The Most Epic Airline Safety Video You’ve Never Seen…

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It’s really interesting to see how much effort airlines are putting into safety videos nowadays. In many cases the videos are so entertaining that they go viral and people watch them from home, which says a lot.

Unarguably Air New Zealand does the best job, as they seem to have a new super-creative video every few months. For those of you that haven’t seen it, here’s their latest Hobbit themed safety video:

But I think Air New Zealand needs to move over, because EL AL’s low cost carrier, UP, might just have one-UPped them for the title of the most epic safety video ever:

No, folks, I’m serious. This isn’t a parody, this is actually their safety video.

The only way to sum up my reaction is probably this:



(Tip of the hat to David)

  1. This totally looks like they saw the Virgin America safety video and came up with what they thought was a good inspiration. (It isn’t, IMO.)

  2. For what it’s worth, the Hebrew version is a little “better” especially in terms of rhyming. Both are epic though.

  3. It’s an awesome video for the first minute, except for when they play the 5 minute Hebrew version on full volume first, then repeat by playing the 5 minute english version next, it starts to get a little full on!!

  4. Interesting, it manages to be both cringeworthy AND funny at the same time (it sort of gets infectious by the end).

  5. Ha!

    Just saw this for the first time flying LCA-TLV earlier this week. I kept thinking ELAL must have hired Air NZ’s marketing team.

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