The Last Aeroplan Hurrah: Sheraton Frankfurt Airport

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While my family is from Frankfurt, my travels have me transiting Frankfurt a lot more than they have me terminating there. Usually they’re one night layovers while connecting, and I always┬á make an effort to go into the city. There’s a train from the airport to the city, and from there it’s just a quick ride to just about anywhere.

In the past my go to hotel was the InterContinental Frankfurt, which is very reasonably priced and does great with Royal Ambassador benefits. I’ve reviewed the hotel extensively, including here, here, here, and here. During my last transit in Frankfurt I discovered the Westin Grand Frankfurt, which is now my go-to hotel in Frankfurt, given that they seem to be pretty good with Platinum upgrades, and the hotel is a bit more modern than the InterContinental. Furthermore, the hotel is part of American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts (for American Express Platinum/Centurion card members), meaning you can get an 85EUR food and beverage credit plus free breakfast there if you book through them, even just for a one night stay.

But I had never stayed at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport, so I decided this would be a good opportunity to try it out. Our layover was only about 16 hours, so it wasn’t quite enough time to go into the city and see anything while getting a good night of sleep. Beyond that, our flight the next morning was fairly early, and there’s not much I hate more than getting up early.

I had actually gone out of my way to avoid the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport previously. While it’s connected to the terminal and therefore very convenient, the outside of the building just looks so tired that I figured the hotel couldn’t be any good.

After landing and clearing immigration we took the walkway to the Sheraton, which can be accessed from the departures hall.

Walkway to the hotel

While there was a short queue at check-in, they had a dedicated Gold/Platinum line, where there was no wait. I presented my Chase Sapphire Preferred and SPG Platinum card, and after typing away from a moment the agent informed me that I didn’t have a booking at the hotel. I’m a complete idiot, and it’s probably a sign that I’m on the road a bit too much, because I had just assumed that I made the reservation. The good news is that they had plenty of rooms, and the agent gladly made me a cash & points booking (4,000 SPG points plus $60), which only took a few minutes. She couldn’t have been nicer about the whole situation, and even commented that I’d be surprised by how often that happens.



Computer terminals

She gave us the option between being upgraded to a club room in the renovated tower and a junior suite that wasn’t renovated. We went with the former, since I’ve heard that the non-renovated rooms aren’t in good shape at all.

The Tower elevators are located right across from reception.

Walkway to elevators


While the room wasn’t huge, it was very nicely appointed, with bright colors and IKEA-esque furniture.


The bed was firm, though not nearly as hard as the one at the Hyatt Regency Incheon.


The room featured a flat screen TV across from the bed, as well as a desk and chair with ottoman.



Chair and ottoman

While the room faced a parking garage for the most part, at an angle you could see the airport, which I always love.

View from the room

The bathroom was a decent size and featured a sink, toilet, and shower/tub.



While I selected the points as the Platinum amenity, we still got a nice welcome plate with some fruit and desserts. Clearly the hotel knew about my sweet tooth. ­čśë

Welcome amenity

The club lounge had keyed entry and was really the biggest shocker of the hotel, since it was one of the best Sheraton lounges I’ve seen anywhere.

Club lounge

The lounge featured a bunch of seating, both tables as well as couches.

Club seating

Club seating

The evening spread, which was out till after 10PM, consisted of finger sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, salad, and some delicious chocolate cake. Not only was the spread great, but the service was great too, with constant offers for refills.

The only downside of the lounge was the group of five or six Americans sitting at a table at the other side of the lounge that were talking very loudly. It wasn’t just the volume they were talking at, but what they were talking about, and how they were expressing themselves. Dude, I’m happy to hear you were able to “bag that chick,” but I really don’t need to hear about it. And not every second word has to be four letters…

Fortunately their conversation abruptly ended when one loudly exclaimed “I’ve gotta go take a dump.” Again, good to know.



Dessert spread

And while I didn’t partake in the breakfast offerings since I had an early flight, I did quickly stop by the lounge to snap a couple of pictures, and the spread was equally impressive, with fresh fruit, breads, and even hot dishes with a chef on site. They even had champagne, which is the first time I’ve seen that in a Sheraton club lounge.

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread

Anyway, on the whole this is really a phenomenal airport hotel. While I try to leave the airport grounds when I have a longer overnight to get a change of scenery, this place is fantastic for a quick overnight, and I’m sure I’ll be back soon.

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  1. We stayed there in the summer of 2010 in an non-renovated room and it was awful. The pictures that Ben posted have no resemblance to anything I saw at the hotel (other than the lobby). The lounge does look incredible.

  2. I like the hotel when staying 1 night in Frankfurt with a connection out of town. After the renovation the rooms are quite nice and the lounge is very good.
    I actually prefer the train into the city and then come back at night so I can sleep in longer or have a nice and leisurely breakfast before continuing on.
    The rates there are a lot of times way higher though then the city hotels.

  3. Very convenient hotel of course and excellent club spread, I hate the furnishing and I long ago stopped paying attention but I’ve never heard good things about upgrades here (and never gotten much of one myself, either).

  4. I like that hotel and I have been upgraded to the club tower both times I’ve stayed there. If you get upgraded it is great, though I guess it sounds like folks who aren’t lucky do not like the regular rooms.

  5. I agree with you Lucky, this may be the best club lounge outside of Asia.

    At breakfast in the mornings they offer cook-to-order omelets and other egg dishes as well as lox and all manner of cheese, hams, salamis, yogurts, cereals. And they’ll make nice coffee drinks.

    But the evening spread is amazing, including wine and beer, and enough food to make a dinner of it, including salads and apps and little sandwiches.

    On the whole the hotel is fairly average, but the lounge is exceptional. And if you have a morning flight from FRA, you can’t beat showering, eating, and walking straight to security, with no allowances needed for traffic or train punctuality.

  6. I wholly agree Lucky. I stayed there three weeks ago and for an airport hotel I was really impressed.

    I was in a renovated room in the ‘regular’ part of the hotel and it looked identical to yours.

  7. The only reason why Lucky enjoys staying in airports is because airport bathrooms are known to be pickup spots for anonymous homosexual sex.

  8. Lucky, please block any further comments from this “Frank” loser – it is getting past the point of bad taste now.

    Also, of note is the easy access to pretty much anywhere on DB from the Fern Bahnhof below the hotel.

  9. @ Papa Smurf — Best I could tell they just faced the terminal with no real tarmac views.

    @ tony — Okay, what am I missing? ­čśÇ

    @ Roland — There would have been a foreign transaction fee, which there isn’t with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

  10. The person at the desk in the lobby photo. Looks like they’re pantless. Sans pants. Exnay on the pantaloons. Hanging brain.

  11. Try the lounge at the Sheraton Salzburg, Lucky. While on the smaller side it is probably the best lounge I have ever been in. Full food all day and the views can’t be beat. Even has a shower!

  12. I stay at the Sheraton FRA Airport about 6 times/year. I started staying for the convenience, as I take the 1120 AM United flight. I arrive on the ICE, check in, have “dinner” in the lounge, do a little work, sleep,and “breakfast” in the lounge. As a Platinum, get a Jr Suite often the time. Actually, though, I am just happy having a room near the elevator.

  13. This hotel is a great deal on cash & points, decent on standard SPG Cat 4 award, but usually overpriced when paying in Euros. Also, if you’re not platinum, beware of the charge for the breakfast buffer :-(.

  14. At last a hotel I have stayed in! I thought it was way over rated. Then again, making it into the lounge probably may change my impression. Location convenience is its number one advantage, like most airport hotels imho.

  15. By the way, I agree with what Stephan said. The first bit and the other bit too. Your page doesn’t deserve to be tainted with his comments. Its been like the hundreth time he’s made these rather disturbing and annoying comments.

  16. @Darren: there is a LM in FFT city near-ish to the main train station (good connections to airport). Good platinum recognition. No breakfast or lounge. Strange room style when I stayed there 2 yrs back.
    Had bad experience with non-renovated room at the Sheraton airport hotel – only lounge is very nice.
    Nowadays huge competition by the two new Hilton properties right next to the Sheraton.

  17. @ Darren — As Hamurabi2008 said, there is a Le Meridien right by the train station, though between the SPG properties I far prefer the Westin, which is much more modern.

    @ Hamurabi2008 — Totally agree, am thinking of trying the Hilton next time, though it’s tough for me to justify staying at a non-Hyatt or SPG property. That being said, it seems like the Hilton and HGI aren’t quite as convenient as the Sheraton, though they are brand new…

  18. Wow. All that food does look great. The carpet in your room almost looks like the carpet in the Aloft BKK Sukhumvit.

    Your story about the loud Americans reminds me of my trip to Myanmar. I was having dinner at the rooftop restaurant at the hotel I was staying at in Mandalay. There was a group of about 5 guys who were very loud and obnoxious. Not all Americans though…the loudest was an Aussie and the second loudest was a Brit. And their conversation was very similar to what you describe. It was happy hour and they had clearly already had too many. They complained about the lights when the bartender turned them on so we could see. They complained about the music. It was extremely annoying. Eventually they left but it wasn’t soon enough.

  19. @ RakSiam : The thing with some people is that they are so self centered and ignorant that they act like everyone is non-exsistant. When they do something that isn’t good for their”image”, they just play down other people to make themselves feel better or look better (not that it works). Or they just love spoiling everyones day. Quite like the guy in F on the Thai Bangkok to Hongkong flight. Am I right on that lucky? You certainly gave me the impression it was his excuse for inflight entertainment.

  20. How did you get to the FCT from the property? I’m staying here tomorrow night and flying LH F the next day. I know you can walk, but I don’t want to do that ­čśÇ

  21. @ Matt — Just walk through the hallway to the terminal, and then turn right and walk all the way to the end of the terminal. From there just walk along the outside roadway for five minutes and you’ll be at the First Class Terminal. Enjoy!

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