Four Continents and 37,000 Miles in Two Weeks: Andaz West Hollywood

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The Andaz West Hollywood used to be the hotel I loved to hate, because the hotel itself was great, though service left a lot to be desired. With every stay I’ve come to like them more, to the point that it’s now one of my favorite hotels in the US (and the Andaz brand as a whole is one of my favorites).

I had made a booking at the Andaz for two nights and used a Diamond confirmed suite upgrade.

At check-in the “host” invited us to sit down as he processed check-in, and quickly came back to explain all the Diamond benefits. I had been assigned a suite on the top floor, which was nice in terms of the views and the (lack of) noise from the street.



The suite literally seems to be two connecting rooms that are furnished nicely. There’s a living room with high-top table, couch, and desk. As you can see, the design is pretty funky (though I like it).

Living room


Desk and TV

Also in the living room is the minibar, which is another great Andaz feature. All soft drinks and snacks in the minibar are free for all guests and replenished daily.

Minibar drinks

Alcoholic drinks

Minibar snacks

Then there’s a cool little room with two seats and ottomans overlooking Sunset Boulevard. This is probably my favorite feature of all the Sunset Boulevard view rooms at this hotel – there’s just something so cool about the little room.

Room overlooking Sunset Boulevard

View of Sunset Boulevard

Quote on window

Then there’s the bedroom, which has one of the most comfortable beds imaginable… I want one for home!


What’s interesting about the suite is that there are two identical bathrooms right next to one another (obviously because the suite used to be two rooms and they didn’t want to put all that much money into the renovation). On one hand that’s convenient if you’re traveling with someone in terms of being able to freshen up simultaneously, though on the other hand it would be nice to have a single larger bathroom, maybe with a tub.



Other bathroom

Another highlight of the hotel is the breakfast in their restaurant, RH. The cooked to order breakfast options are amazing, from omelets to french toast to berries.



In the past the hotel was really inconsistent about how much dining credit Diamond members would get for breakfast, though they’ve gotten really good about it lately. With this stay when we were done eating both days, the waitress simply said “your breakfast is all taken care of.” Classy!

Another nice thing about the hotel is the rooftop pool. They have cabanas that are nice to sit in. I just wish they had a hot tub, since the body of water seems to be more of a reflection pond than pool, based on the fact that the rooftop is often full, though no one seems to swim!

Rooftop pool

View from rooftop

Rooftop cabanas

The hotel also has a nice gym on the second floor overlooking Sunset Boulevard.



So yes, I had a fantastic stay. The Andaz West Hollywood has come a long way since it opened, and I can’t wait to return again.

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  1. I’ve walked by this property countless times and this is the first I’m seeing the inside… thanks!

  2. My wife and I stayed here two weeks ago and were given the Penthouse Suite, as the hotel was booked solid. Not bad for a Hyatt Platinum

  3. Nice place. There’s just something that will always bug me about the LA area. Can’t really stand it. I wish the major airport hub was SAN and not LAX!

  4. I’ve gained much from reading your blog, and I’ll continue to read and enjoy your posts. But… pics of the toilet? Really?

    Perhaps, in your zeal to fully document your trips for your readers, you’ve (just maybe) gone overboard, just a little?

  5. That’s an impressive looking hotel. I can say the I would definitely enjoy the stay there. Thanks for sharing the great photo’s and information.

  6. I like this hotel too. Half of the time I just got suite upgrade even with booking a regular room. The only thing I didn’t like is the $28 valet parking fee.

  7. @ Adam — Not during my stay, though I believe there still are some labor disputes.

    @ Gregory — Hah, yes, but you have to pay for it.

    @ Alan — You don’t think posting a picture of the bathroom is useful for a hotel review?

  8. @ Alan – A good trip reporter would take photos of every details no matter on a flight or hotel stay. Get yourself a copy of Business Traveler or Global Traveler magazine, they occasional have bathroom photos of the hotel report as well. Or even go to tripadvisor, check out different hotels in the photo section, many people take photos of the room and the bathroom as well. When I do trip reports with hotel stay, I even take a photo of the toiletries too !

  9. Great pics of the suite, Lucky. I stayed in the same room a couple of months back when my friends were in town from Singapore. We ended up bringing a couple of female friends back from the nightclub to have a couple of nightcaps in the room. They were slightly uncomfortable with the situation up until opening the door when the size/scope of the suite assuaged their fears immediately. It’s funny what a Diamond upgrade can do for your love life. 🙂 Thanks for the nice reminder.

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