Around the World in a Week, Part Fourteen: The InterContinental Frankfurt

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I stayed at the InterContinental Frankfurt a couple of years ago and wrote a pretty comprehensive review, so feel free to check out that review here, if you’re interested.

In this case I spent the 3.80Euro for a train ticket from the airport to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, which is a 15 minute train ride at most. From there I walked to the InterContinental, which is a ten minute walk away. It was a beautiful evening with incredible weather, so I was happy to get a bit of fresh air.

Train station

From train station

Beautiful afternoon

I arrived in the lobby at around 6PM and was promptly assisted by a friendly agent, who welcomed me as a Royal Ambassador. He explained that I had received an upgrade to a suite with club access, which is awesome given that I was using 30,000 Priority Club points for my stay. It’s worth noting that unlike most hotel chains, Priority Club doesn’t technically honor elite benefits on award stays, which can be rather frustrating. But in practice they often do honor the benefits, and in this particular case gave me a better upgrade than I received last time on a revenue stay.

Quick tip for Royal Ambassadors – while the InterContinental Frankfurt doesn’t usually proactively offer Royal Ambassadors club access, they will grant access if you ask. In this particular case I didn’t even have to ask, so not sure why that was.

My room was located on the 20th floor, and was a decent sized junior suite.


While this hotel isn’t the most modern in the world, it’s very well maintained and a fantastic value, as the rates are usually quite reasonable.

My room had the bathroom, with tub and shower, right by the entrance. Then there was a small seating area with a couch, which was separated from the bed by a desk.

Living room



TV and entrance





While this hotel doesn’t offer Royal Ambassadors free internet, they do offer free internet in the lobby for three hours, as well as in the club lounge.

The Royal Ambassador welcome gift consisted of an organizer, a chocolate bar, and a large bottle of water.

Welcome gift


I high-tailed it up to the club lounge to catch up on some emails.

The club lounge is located on the 21st floor and is staffed by some really nice agents.

While the club is quite small, there were never more than a few people in there.

Club InterContinental

Club InterContinental

My favorite feature had to be the patio overlooking Frankfurt. The weather was just gorgeous, so I sat out there while catching up on email.


View from patio


I wasn’t really hungry or thirsty, but I couldn’t help but down a Fanta or three. As a German, one of the things I miss the most in the US is the European version of Fanta. It’s not nearly as sugary as it is here in the US.


The evening spread was also quite nice, with a potato dish, plenty of meats, cheeses, breads, and desserts. It was definitely one of the better evening spreads I’ve seen.

At around 10PM I was back in my room and ready to sleep. The bed was extremely comfortable so I slept well, until I woke up at around 4AM due to jetlag. Usually I don’t suffer from jetlag much, but the 12 hour time change followed by the redeye, followed by the long daytime flight, followed by the seven hour time change had me beat.

Of course there’s plenty of fun stuff to do at 4AM in Frankfurt – like watch one of the funniest German TV shows, Zwei bei Kallwass. If you think Jerry Springer or Judge Judy is fake, you’ve really gotta see this show! The sunrise from the room was beautiful as well.


I showered quite early and at around 6:30AM headed to the club lounge for breakfast, as I wanted to be on the road to the airport by 7AM to allow a bit of time in Lufthansa’s incredible First Class Terminal.

The breakfast spread was sinfully amazing. Other than Fanta, I also really really miss the fresh breads and rolls every morning in Germany. So I kind of went to town with them, and complemented them nicely with some Nutella.

Check-out was efficient, and by 7AM I was back on the road to the airport, ready for the final leg of my round-the-world journey.

  1. The German Fanta seems to look alot like Orangina which is my European soda of choice..

  2. Nothing better than going to Europe and guzzling all the Fanta you can handle. Nothing like what we have here in the US.

  3. @ Nathaniel — Similar to Orangina, though I prefer Fanta. Orangina is a bit sour, in my opinion. But still *much* better than anything they have in the US.

    @ Josh — The weather was gorgeous. Didn’t get to check out the gym, sadly. Shame on me, need to get back in the rhythm of things. But after feasting on what was probably a 5,000 calorie meal, I have to ask myself why I even bother… 😀

    @ Halothane — Amen!

  4. We just got back from Venice where the temp was a very comfortable 94 (felt like 99) hot and humid! You must have caught a good day.

    Fanta in Europe is awful. I nearly splashed it out of my mouth the way you would see it in a movie. As a matter of fact, it was so bad that one of the first things I did when I got home was to have a ‘real’ Fanta.

    When you buy Fanta at a restaurant, it will set you back 3 euros, which is close to USD$4. It was adding insult to injury.

  5. German Nutella is soooo much better than the American Version. I miss the German Fanta too! When I lived there we would get it delivered to the house in a 24 bottle wooden crate. Those were the days!

  6. Fanta in most of Europe actually uses fruit juice. And real sugar. Not so in the US. Every blasted thing has corn syrup and artificial flavors catering to the insane sweet tooth of Americans.

  7. @Eric – the corn syrup isn’t catering to American’s sweet tooth tenancies, but catering to the US government’s insane policies on sugar imports which drive up the price of sugar (not to mention encouraging the destruction of the Everglades by the sugar industry) and which (along with ethanol requirements) artificially prop up the corn industry. If the US didn’t have protectionist sugar policies, HFCS would not be used in sodas in the US.

    Real sugar is better in sodas, and of course glass bottles make a big difference too!

    Of course, Lucky goes around this by just drinking Diet Coke all the time! 🙂

  8. How did you get to the airport from the intercontinental early in the morning? Train again or taxi? I’ll be there as part of the EWR-BRU-FRA deal and have an early return flight. I think MatthewLAX is going as well!

  9. One thing I will add about this place is that some of the suites need major renovation. I received a one-room suite (separate sitting/lounging area) and the bathroom was in really bad shape. Also old-school tv (no flat screen), very few power outlets in the room, etc. etc. It was pretty dingy. I was only there for about 8 hours, so I didn’t care too much, but it wasn’t great.

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