Oman Air A330 Business Class In 10 Pictures

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After a rough transit at Cairo Airport (to put it mildly), I was so excited to board the Oman Air A330 that would be taking me on the 3hr45min redeye to Muscat. Oman Air is one of my favorite boutique airlines, and this flight reinforced that feeling.

Oman Air usually flies 737s to Cairo, though they also mix in some A330s, which feature fully flat beds, so naturally I selected this flight because of that. This A330 had Apex Suites, which is one of my favorite business class seats out there.

In particular, the window seats in this configuration are so private and spacious. There’s a privacy partition that raises up, and there’s a huge ottoman, so you can sleep without feeling like there’s no room for your feet. Not only do I love Apex Suites, but I love Oman Air’s cabin finishes.

The crew on this sector was phenomenal. The two ladies taking care of me were from the Philippines and Thailand, and they couldn’t have been kinder or more professional.

A moment after settling in I was offered my choice of a warm or cold towel, and a drink of choice. I selected a cold towel, a glass of champagne, and a lime mint juice (I was thirsty after having been in transit in Cairo for so long). They even offered drink refills, so I had another glass of champagne a few minutes later.

Then shortly before departure there was Arabic coffee and dates.

For this short flight there were small kits with socks, eyeshades, earplugs, and a hair brush.

The bedding on this flight was their regional bedding, which consists of a good pillow and a rather small blanket. For such a short redeye that’s perfectly fine, and since the cabin was more than half empty, I could grab some extra pillows from other empty seats.

The meal service on this flight was excellent, given that this was just a short redeye.

The appetizer, salad, starter, and dessert were all served on one tray.

For the main course I selected the vegetarian ravioli (I had nothing but chicken and fish the past couple of days, so figured I’d mix it up). It was excellent, one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had on a plane in a while.

The meal service was done less than an hour after takeoff, at which point I went to sleep. I had woken up at 3AM the previous morning, and at this point it was 3AM, so I had been up for about 24 hours. Before going to sleep I asked if I could just have a cappuccino before landing (to me this is always a good test of how good and attentive service is).

I woke up about 30 minutes before landing. A moment later the flight attendant appeared at my seat. “Mr. Ben, are you ready for your cappuccino now?”

Theres nothing quite like sipping on a cappuccino while descending through the clouds early in the morning.

Oman Air’s business class is simply phenomenal. In terms of soft product I’d say it’s just about on par with Qatar Airways, which is saying a lot.

The highlight of this trip was the next segment, though, which had me flying from Muscat to London on the inaugural flight for Oman Air’s new first class.

  1. Any recent chatter on whether that planned direct flight to NYC is still under consideration? I’d love to try Oman air (and visit the country.)

  2. I’m flying a huge trip in July and will be using Oman Air on their 787-8 and A330-300. It goes ATL-DOH-BAH-CMH-MCT-FRA-ATL via Qatar, Gulf Airs new 787-9, Oman Air and Delta. Any tips for Oman Air?

  3. do they have these seats in flights from Dubai? thinking of hopping over to Oman for a few days on my next Dubai trip, options are either FlyDubai or Oman but not sure if it’s aircraft with Apex suites.

  4. Looking at these photos, the new Oman Air business class will be a great improvement over the old Apex seats. I know you liked them, but I flew from Munich to Bangkok last December and found the old business class more comfortable. The Apex seats were very narrow, in my view, and the seat actually didn’t have a proper arm rest on the aisle side, plus the cabin wall was in an awkward position and cut into my arm quite badly. The new seats seem to have taken this into account and look a much better design. Loved the in-flight service, though, and a stop-over in Oman where we rented a car and drove the Rustaq Loop. Highly recommended for some “old Arabia” charme.

  5. @ Jerry — Another business class seat? Where? I’m curious now. I know they released a first class product, but isn’t this still their newest business class product?

  6. @ schar — Generally not, as they usually fly narrowbody planes to Dubai. However, if you do see an A330 or 787 scheduled to Dubai, it could feature these seats.

  7. @ Evan — Asked the CEO about this on Sunday, and he said “we’ll see.” Initially it was yes, then it was no, and now they’re going back and forth about it. I suspect it won’t happen, though, because they don’t have a lot more planes on the way.

  8. @Schar – No way. I live in Oman and the hop to Dubai is a weekly one for me. In the past two years I have only flown 737s on OmanAir on the MCT-DXB route.

    If you want to see Oman this summer by the way I’d highly recommend going to Salalah rather than Muscat as it is much cooler and the monsoon makes it wonderful around this time of the year (until September).

  9. @Evan – don’t think that will happen anytime soon, especially with the Iran deal falling through (Oman has a Free Trade Agreement with the US). The benefits of dealing with Oman for US clients will be considerably lower now. Also, the company is looking to mature its routes rather than opening new ones, such as starting to fly higher density planes to the home countries of lots of expats (Manila, Delhi, Mumbai etc.).

    Once they receive their new 787s the A330s will be re-configured to a high density configuration and they will start flying to Manila and Jakarta. 787-10s are being considered (and even A350s but I think that would be a weird choice as they already have 787s in their fleet and the a330s are ageing) to increase capacity on existing routes.

    The only new long haul destinations I can see coming are either South Africa or Hong Kong over the upcoming years and to make the Guangzhou flight daily rather than 5x a week. They might also add some frequencies to their European flights but haven’t heard anything concrete about that.

  10. Powdered instant cappuccino…haha Caffeine connoisseur you are not, Lucky.

  11. @Justin

    I just flown the CAN flight today, business is 4/30 I don’t think Oman air is happy to increase it to daily.

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