Strangers Sent To Kinky Sex Suite After Flight Cancellation

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On Valentine’s Day, no less! Who said romance is dead?

Two Chinese ladies who didn’t know one another were in for a bit of a shock when their Hainan Airlines flight from Chongqing to Hangzhou was canceled due to weather.


Via The Daily Mail:

The two single women were not only told they had to share a room, but the room was in a Chongqing love hotel, complete with a love chair, chains, and wrist and ankle cuffs.

Along with pictures of the dirty looking sex chairs in the red, pink, green and white room she wrote: ‘We are two single girls, is this sex room our Valentine’s gift? I cannot accept the ‘thoughtful’ gesture.’

Unsurprisingly both women were unsatisfied with the arrangements.

Yow! Call me jaded, but I’m sort of impressed the airline paid for their accommodations at all during a weather delay, even if the room had to be shared. That wouldn’t happen in the US.

Photo from Weibo

Hainan Airlines issued the following statement after the incident:

‘The passengers were delayed due to bad weather, and all the hotels were booked out because of Valentine’s Day.

‘Our hotel-booking representative couldn’t secure any room and did not research what a ‘themed suite’ means.

‘We apologised for embarrassing these two ladies and immediately got in touch with them to resolve the issue.’

Now hold on a second. Hotels were booked out because it was Valentine’s Day, yet somehow this love room was the only one available? In theory that doesn’t make sense, but I guess when you look at the carpet and wallpaper and bedspread, I can sort of make sense of that. It would be like making love in the Changsha Airport No. 7 VIP Lounge.


I can’t decide if this is my favorite story of the past week, or the lady who was denied entry to Thailand because she used her passport as toilet paper.

  1. geeeeeez,i did not thought this would draw ur attention,so it is proven to be true that Hainan is truly a 5 star airline then ?

  2. Don’t slam it unless you’ve tried it. Finding a hotel room on Valentines Day, not some kinky sex stuff. Unless you enjoy that stuff. Then have fun!! But be safe!!

  3. Neal: Del… Why did you kiss my ear?
    Del: Why are you holding my hand?
    Neal: [frowns] Where’s your other hand?
    Del: Between two pillows…
    Neal: Those aren’t pillows!

    This must be the real life Chinese version.

  4. In china there are still a bunch of real disgusting hotels, unfortunately. We can call all the us hotels out of prime and some of those motels quite dated, but in the big cities of China you can still find real stingy hotel rooms (like, Changsha, Wuhan, to name a few). They could boast about their hardware, etc, but whenever you see a knockoff name like “CrossContinental” or “Sheeritan” you’ll know you are walking into those unregulated hotels that most of which have a bad taste on styling and have zero care on the house keeping.
    This room must be among one of them. It could be named as a themed suite, for sure, but I smell smoke even from the picture…I am also pretty sure that that bed has no filling of foam of whatsoever, so it’s like sleeping straight on springs…

  5. @herbertgzb “CrossContinental” or “Sheeritan”. Love it! Reminds me of those knock off designer fragrances at AJ Wright.

  6. In 2012 I flew from Hangzhou to Tianjin on Xiamen Air, and they put us up in a hotel just to wait for a 3.5 hour delay due to heavy fog in Tianjin, which I thought was extremely generous. Fortunately the hotel was quite nice – nothing like the hotel in this article! – and passengers traveling alone were given their own rooms.

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