle. This morning @BinTamim1 on Twitter linked me to this hilarious commercial from Emirates, which they released a few days ago:


That’s a nice dig at the US airlines, if I’ve ever seen one.


  1. @Him

    You are aware that Emirates has amazing service on their narrow body aircraft as well? Either way, the point of the advert still comes through. US carriers have dropped the ball on both hard and soft products.

  2. Apparently I am the only person who has ever flown on an Emirates A330 or 40 in Business Class – how anyone could say the sears are comfortable is beyond me. The food wasn’t bad, although it was far from great, and the service was mediocre at best. I don’t get the love affair with this airline.

  3. Well done, Emirates, and very much accurate. Except that, really, U.S. airlines have crap service, and you don’t say that, you just hint at it. I’d rather you just say it!

  4. “Come Fly With Me” certainly gets recycled by a more than a few airlines these days!

    Emirates run the risk of being hoisted on their own petard here – they can be an average (and sometimes terrible) airline fairly often, although at their best they can certainly shadow some. Emirates offering a return to a “golden age” of flying though? Hmm, they need to work a bit harder here before making claims as big as that.

  5. Lot of digital enhancements of the ‘golden age’ film to eliminate all the cigarettes and the smoke. I used to dread that ‘ding’ right after take off which let half the plane light up and the rest of us enjoy the smell. Glad Emirates isn’t taking us that far into the ‘golden age’. LOL

  6. Magnus got this one right on. It would be so great for U.S. carriers to at least be in the running for comparable product quality outside of Latin America and the Caribbean. Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth, our airlines could compete with anybody’s.

  7. Emirates is a great airline for premium travel…if you’re on the A380. Otherwise, the seats on their other planes are somewhat mediocre (though some non-A380s do have the suites, but no showers or bar).

  8. great ad, point well made… tho a bit unfair comparing their A380s to US domestic narrow-bodies which are no doubt crap. but then again EK is exclusively widebody and if I had the choice I would fly wide-bodies domestically too… and yes as someone who has flown EKs A330/340 even in J, they are horribly old products that surprisingly weren’t all that well maintained – unless I just happened to catch an aircraft at the tail end of their supposed “every 2 yr refurb maintenance program” — hella old and usually thrown on certain routes which makes for a bad experience. in comparison, on the same route Qatar has their 787 Dreamliner… in J, what a breath of fresh air and made for a good return flight.

  9. If you’re on the A380, Emirates is fantastic, if you’re the 777 it’s okay, if you’re on the A330/340 it’s pretty mediocre.

  10. For all the people complaining about Emirates playing unfair by showing stuff found only on their A380s in an ad clearly aimed at the American market: what percentage of Emirates flights to/from the US are non-A380?

  11. @ Sean M Remind us – how many US airlines fly EBB-DXB? I think you’re missing the point ie. the comparison is between flying Emirates & flying US airlines

  12. Nice ad. But since when can emirates passengers use an exclusive airport in the US? Ground experience is far from premium anyway – like on any other airline. But the spirit is well feigned. Nice ad.

  13. I continue to be impressed with how well Emirates has managed their image. They are widely known as a super luxurious airline, yet as many have noted, apart from their first class or business on the A380, they are mediocre at best, and can’t compare to CX, SQ, OZ, etc. Even Delta and United have more consistent business class products (they aren’t awesome, but at least they’re all lie-flat). The commercial conveniently failed to show their angled lie-flat business seats or the 10-across economy on the 777.

  14. It was an excellent commercial…and a sneaky jab at the majors. However, I loved it! hehe..it’s so true though—quality has gone down, services are reduced, and even (dirty) politics have infected the industry, to which carriers such as EK are taking advantage. I estimate when it gets REALLY ugly for the majors, you will hear about EK labeled as the official airline of AQ or ISIS, just to bruise ’em. Thanks for posting this Ben!

  15. I don’t get it, is it a radio ad? It’s just a static Emirates advertising image with a voiceover? Didn’t quite see what was so good about it.

  16. VANITY! How could you do a commercial about taking a” shower on a plane” and that stuck up old WRINKLE up, Plastic Surgery actress jennifer aniston, do you read the bible, its says” the first will be last and the last will be first” I can’t wait until our lord return, have fun now, people are going to burn in hell for thinking that they are all that. God see’s ALL and knows ALL. To the airlines you could have used an old women with no teeth for the commercial.

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