The Last Aeroplan Hurrah: Asiana First Class Lounge Seoul Incheon

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We took the shuttle from the Hyatt Regency Incheon to the airport at around 10AM, and arrived at the airport a few minutes later. Asiana first class check-in is located at the far end of the terminal with two “guards” stationed at the front of the line, despite the fact that no one was in it.

Incheon terminal

First class check-in

First class check-in

The agent efficiently processed our check-in, and my friend decided to check a bag. What I had never noticed before is that Asiana places first class checked bags in a plastic bag, I assume to avoid any damage. On one hand I think it’s a great service, though at the same time it’s a bit of a pain, since you also have to remove the bag from the plastic covering at baggage claim upon landing, and with a heavy bag that’s no easy task.

Bag being wrapped

The agent then escorted us to the security checkpoint. The service is also rather interesting given that they literally just walk you to the security checkpoint and then let you make your own way to the lounge.

Escort to security

Security and immigration was quick, and we found ourselves in one of the world’s most highly rated terminals. We took a right turn and headed straight for the first class lounge, which is only a couple hundred feet away.

Incheon terminal

First class lounge entrance

At the entrance both agents bowed as we entered and welcomed us into the lounge.

The Asiana first class lounge is quite nice, though by no means the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt or Thai First Class Lounge in Bangkok.

The lounge is beautifully decorated, though, and I love the fact that the lounge is almost always empty. Part of the enjoyment of a premium lounge is being able to get some work done in relative peace, and the Asiana first class lounge certainly delivers in that regard.

Lounge seating

Lounge seating

In addition to plenty of seating, the lounge also has a dining room of sorts right by the buffet.


The food spread is also quite good, with a handful of hot dishes (dim sum and the like), as well as several cold dishes, including salad, salmon, cheese, fruit, etc.




After hanging around for about an hour the lounge attendant found us and informed us it was time to head to the gate. We were escorted there at a snail’s pace (unlike our escort, I try not to wear heels at airports), and made it to the plane right as boarding was finishing up. ­čśë

Escort to the plane

Our plane

Our plane

Like any Asiana first class experience, the highlight was waiting for us aboard.

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  1. I flew OZ F from ICN-JFK at the begining of the month and I had to go back to the ticketing agent to ask about a priority security line. That’s when they escorted me through another door. I was on my own at Passport control.

    Did you have to ask the ticket agent to escort you through security? Did they escort you to the front of the line at passport control too?

    It was nice that they escorted me to the plane and by pass the line at the planeside check.

  2. @ Mike — They do seem pretty inconsistent in this regard. The last time I flew Asiana first class out of Incheon they didn’t escort to security, though this time they did (without asking). Both times I was escorted from the lounge to the plane, however.

    Unfortunately the “escorting” stopped at security. They didn’t take us as far as immigration.

  3. @LeBlanc: There are potentially hundreds of Master Cards to choose from. Which one are we supposed to assume you’re talking about? Are you even old enough to have a credit card?

  4. My experience with getting escorted to the plane was just the opposite. We were walking at a quite brisk pace (and yes she was also wearing heels). I guess it depends on the agent.

  5. LMFAO. How about Pepsi v Coke? Compare and contrast the two, providing a justification for your selection.

  6. Woah! Since when did we go on to comment on Credit and Debit Cards? Anyway…. Hey lucky, did you see any shower facilities at the lounge? Or were they seperate from it (or even non exsistant)?

  7. @ Darren — Absolutely, the lounge had some very nice shower rooms, and I believe they have them in the business class lounge as well.

  8. I been in the F lounge @ ICN for a couple of times, and I seem to recall that they don’t have any separate working areas.
    Is this also what you remember, Lucky ?
    They also do loud announcements about departing flights, if my memory serves me right – not very nice when you are on conference call.

  9. @ Johnny — That’s my recollection as well. I don’t believe they have any workstations. I don’t remember any announcements, though.

  10. @ Arthur — If you’re connecting on Asiana then yes, but if you’re connecting on another airline (like Thai) then typically no.

  11. Lucky. I am arriving on the new OZ F to ORD this Wednesday. Upon arrival, will I be granted entrance to UAL arrival Suite/IFL?

  12. @ Arthur — You won’t be, that’s only available to United international first class passengers unfortunately.

  13. @ Joe — Only if you’re connecting onwards in first class on the Star Alliance. It’s not an arrivals lounge.

  14. Hi, I am an asiana club Gold member, will soon be upgraded to Diamond staus (Star alliance gold). What is the best way to upgrade my next international flight from LAX to ICN on Asiana from Economy to Business class? I believe with the new rollout of the A380, 40,000 miles are needed to upgrade one way from Econ to Business.

  15. Hey Lucky-

    If I am arriving on UA F from SFO and departing SQ F to SIN what lounge would you do. I believe I have 4 hours to hang somewhere.



  16. Lucky – can I pay or use my UA miles to get in at least the biz lounge? I am UA club member but I know for Star Alliance partners you are only allowed one guest and yourself. We have 3 all together in our party -Thanks

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