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Earlier in the month Emirates opened their 37th worldwide lounge, at Tom Bradley International Terminal LAX.

The lounge is for their once daily A380 flight to Dubai, which departs in the early afternoon.

Emirates A380 LAX

Emirates has a really interesting lounge strategy, in that they’re one of the few airlines that seems to open lounges even at many of their once daily destinations so that they can best control the quality of their passenger experience.

While the Emirates First Class Lounge in the A380 Concourse at Dubai Airport is impressive, I’ve generally been less impressed by their outstation lounges, at least as a first class passenger.

Emirates First Lounge Dubai

That’s because they don’t actually feature a separate first class section, but rather just have a shared first/business class facility. So while they’re nice business class lounges, they’re not especially nice as first class lounges. I also find the decor of their lounges to be hideous and look past its prime from day one, but that’s also a function of personal preference.

Emirates Lounge LHR

Regardless, this is a huge improvement over their old lounge arrangement. Emirates passengers used to have access to the SkyTeam First & Business Class Lounge. Even as a first class passenger the food and drink spread was horrible. There were two tiny hot dishes which clearly came out of the microwave, and they didn’t have any kind of champagne.

Korean Air First Lounge LAX

Ultimately this is an improvement, though I do think Etihad passengers still get the better deal, by having access to the Star Alliance First & Business Class Lounge.

Star Alliance Business Lounge LAX

Keep in mind that while Emirates and Qantas have a joint venture, that doesn’t extend to lounge access in the US when flying Emirates. So an Emirates first class passenger wouldn’t have access to the excellent Qantas First Lounge, which is arguably the nicest facility in the US.

Qantas First Lounge LAX

Bottom line

While Emirates doesn’t in my opinion operate the best outstation lounges in the world, this is a huge improvement over the Korean Air Lounge they used to send their passengers to. I hope to check it out soon!

Has anyone visited the new Emirates Lounge at Los Angeles Airport yet?

  1. Lucky are you sure that third image wasn’t mistakingly recycled from LAX QF F? Looks like that design (furniture) and very different from others above.

  2. Yes! Perfect timing for my upcoming EK F trip next month and wasn’t too excited about KE lounge based on your review! Thanks for sharing updates!

  3. @Lucky meant to say the final one. After posting I saw you labeled them and these aren’t pics of tye LAX lounge. My apologies.

  4. Hi Lucky, I have problem clicking on the links to your Star Alliance LAX First Class Lounge Review? Any problem there?

    I was there last July though we didn’t have that much time to lounge around. Is the two private TV rooms to the right of the walkway entering the First Class Star Aliiance Lounge open to all? We were a group of four with a Malaysian prince and was given one of the two rooms designated as ‘VVIP Private Rooms’

    Also, when flying Suites on SQ out of LAX, do they always take you to the front of the line of security checks? Thanks.

  5. EK used to operate two flights out of LAX few years ago, one flight in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Later EK discounted the morning flight and then upgraded the afternoon flight to A380.

    That’s great news to hear EK lounge is now open (even their website still says using Skyteam lounge). The Korean Air lounge was really mediocre when we used it last year.

  6. Hi Lucky. Yes I was there recently. I have some not very good photos on my phone if you are interested in looking. I have some high quality photos but I’m on travel so I can’t get to them right now. This lounge is quite small but comfortable. It is above the Skyteam lounge so you have a great sweeping view of the new TBIT terminal. The furniture isn’t past its prime as you described with other outstation lounges. I am worried that it would get really crowded with the number of J and F people on an A380 though.

    The food options were extensive. It looks like Emirates hired Wolfgang Puck to create their menu. My favorite is the strawberry tart. Veuve Clicquot is the champagne in the lounge (yes I scoped it out because I know you like your bubbles).
    There is a shower room in the bathroom along with an ablation area. There’s also a small prayer room which, judging by the size, would be used as a supply closet anywhere else.
    Overall I found the color themes nicely appointed.

  7. Actually BA is one of the few airlines that has quite nice lounge at out-station. BA Lounge/Concorde room at LHR may not be as top notch compare to other airlines hub. But for out-station… they are better than most airlines. BA has nicer both F+J lounges in YVR, IAH, PHL, BKK where they only fly there once a day.. I am so surprised that even at PHL, they have a F pre-flight dining area (from the Menu). Also where they fly more than once a day: SFO, JFK, SIN, BOM, SEA, JNB, CPT etc. They have lounges at places like FCO, BRU where they are just for short haul flights

  8. Is the only way to redeem points for Emirates with Alaska or JAL? I’ve got a bunch of AA and US points burning a hole in my pocket.

  9. @ Ken — They have a few other partners, but Alaska and Japan Airlines are the two best partners for sure. American/US Airways miles can’t be redeemed for Emirates, but American miles can be redeemed for Etihad.

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