New European Park Hyatt Now Bookable

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I’m a big fan of Park Hyatt properties. While the hotels are of varying quality (which is also true of Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, etc.), it’s awesome to be able to redeem points at some fantastic properties around the world. Some of my favorite Park Hyatts include those in Buenos Aires, Istanbul, the Maldives, SeoulSydney, Tokyo, Vienna, and Washington DC.

That’s what I love about the miles & points hobby — for me it’s not about free travel, but rather about traveling in luxury at economy prices.

I’m always on the lookout for new Park Hyatts, and there are a few I’ve been eying for a while. One of them is the Park Hyatt Mallorca, which was originally supposed to open in April, though has been delayed a bit.

Mallorca is a beautiful island, though I will say that the renderings of the Park Hyatt leave me a bit confused. Mallorca is generally a beach destination, and the Park Hyatt looks like an Italian-inspired timeshare property in Central Florida. I’m sure it’s actually nice, and that they’re just not doing a good job conveying that.


For those wanting to check out this property, the good news is that the wait is over. The Park Hyatt Mallorca is finally bookable for stays starting June 1, 2016.

Introductory rates seem high, at 800EUR per night.


Then again, that seems to be the going rate in Mallorca in summer. For example, the St. Regis Mallorca is priced similarly.


The hotel is significantly cheaper in winter, with rates going as low as 320EUR per night.


The Park Hyatt Mallorca will be a Category 5 Hyatt Gold Passport property, making a free night redemption 20,000 points per night. If there’s Points + Cash availability, that would cost 10,000 points plus $125 per night. Points + Cash stays are eligible for points accrual, along with elite stay & night credit.

The catch is that it doesn’t look like the hotel has loaded award availability online yet.


This is pretty standard for new hotels, where the revenue managers just haven’t gotten around to it yet. However, since there are standard rooms for sale, you can phone up Hyatt Gold Passport and they should be able to force an award booking for you.

I enjoyed my visit to Mallorca a few years back. While the island isn’t totally my speed, I’d consider returning now that there’s a good value Park Hyatt there.


For what it’s worth, the standard suites at this hotel are over 1,000 square feet, so represent a great value for Diamond members looking to upgrade using Diamond Suite Upgrade Awards.


Bottom line

I love seeing the Park Hyatt portfolio expand, and this new property looks like a nice addition. While the renderings of the property look a bit odd, I’m sure it’s beautiful in reality.

Anyone considering checking out the Park Hyatt Mallorca when it opens?

(Tip of the hat to Mark)

  1. As much as I love this blog, the American ignorance towards Europe really grates on me. This “Europe” you speak of is made up of FIFTY countries – a bit of recognition for each country as a separate entity would be great.

    It’s like saying “New American Park Hyatt Now Bookable”. Bit vague?

    Rant over – and aside from this, loved the Hainan trip report & looking forward to the next – thanks Ben!

  2. @Poppy

    I certainly understand your point. I was born in Copenhagen to a Danish father and Russian mother and I, too, have shuddered at the misconceptions–geographic and otherwise–many Americans have of Europe. I cringe every time Ted Cruz opens his mouth to say anything about Europe.

    Now for the other side of the coin. I grew up in San Francisco. And as an American I can attest that very many Europeans have some outrageously ignorant views of the United States. Just as there are fifty European countries, there are fifty different states with each state having its own, unique flavor. Mississippi is to California as Albania is to France.

  3. Mallorca is not all about the beaches Ben – which I’m surprised you say if you have been there. Mallorca is a beautiful island and the most amazing and exclusive properties tend NOT to be on the beach but in the stunning countryside. I can absolutely understand why an “upscale” to use an American term, hotel would be away from the beach. I don’t know if this post counts as whining for some, but it is meant to clarify for those unacquainted with the Balearic Islands that they are not all about the beach – oh and the island’s capital is a chic and buzzing city in its own right. And yes – it is not a cheap location.

  4. Paying 300 euro for a lounge, or several thousand dollars for a quick jaunt around the world is not “using miles and points to pay for luxury at economy prices”.

    You’ve paid several hundred dollars just to upgrade yourself to a plunge pool, paid ridiculous amounts of money for a few hours in a soft seat – do not pretend that its using economy pricing.

    Winter rates in Mallorca might look cheap at the hyatt, but check other hotels and you’ll see how non-economy tthat winter pricing is.

  5. @ Poppy — And perhaps I didn’t convey that properly, but if it had been a new Park Hyatt in the US I may very well have also titled it “New US Park Hyatt Now Bookable.”

  6. I’m surprised it’s a Category 5. Aren’t most Park Hyatts at least a 6?

    I’ve only stayed at two Park Hyatt properties – the original Park Hyatt in Chicago is where u honeymooned over 25 years ago, and I spent two nights at the Park Hyatt in Sydney last year.

    I’m hoping to get to the Park Hayt in DC this year.

  7. Hey Lucky,
    I’m headed to Cannes and Nice this summer (per your reviews, especially excited for Nice) and was hoping to make it to this new property as well but have limited Hyatt/UR points. I do have enough for a sold cash and points stay (plus have DSUs). I called Hyatt last night and they said currently I could make all cash or all points bookings but no cash and points yet and she said she has no idea if and when C&P would be available. Any idea how likely it is? I thought it was pretty standard as I haven’t heard of a Hyatt without it but I’m admittedly new to the game. Any advice other than just keep checking the website and calling frequently?

    And Poppy, it seems the issue is not Lucky’s ignorance to Europe but your ignorance to this blog/the points hobby. It’s not like Lucky said, “new hotel in Europe!” The park Hyatt brand has a very small footprint in be world, and especially small in Europe as a continent which makes this a significant and notable addition. With such a small footprint worldwide, it really wouldn’t be that weird to say, “new park Hyatt in the US” but it’s all the more true in Europe.

  8. I really don’t have a problem with the title. It’s marketing 101. If he titled it new park Hyatt in Mallorca, fewer people would click on the link and that would reduce traffic.

    Keep the title a little ambiguous and people click on the link to find out more info.

    USA Today does this pretty frequently with some of the titles of their articles.

  9. @lucky Thanks for the clarification – didn’t mean to cause a stir! I will continue to thoroughly enjoy the blog all the same 🙂

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