Four Continents and 37,000 Miles in Two Weeks: Exploring Melbourne

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I only had one full day in Melbourne, and unfortunately it was a rainy one. Nonetheless I feel like I got a great feel for the city. While Sydney is iconic with breathtaking views and lots of “must see” sights, Melbourne is very different. If you’re a tourist that likes to go to destinations and snap photos of landmarks recognized around the world, then Melbourne isn’t for you.

However, the city has a vibe that’s totally different than Sydney. Melbourne very much felt to me like a great city to live in, and had a much more “small town” feel. As I walked down the streets I felt like I was in Europe, perhaps a mix between London, Vienna, and Buenos Aires (yes, I realize that’s not Europe). The city is also great to just walk around in, thanks to the abundance of pedestrian zones, cool architecture, street cafes, and shopping.

It’s also worth noting that Melbourne seems to have excellent public transportation, including streetcars, though the city is fairly walkable to begin with, so I had no need to use transport.

Since I only had a day in Melbourne, I’ll more or less let the pictures speak for themselves. No, there’s no Opera House or one-of-a-kind harbo(u)r, though the city has a ton to offer, and I’d love to return in their summer months.

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  1. >:( AAARRRRGGGGHHH you made us wait to long!!! Officially disappointed. More posts, more posts! lol jks great blog!

  2. Nice little photo report (glad you’re putting that Canon S95 to good use). But the reports for this long ago trip are so far apart that continuity is lost. Need to speed things up.

  3. They’ll be rolled out faster now, I promise. Had a crazy week, and unfortunately work got in the way. Expect the next installment tonight or tomorrow!

  4. You should outsource your trip reports to China. I want them cranked out on an hourly basis.

    There’s nothing better than a picture of Diet Coke with lime when you’re bored at work.

  5. very nice. I love Melbourne. The tour of the MCG was a fun highlight when I was there. I assume they still do them. But I was there during the offseason…

    I need to try this QF F one of these days. I need to quit my job so I can travel…but then that would create another problem.

  6. Nice little report on my hometown…however I did laugh at your comment about our public transport system though.. 10km out of the city it is atrocious.

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