Weekly Review: February 20, 2016

Weekly Review: February 20, 2016


The past two weeks of travel have been insane, among the craziest I’ve ever had. I took two huge trips, so you can expect a lot of trip reports over the coming week, in particular about my recent trip to review four new airlines.


In the meantime I’m enroute to Colombia, where I’ll be exploring for a week, as I’ve never been to the country before. I’m excited to finally be spending some time on the ground!

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Hotel Category Changes For Starwood And Marriott


Hotel programs typically assign a category to each property in order to determine the number of points required for a free night. While the points required for each category don’t change as frequently, the hotels within each category are adjusted on occasion. Both Marriott and Starwood announced category changes for several of their properties for 2016:

The Marriott changes are effective for new bookings made as of March 24, 2016. The Starwood changes take effect much sooner, and kick in for bookings as of March 1, 2016. If you’re planning to stay at the impacted properties I’d recommend booking as soon as possible.

Best Credit Card For Buying Airline Tickets

Oman-Air-A330-Business-Class - 10Using the right credit card for airfare purchases can greatly impact your points balances, especially for those of us who spend a good amount on air travel. It’s important not just in terms of how many points various cards offer for airfare purchases, but also in terms of the protection the cards offer in the event of flight interruptions.

While many individual airline credit cards offer bonus points for airfare purchases, the good news is that several Citi, American Express, and Chase cards offer a return at least as good as the co-branded airlines’ cards. So which are the most rewarding cards?

How To Transfer Avios From British Airways To Iberia

Iberia-Business-Lounge-Madrid - 35British Airways has a distance based award chart, which has proven awesome for many in North America, given that British Airways has great rates for short flights on American and Alaska.

BA eliminated their 4,500 mile award within North America a few weeks ago, increasing the minimum mileage required to 7,500. For those who previously booked short-haul awards on British Airways, Iberia may be a good alternative. You can even transfer points between the two programs, with a few caveats.

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TIPS: Earning Miles & Promos

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Starwood’s Improved 2016 Brand Bonus
Best Credit Card For Buying Airline Tickets
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TRICKS: Redeeming Miles

How To Transfer Avios From British Airways To Iberia
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Huge Improvement To United Award Search Tool

TRAVEL With Ben (Lucky)

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REVIEWS & Trip Reports

Introduction: O-man, IB Crazy AF
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The Air France First Class Lounge Paris In 10 Pictures
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NEWS & Updates

Is Free TSA PreCheck Still Being Offered?
Uh Oh: Etihad A380 Refueling Truck Fire In Abu Dhabi
New European Park Hyatt Now Bookable
KLM Introduces “Layover With A Local”
Starwood’s 2016 Hotel Category Changes
Rumor: Top Tier Changes Coming To American AAdvantage?
Marriott’s Brutal 2016 Hotel Category Changes
Which Routes Feature Malaysia’s New Business Class?
Oman Air Wants To Start Flying To New York
Radical Changes Coming To American Flagship Lounges
Oman Air Pays Record Price For Heathrow Slot
Hilton’s New “Stop Clicking Around” Ad Campaign
American Airlines Could Dump Gogo Inflight Wifi
Strangers Sent To Kinky Sex Suite After Flight Cancellation
Swiss’ Stunning New Brand Video

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and stay tuned for a lot of trip reports this coming week!

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