Are We All Sick Of Hearing About Emirates Yet?

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As you may (or may not) know, I also have a points consulting service, whereby we help people redeem their airline miles. I have several colleagues working with me, and they’re some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I know in this hobby. During my dad’s round the world surprise birthday trip they offered to step in and help with some guest posts. Thanks to the positive feedback, they’re back with more. This post is from my friend Tiffany, whom you’ve heard from before.

Because I’m about to board an Emirates A380 flight from Dallas to Dubai.

I know, I know.

Between the luckiest irrops ever, the drunkest flight ever, the flight immediately following that one, flights with Papa Luckymore flights with Papa Lucky, and flights with Mama Lucky, the Emirates first class experience is, shall we say, thoroughly covered here on One Mile at a Time.


And I don’t even particularly like Dubai. It’s basically a country-sized Ritz-Carlton. Which I don’t find particularly inspiring either, really.

So why am I going?

Well, because my mom (who is the only one of our parents who knows enough about the internet to follow the blog on Facebook — Hi Mama!) asked nicely.

Actually, the conversation was more like this:

“Can we go on an airplane ride?”
“Specifically, I’d like to fly that plane where the stewardesses wear those pretty hats.”
“I guess.”
“So you want to go to Dubai?”
“Is that where it goes? I’m more interested in that Bulgari set.”
“So you want to fly Emirates First?”
“Doesn’t everyone get those?”
“Pretty sure only first class passengers do, Mama.”
“Well, is that what Ben flies? He always posts pictures of these nice seats with wood paneling and makeup mirrors. I’d like to do that, please.”

And really, what was I supposed to say to that?

I have a pile of Alaska miles, and given the uncertainty of the relationship between Alaska and Emirates, now seems like a good time to use them. So we’re going to the UAE, and then to Singapore, and then maybe to Hong Kong.

To my credit (maybe?), I had this trip booked before Ben decided to take his mom to the Middle East. Which, thank goodness, because that conversation would have been even more awkward otherwise.

My mom isn’t quite as adorable as Ben’s parents (though let’s be honest, is anyone?), but she is a ham, and really fun. This is her first international trip in a few years (though she’s probably the most well-traveled of our folks), and her first time flying something “fancy.”

She’s totally up for giving guided tours of airplanes, and hotels, asking questions of innocent bystanders, and basically doing her best Samantha Brown impersonation. Which could make for some good internet. Or just be horrifyingly embarrassing for me.

So are y’all interested in a review/trip report for this? A Tiffany-style trip report would be pretty different from a Lucky-style trip report, and I’m not sure if that’s of interest or not. He’s also a much better photographer than I am, though I think we all know what the Emirates shower suite looks like by now. And I’m not sure how helpful it is to write detailed reviews of places he’s stayed and products he’s already flown.

But of course I have different perspectives on travel than Ben does, and I’m not opposed to writing some more destination-focused reviews. I think.

Glimpse of Al Fujairah fort from a previous visit

More importantly, what do you think?

Are you interested in reviews/trip reports from the other OMAAT contributors?

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Regardless, I’m super excited! I don’t think I’ve ever taken a trip of more than a few days with just my mom, and I’m grateful to be able to go at all, much less somewhere she hasn’t been!

  1. I’m always interested in deferent perspectives of the same product. But I think non Ben posts should identify them in the title.

    For example this post shows on twitter (with a photo of Ben) as:
    Ben Schlappig ‏@OneMileataTime · 6m6 minutes ago
    Are We All Sick Of Hearing About Emirates Yet? –

    That title should read something like:
    Are We All Sick Of Hearing About Emirates Yet? (Guest post by Tiffany)

    That would help the readers know what type of story they are going to read, is it a Ben post or a guest post. Some readers might not click but others might since they know its a different perspective.

  2. I think Ben is unbeatable, but your posts are also very nice, so probably your reports will be nice too. And although Ben knows how to make a intra Europe flight report interesting, I think that he as a consumer is very different from the majority of his audience.

  3. Please post your experiences quickly! I leave Monday for DXB in F, would love any tips or anything that you do in DXB. Thanks!

  4. I’d love to see your trip report with your mom. My mom took her first international flight after my dad passed and was thrilled that LH gave free blankets to keep in coach. I had to explain that they are not free to take and she said everyone else did – mom rationale! I have plans to take my mom on BA CW to Ireland and London, that will be enough to freak her out so I’d love to see the report with your mom. It will also be interesting to see if your mom is young like Ben’s or older like mine as the needs are different to consider, especially for those of us who want to take our parents on award trips. Have Fun!

  5. Please do continue to write. Write more, please! While I appreciate and value Ben’s ability to compare the hard/soft products of many airlines, I’m sick of hearing about hot nuts, whether Dom or Krug is served, how airplane beef is always terrible, and blah blah blah mattress pad thickness on the lie-flat seat. I think we may’ve reach a sort of saturation point on first class experiences from Ben – not that I don’t love them, because I do – but a new voice with different takes on things, like coat-hanging in Lufthansa biz class, would be very refreshing.

  6. Your posts are awesome! MOAR TIFFANY!

    (Can I borrow some money?)

    But seriously, you’re always a pleasure to read.

  7. Tiffany, I LOVE your writing style and sense of humor and really hope you contribute more to the site, including trip reports from your (and your mom’s) perspective. It will be a welcome addition to see things from another perspective. I was rolling at the country sized Ritz-Carlton observation, and totally agree that excellent amenity kits seriously matter (!).

  8. I am fully on Team More Tiffany Content (And Tiffany’s Mom, Sure Why Not) since you wrote the post calling Lucky out on being a bit too obsessed with LH First.

  9. What Adam said. And also Robert. Love the very useful and mostly serious posts of Ben. I would never book a premium class product without checking on his reviews. But for the real low down, with just the right attitude, Tiffany is the one. Totally loved it when she gave us a look at Lufthansa that was not filtered through Ben’s rose colored glasses.

  10. Yes please! Love your perspective and would be nice to see how other people travel – Ben’s trip reports get repetitive.

  11. Yes. But I agree, more business class reviews would be awesome. Sometimes it’s all that is available on miles, and for those of us fortunate enough to fly paid J for work, it’d be super helpful in choosing the right flights.

  12. “I would never book a premium class product without checking on his reviews.”

    Actually, if you’re going to book premium products, you shouldn’t just use one source of reference, whether Lucky or anyone else. It’s always good to get a different perspective, and to see what others think about the same product. So, Tiffany’s POV will be very welcome, but there are also some other good bloggers out there doing the same thing. The more reviewers you follow, the more accurate assessment you can get from the premium product.

  13. It’s nice that you took your mum but I wish bloggers would pay attention to the product the majority of their readers probably fly (and in EK, this won’t be first).

    I’ve never got the fascination with Emirates. Superior first-class service for the elites, perhaps, but the economy class is dreadful compared to any decent Asian or Australian (and even most European airlines). Disinterested service, cramped-more-than-usual seats and nothing above and beyond at all. Ditto Etihad.

    Quite frankly BA bloggers need to get outside and sniff around cattle class once in a while so that they can actually share the experiences of their readers. Not everyone is booking first with points (EK is *expensive* even for economy on points), and many are on work trips that don’t allow them to upgrade (but do allow them to keep points – and therefore read these blogs to help plan the most lucrative routes out), and many are outside the US and so don’t get the crazy CC sign-up bonuses.

    I’ve been on both EK first (spent points) and economy (earned points from work travel – not my choice). I can testify that the one trip in EK first *definitely* isn’t worth the schlepping about on a sub-par economy product you have to do to get it. At least make a mention of the whole spectrum of airline travel, not just the outliers.

    I guess the ‘be nice to elites, don’t give a stuff about the plebs’ is a perfect allegory for the country which claims it as its national airline though.

  14. Hah, thanks everyone!

    She’s already called Ben in tears of happiness, “This is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen!” claimed “this is much better than heaven, I’ve been wasting my time at church” and bemoaned the serving of AN ENTIRE HALF A LEMON with the caviar course, as that just seems wasteful, apparently.

  15. Please do! I enjoy your posts and welcome your point of view as I feel they more closely mirror my own (dare I say, #wcw, errr Friday). As much as I enjoy Ben’s perspective, you’re an interesting refresh from #firstworldproblems.

    Welcome, #wcw mom!

  16. The option “There have been far too many lame posts recently so yes please I’d like to read something else by someone who can write from a different perspective” is missing.

  17. Yes!!! While I love Ben’s trip reports I would love to read a new perspective. Plus your mom sounds awesome. Can’t wait to read all about this trip!

  18. “Are We All Sick Of Hearing About Emirates Yet?”

    Not as sick as we are of constantly hearing about more credit cards.

  19. Looking forward to read your report, Tiffany! I love EK F partly because that was my first First Class experience. 🙂
    @JonW, I think most of the people on BA use Alaska miles to redeem EK F, not EK miles… So no need to schlep in EK economy to redeem EK F. Personally, I think Economy class for any middle eastern or Asian airline is perfectly fine if the plane isn’t full and you get an entire row to yourself! 😉
    I have flown EK economy when the plane is fully booked and it wasn’t a great experience; though flying EK during the recession I recall seeing less than half-full economy class most of the time in lower deck a380.

  20. @ philatravelgirl — Oh, it’s SOOOO different! My mom is actually younger than Ben’s, but my mother-in-law is older. Completely different ball game in that case.

    And very cute story about your mom — love mom rationale!

  21. @ Robert D — I’m sure we will eventually, but first is such a marginal premium over business when using Alaska miles, so is the much better value.

  22. @ JonW — If you’re using Emirates points then yes, this is an expensive redemption. It isn’t nearly so bad when booking through Alaska, like I did.

  23. I don’t care for Dubai either. The UAE exploit its workers from India and Pakistan promising a better life. Instead, they are pushed into cramped housing and live in filthy conditions in the outskirts of Dubai. They are also given extreme low wages that wouldn’t be enough to survive and earn less determined by the color of their skin. Journalists who have tried to make this known are punished. Tourists see only the glitz and glamor of the desert.

    I like Emirates Airlines, but I have no desire to visit Dubai again.

  24. I chose the porn option in the poll as none really fit.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I thought it was the start of the end when Ben introduced guest writers…. Ben has an awesome style and is an inspiration.

    But saying that, I love reading your reports (and Travis’ too) as you all write very differently but mostly you have very divergent perspectives.

    So in short, yes, I would like to read about your trip with your mom. Even if it is the same product and destination, it will be a different view point so that will still be interesting.

  25. I happened to randomly stumble across this particular post while being the-proud-mama-whose-daughter-writes-an-article and wanting to read what, in fact, she does write about. Tiff hasn’t instructed me at all about posting anything about our trip, but as I’m known for talking quite a bit (breathe, mama!), I’ll need her advice on how to keep the future posts short and sweet. But first I must say: Take your mom on a trip! Anywhere! Via coach or first class; we moms are just thrilled to be with our grown-and-very-busy children!

    I’ve traveled first and business class before (AA) and have been to a few interesting places (i.e., Cuba … that will be another post), but I’ve never walked onto a plane, gasped, been speechless and tried not to cry, all at the same time. Between giggles and holding back tears, I called Ben, who insisted I take him (via FaceTime) to see the shower/spa before takeoff. Oh, my. Well, read Ben’s post from 2012; I can’t do better than that! My first real comment to my flight attendant was, “Oh, you are so beautiful! What brand of lipstick is that? I can’t believe it stays on so well.” (Mac #2, for those interested.)

    And thus our trip began…

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