The Last Aeroplan Hurrah: Lufthansa First Class Lounge Munich, Swiss Business Class Munich to Zurich

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We made it to the airport around 3PM and headed straight to first class check-in, which is partitioned off from the rest of the terminal. The agent had a good sense of humor, and when he saw we were going to Bangkok he said “oh, is it time for Hangover 3 already?”


First class check-in

In no time we had our boarding passes, and proceeded to the dedicated premium security line located right next to the first class check-in area. We were through in less than five minutes, and took the three-minute walk to the First Class Lounge.


FCL entrance

Unfortunately our flight was leaving from a gate today, meaning we had to walk there (as opposed to the remote stands, where they’ll drive you to the plane).

For once the FCL was fairly empty, which is a rarity given how small it is. The lounge is designed almost the same as the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, with lounging areas, a restaurant area, a bar, a cigar room, and shower suites.


I checked out the buffet area though in the end only grabbed a pretzel, since I knew there would be lots more food that evening.

FCL restaurant



I worked for about an hour, and at 4:30PM we headed to our departure gate, G44. Our flight was going to be operated by an Avro RJ100, which is one adorable little plane.

Departure gate


Business class boarding was called almost immediately, so we headed aboard.

Swiss 1109
Munich (MUC) – Zurich (ZRH)
Sunday, March 18
Depart: 5:05PM
Arrive: 6:00PM
Duration: 55min
Aircraft: Avro 100
Seat: 4D (Business Class)

For those of you that haven’t flown intra-Europe business class, it’s simply coach with a blocked middle seat and better service. They do this in order to allow flexibility for revenue/inventory management, given that you can change the size of the business class cabin from flight-to-flight based on demand.

The RJ100 is unique in that it’s in a 2-3 configuration, so if you’re seated on the “2” side you don’t get a blocked middle. As a result we selected the “3” side, so we would have an empty middle seat.

Business class

I found the seats to be a bit more comfortable than Lufthansa’s, and certainly nothing to complain about on a 30-minute flight.

Within a few minutes of settling in the purser offered us a bottle of water and refreshing towel.

Water and towel

As our departure time rolled around the captain came on the PA to advise us of our flight time of 30 minutes, anticipating an on-time arrival in Zurich.

Sure enough we had a quick taxi to the runway, and within moments were airborne. The RJ100 is one heck of a powerful plane.

Shortly after takeoff

There was some chop on the way out, though within about five minutes the seatbelt sign was turned off and service commenced.

Unlike Lufthansa’s intra-Europe catering, I found Swiss’ to be excellent. The snack was a cold plate with chicken pesto, tomato and mozzarella, zucchini, two hot rolls, and some sort of custard dessert. I accompanied it with a Diet Coke. You really can’t beat the quality (or quantity, for that matter) of food on such a short flight.


Just about as soon as we leveled off we began our descent, and about 10 minutes before landing the seatbelt sign was turned back on.

On descent

Unfortunately we were arriving at a remote stand, though this turned out to be a good thing. Swiss has business class only buses, which leave almost immediately and are very comfortable, not to mention they drop you off in the area of the terminal where the first class lounge is. So less than five minutes after the aircraft door opened we were already in the first class lounge – can’t beat that!

Our plane

Business class bus

First class lounge entrance

And this is the part of the journey where it’s supposed to get more fun…

  1. Great post, lucky!

    Always interesting to read how other people experience a route one often flies…

    …I’m already curious to read the next part and find out why you wrote the “supposed” in italic/cursive characters 🙂

  2. “The RJ100 is unique in that it’s in a 2-3 configuration, so if you’re seated on the “2” side you don’t get a blocked middle.”

    So do people on that side get a discounted price? lol I mean, if someone is next to you, it defeats the purpose of it being business class…

  3. Aren’t you supposed to get a private ride when you arrive / depart or connect in F class on LH and LX in ZRH ?
    Cause that was the case for me when arriving at a remote stand in MUC, connecting to a F flight to SFO…

  4. @ Andy Bluebear — Funny enough the last time I flew this route I sat on the “3” side and they didn’t even block the center seat. So it really is a scam, since the blocked middle seat is the main benefit of intra-Europe business class.

    @ vincent — Typically they only drive you to the plane and don’t pick you up. Was your inbound flight late when they picked you up and you had a tight connection, maybe?

  5. @vincent & @lucky
    I was flying CDG-FRA-YVR yesterday and my dad and I were picked up on a 3+ hour connection. Maybe they had too many cars?

  6. @lucky / @janyyc In November of last year I was flying ZRH – FRA – KIX and getting off the flight at FRA there was a car with my name on the board. It was also waiting for a HON Circle member and his wife. I don’t know if the car was for him or for me (I suspect it was for him) but nonetheless we all enjoyed the ride to the terminal.

  7. @ Brian — I’ve seen it for HONs, though am surprised to hear this as I’ve transited FRA a dozen times in Lufthansa first class and have never been picked up.

  8. Hi, I have a question, if you are flying first class united, are first class lounges free or we still should get 1time use access? Thank you

  9. @ Seva — If it’s domestic first class you don’t get lounge access. If it’s United international first class you can access any Star Alliance first class lounge with the exception of Lufthansa first class lounges (they’re the only ones that are excluded).

  10. @lucky One more data point. My mom was flying a day after me CPH-FRA-YYZ also in F and they picked her up too. Two guys waiting for one lady! 😉 She was driven to her aircraft from the F B lounge too (it was on a remote stand).

  11. Wow, food on a 30 minute flight! I’ve flown a few Lufthansa flights within Germany and I usually sit right behind the business class row, but I’ve never seen them serve food. That’s a pretty good deal.

  12. @ janyyc — Amazing. Clearly I’m the unluckiest guy ever.

    @ SkiCat Travels — As far as I know Lufthansa serves food in business class on all flights.

  13. Come to think of it, the carrier was Contract Air. ..or I just wasn’t paying attention, I tend to put on my Bose and zone out on those quick flights.

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