Four Continents and 37,000 Miles in Two Weeks: Park Hyatt Melbourne

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I arrived at the Park Hyatt shortly before 7PM and was immediately helped by the porters.

I couldn’t but help notice the beautiful building (and surroundings) housing the hotel. While I love just about all Park Hyatts, the ones in cities are often housed in unassuming multi-use buildings. This building was “classic” yet fresh as could be.

Park Hyatt Melbourne exterior

Park Hyatt exterior

Park Hyatt exterior

Check-in was through the door on the right, where I was immediately welcomed. As soon as I presented my credit card I was addressed by name throughout the entire interaction. The agent couldn’t have been nicer and gave me a thorough run down of the property, benefits I’m entitled to as a Diamond member, etc. One of the cool things about the Park Hyatt Melbourne (as the agent pointed out to me) is that they have a club lounge, which is very rare at Park Hyatt hotels. The hotel itself is supposed to be a “club” experience, so I was curious to see how a club lounge would be executed at a Park Hyatt hotel.

Park Hyatt lobby

Park Hyatt lobby

Park Hyatt lobby

I was assigned a deluxe room on the 18th floor. I was fooled for most of my stay thinking that the 18th floor is really that high up, but the hotel only starts on the 9th or 10th floor, if I recall correctly (or has an underground parking garage, or something).


I believe my room was a Park Deluxe room, which is the standard Diamond member upgrade (based on what I’ve read on FlyerTalk). At 60 square meters, this is basically a junior suite (though even their “normal” rooms are 48 square meters, so this hotel has massive rooms).

The room featured an entrance way which led to the living room, featuring a small couch and comfortable chair.

Room entrance

Deluxe King sitting area

That led to the desk area, which led to the king sized bed.


Deluxe King

King bed

Night stand

Room from bed

The bathroom was also massive, very similar in design to the one at the Park Hyatt Mendoza I visited a few months earlier. It featured a huge closet area with vanity mirror, which led to double sinks, a shower, a bathtub, and the toilet.

Hallway to bathroom

Vanity mirror


Shower and tub

Bath amenities


The Diamond welcome amenity at this hotel was a bottle of Pinot Noir (which I brought home with me… one of the benefits of checking a bag).

Welcome amenity

As you can see below, all of the rooms here are pretty huge.


View from my room

As I mentioned above, the Park Hyatt Melbourne is one of only a handful of Park Hyatts featuring a club lounge. Most Park Hyatts don’t have one because the “concept” is very much that the hotel is exclusive for everyone, though as a Diamond member I’m certainly happy when they do have one!

The Park Lounge is on the 19th floor and serves canapes every evening from 6PM till 8PM.

Park Lounge

Park Lounge hours

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting the club lounge at a Park Hyatt to live up to the “Park Hyatt” standard, but this was definitely the nicest club lounge of any Hyatt I’ve ever been to, and better than about 90% of the other club lounges I’ve visited.

For one, the interior was very classy and the lounge was never crowded.

Park Lounge entrance

Park Lounge

Park Lounge

Beyond that, however, the food and drink selection was spectacular. They had all the traditional stuff, several hot options, and even fresh strawberries that could be dipped in chocolate, whipped cream, or vanilla sauce.

Drink selection

Drink selection




Chocolate covered strawberries, anyone?



Now many Diamond members actually prefer hotels that don’t have club lounges, since it means you can have restaurant breakfast. This place really combines the best of both worlds, in that breakfast is served in the restaurant and not in the club lounge, except Sundays. That meant as a Diamond member I could have breakfast at Radii restaurant.

Radii Restaurant

The spread here was great as well. They had all kinds of fruit, breads, pastries, juices, etc.


Fresh fruit

They also had a hot buffet, featuring waffles, pancakes, and egg dishes. It’s worth noting that as a Diamond member only the continental breakfast is included, and it’s an additional $8AUD for the hot selection. Before anyone gives that a “thumbs down,” let’s remember that this place also has a club lounge and still lets you have a restaurant breakfast, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Hot breakfast selection


One of the other things I consistently love about Park Hyatt hotels are their amazing pools (like at the Park Hyatt Seoul). While this one didn’t feature amazing views from the 80th floor of a hotel like the Park Hyatt Tokyo or Shanghai, the pool was nonetheless beautiful and featured a very nice hot tub as well.



Hot tub

The hotel also featured a fairly nice gym, though I haven’t been spending as much time at gyms lately as I should be.

Fitness center

Park Hyatt hotels are spectacular. Frankly, they’re much of the reason I’m loyal to Hyatt. This place cost me 15,000 points per night, which is an absolute bargain. I love luxury hotels, but what I hate about most of the “truly” five star hotels in the world is that they don’t have loyalty programs. Park Hyatt is the perfect hybrid, combining what I consider to be the best hotel loyalty program with some of the best hotels. Beyond that, I consistently find Park Hyatt hotels to be elegant yet still friendly and “livable.” I hate going to a luxury hotel, only to feel like I can’t wear shorts in the lobby when I want to go sightseeing.

I always try to find something negative to nitpick about just to be “fair,” though my stay was actually perfect, if there is such a thing. Melbourne’s a great city, and for 15,000 points this place is an amazing value. When I booked the rate was about $240AUD which is also a great deal, though the US Dollar is pretty weak right now, so…

Anyway, I’d return here in a heartbeat, and as much as I’d like to try the InterContinental or Grand Hyatt in Melbourne, I’d have a hard time returning to the city and not staying here.

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  1. @ Ralph — Hah! You actually get a bill after breakfast either way, which you sign for. I forgot the amounts, but I believe it’s something like $30 for the continental buffet, and an extra $8 for the full buffet. Then at check-out they deduct the amount for the continental buffet, and you’re charged the difference.

  2. If you only had one choice to visit Sydney or Melbourne on your first visit to AUS, what city would you choose?

    Also, what would your #1 hotel choice be in Sydney?


  3. @ NikiK — That’s a toughie. I’d have to say if it’s your first visit, you’d have to do Sydney. Sydney is much more “iconic,” with lots more “must see” places, while Melbourne is just more of a cool city that I find myself actually wanting to live in. I love visiting Sydney, though couldn’t imagine ever living there.

    I’ve only stayed at the Crowne Plaza and InterContinental in Sydney, so don’t have all that much experience. There’s a Park Hyatt, though it’s currently being renovated. Once it reopens, it’s hands down where I’d want to stay.

  4. I agree with that. For a first visit Sydney makes a bit more sense. Although it would be easy to visit both. Plenty of flights between them and it doesn’t take a long time.

    I also agree that Melbourne is a place I would love to live much more than Sydney. All of those cool neighborhoods, easy to get around…

  5. Award space on QF388 in F is a lot more open from LAX to MEL than to SYD… so in this case might have to do both cities.

  6. Fantastic trip report – I think you just sold me!

    I’ve been debating between the 2 Melbourne Hyatt’s for a 4-night stay using points during the AUS Open in Jan 2012. Great time to use points since the rates are $750/night AUD for the Grand and $450/night AUD for the Park. Had been leaning towards the Grand Hyatt since its only 12k/night instead of 15k (heck was even looking at a suite at the Grand for only 18k), however I think your trip report changed my mind. The Park Hyatt just looks too nice not to try – and the “standard Diamond upgrade” seems plenty large.

    With the diamond breakfast in the restaurant and the full lounge service how can this place only be a Cat 4?

  7. Wow, that looks like a great property! I’ve been dying to take a trip to Melbourne – would you say that the Park Hyatt MEL is the place to stay? I’ve been looking at different hotels, and I think I’m set on either the PH or The Langham. This report has me leaning towards staying at the PH….

    Decisions, decisions 🙂

  8. @ SAB — Can’t comment on the Langham, though I have a hard time imagining it’s nicer than the Park Hyatt…

  9. This property is great and treats diamonds well. We got a nice suite using the diamond cert. I stayed last year and at the time, there was no charge for the full breakfast. They must have changed that.

  10. @ Eric — It is also my understanding that they changed the policy only a few months ago. They’re still incredibly generous, so I can’t really blame them.

  11. I’m a travel agent in Sydney and was trying to decide between the PH and the Sofitel for a stay in Melbourne. Your great review gave me exactly the info I needed, as I love club lounges and their website doesn’t give much detail about theirs. I’ll be on an industry rate but even their retail rates are pretty good, considering the PH in Sydney is easily the more expensive hotel in town despite having rooms quite a bit smaller than Melbourne. Thanks.

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