Weekly Review: February 21, 2015

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Hello from Florida! February — or for that matter this whole year — has been crazy for me on the travel front. Last weekend I flew to Jakarta, and after a brief stop in New York I caught a cold (which is rare, because I’d like to think I have the immune system of a horse for all that recirculated air in my system). 😉 I canceled my travel plans and headed down to Florida, where it’s much warmer.

Goodness, I think my greatest luxury in life may be the ability to escape cold weather. I don’t know how some of you do it. It’s looking much nicer here in Florida today, where it’s 70 degrees and sunny.

Featured Stories

Other Carriers Can’t Compete With Gulf Airlines Under The Current System — Here’s Why

All the rage the past couple of weeks has been about the battle for Open Skies between the “big three” US carriers and the “big three” Gulf carriers. While I think there’s truth to both sides, I do side with the US carriers on this, all things considered. That won’t stop me from continuing to enjoy showers on my Emirates and Etihad flights, though. 😉

How Good Is Japan Airlines’ New First Class Product?


It has been years since I’ve flown Japan Airlines first class. In the past I always viewed them as the second rate Japanese carrier, after ANA. However, after having tried their new first class product for the first time, I must say I was very impressed, and think they’re on par with ANA first class.

I can’t wait to fly them again, and can’t recommend them enough.

The 2 Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards


Not only do I live in hotels full time, but I mostly live in hotels outside of the US. As a result, using the right credit card to minimize foreign transaction fees and maximize points is very important to me.

Here are my top two credit cards for dodging foreign transaction fees and maximizing my rewards.


TIPS: Earning Miles & Promos

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The 2 Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards
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TRICKS: Redeeming Miles

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Emirates Will Start Flying The A380 Between The US And Europe
Alaska Offering Double Miles In Select Markets Through May 15, 2015
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TRAVEL With Lucky

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Comments Are Back, For Now
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Other Carriers Can’t Compete With Gulf Airlines Under The Current System — Here’s Why
How Good Is Japan Airlines’ New First Class Product?
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NEWS & Updates

Are Your Miles Getting More Valuable Over Time?
I’m Now Applying For A 10 Year Chinese Visa!
Air Crash Investigation Covers MH370
Emirates Lounge Los Angeles LAX Now Open
Delta CEO Apologizes For 9/11 Comment, Emirates CEO Calls Him Out Over It
Delta’s New 20 Minute Checked Baggage Guarantee
The Most Epic Airline Safety Video You’ve Never Seen…
Turkish To Lease Two Malaysia A380s?
Akbar Al Baker Responds To Delta… And Is A Huge Liar
Delta CEO Links “Big 3″ Middle Eastern Airlines To Terrorists… Really?!
Amazing Flow Motion Video Of Dubai
Starwood’s CEO Resigns — Why?
$99 Helicopter Transfers Between NYC And Airports Now Bookable
Delta Is Flying A Domestic Plane To Iceland This Summer

I hope everyone stays warm out there, and stay tuned, because tomorrow I’ll start publishing reports about my travels the past couple of months, including two very special inaugural flights on Etihad and Qatar.

  1. @ No Name — At some point hopefully, but first I have a 25 part report of my Etihad/Qatar inaugural flights.

  2. I think your featured post is one of the worst in your blog history given the inaccuracies and flaws in your argument. I hope at least you correct them given how many corrections you got in the comments. Just like what you expected from Starwood/W, I expect high quality posts from you since you have been one of the leading travel bloggers.

  3. All the “Travel” belongs under news and updates. I love the articles lucky but this week’s been very light on reviews – which is why I loved your blog in the first place ! I have buzzfeed open in another tab for when I feel like trashy clickbait ☺

  4. Just moved to Miami, a couple months ago. Coldest day we had all year was in the 60s in the daytime this past week. Can’t beat this weather!

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