There’s A Hyatt Regency Coming To JFK, But…

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I spend way too many nights per year overnighting at JFK (or at least did before the pandemic). I was excited when I saw the announcement that there’s a Hyatt Regency coming to JFK, but now I can’t decide if it sounds awesome or awful…

Hyatt Regency JFK at Resorts World New York

The Hyatt Regency JFK will be opening at Resorts World Casino New York in the first quarter of 2021:

  • The four star hotel will be eight stories and feature 400 rooms
  • The hotel will be New York City’s only casino hotel, and it will feature all kinds of amenities, including restaurants, conference and meeting spaces, and of course gaming areas
  • The casino will offer over 6,000 slots and electronic table games, and will feature three levels of gaming — Times Square Casino, Fifth Avenue Casino, and Central Park Casino — along with high-limit rooms
  • The hotel is owned by Genting Americas, which has invested roughly $400 million in the development of the property

Hyatt Regency JFK at Resorts World

It seems like this is more of a casino hotel than an airport hotel, though it will still be convenient(ish) for those flying into or out of JFK Airport. The hotel can be easily accessed by the A Train, Q37 bus, or LIRR to Jamaica Station (with a free shuttle between the hotel and station). It sounds like there won’t be a shuttle directly between the hotel and airport, which is a bummer.

JFK’s airport hotel problem

JFK has the TWA Hotel, which is incredible, but also fairly pricey. Not only is it avgeek heaven, but it’s incredibly convenient, as it’s connected directly to Terminal 5. So the reality is that most of my airport hotel problems at JFK have been solved with that.

Pool at the TWA Hotel JFK

Aside from that, though, JFK has to be one of the worst major airports in the world when it comes to its selection of hotels. Before the TWA Hotel opened I typically stayed at the Sheraton, though it has since been converted into a homeless shelter, as many hotels in the area have.

That brings us to the Hyatt Regency JFK:

  • Yay, I can earn and redeem World of Hyatt points near JFK
  • Yay, the hotel will probably have several decent(ish) restaurants, 24/7 coffee, etc., which is more than can be said about other hotels near JFK
  • Casinos kind of depress me, especially when I don’t actually intend to be at one
  • It sounds like there won’t be a direct shuttle service between the airport and hotel

Bottom line

The Hyatt Regency JFK will be opening in the first quarter of 2021. I’m excited to have a points-property alternative to the TWA Hotel, and particularly one that will likely have decent dining options.

At the same time, I can’t say that I’m too excited about the prospect of going to a casino, let alone one without a direct shuttle service to JFK.

What do you make of the new Hyatt Regency JFK?

  1. I’m rather surprised about the lack of airport shuttle, especially considering that it’s a casino. You’d think they’d want to encourage layover gamblers. I personally enjoy a quick casino trip and if I had 4 hours to kill in the Admirals Club or a casino, I’d hop on a shuttle to the casino. But if they make me work to get there, forget it.

  2. This reminds me of the Manila Marriott hotel by the airport there which is part of a larger Resorts World casino concept. We had to layover there twice due to missed connections and it actually wasn’t that bad as 4-star hotels go. Definitely had some more interesting restaurant options than your usual airport business hotel. Too bad about there lacking a shuttle but I suppose you could always just use a cheap uber.

  3. You make me laugh some times “awesome or awful ”
    Perhaps a bit of both.The JFK hotel scene is so bad all these decades that
    I stay in NYC or Long Island to avoid JFK hotels or avoid JFK completely if I can.
    Having a full service Hyatt is a dream even if I have to take an Uber
    Well needed in Jamaica where everything in hospitality is grim.Just avoid the casino as I do

  4. Getting to this hotel would be easy, Airtrain to Howard Beach, and transfer to the A train one stop to Aqueduct. The problem will be getting back, as the A only stops at Aqueduct inbound to the city. You’d have to backtrack and switch back to a Rockaway bound A at Rockaway Blvd. Then one stop back to the Howard Beach Airtrain stop.

    Easy for a New Yorker or anyone who is used to the subway, but for someone with no experience I’d imagine it would get confusing.

  5. Why wouldn’t they have a shuttle? Would the drive be that bad? It seems like an easy way to drum up business, they are literally named after the airport.

  6. @ Ben — Casino? Great, let’s hope you don’t have to walk past hundreds of chain smokers to reach your room.

  7. Sheraton JFK is now the “Gate Hotel” though it may be working as a homeless shelter, I really don’t know.

    And Resorts World NYC is non-smoking on the casino floor

  8. Meh, getting to this hotel you first need to take the Air Train (which costs $7.75) and then the A train ($2.75) so a total of $10.50 (per person). Upon getting off the A train, it’s at least a 10 minute walk to the hotel… If you attempt to take a taxi or an uber for this route, the driver might kill you… the yellow taxis wait for hours these days for a fare, and hope for at least a manhattan fare. Similar case for Ubers…

    And like said before, going from the hotel to JFK would be a nightmare as the A train station positioning has a weird setup.

  9. @Ben – what’s the TWA hotel costing per night now? Shortly after opening, we stayed for $250/night during an overnight connection. For the convenience of being at the B6 terminal, and for being in New York, I thought that was quite reasonable.

  10. @Ben This is NOT an airport hotel. Wait ’til you see the walking dead exiting the train for this hotel / casino. I can only hope that the floorplan keeps the casino well-separated from the hotel side, with separate entrances.

  11. For people not used to big cities in the U.S., they would think turning hotels into homeless shelters is a joke.

  12. The Sheraton was well known within Marriott as one of their worst properties in the world, of any brand

  13. Another possibly relevant point for Hyatt elite members: the late check-out benefit is not guaranteed at resorts *and casino hotels* but, rather, “subject to availability.” So they might use that to get around providing one of (to me) the most valuable benefits of Hyatt Globalist status, the (usually-)guaranteed 4 pm checkout (and 2 pm for Discoverist and Explorist members).

    Then again, Hyatts tend to go above and beyond the minimum required of them. When I was just an Explorist, at least one Hyatt resort proactively offered me my 2 pm checkout benefit even though they weren’t required to. So, who knows?

  14. Call it what you like, but it’s just a casino hotel near(ish), but not convenient to, JFK. TWA hotel certainly has nothing to be concerned about in terms of competition.
    For an o/n transit it does not offer any advantage over any number of hotels convenient to a subway stop on any route to Skytrain terminal.
    Why does it seem impossible to have a similar to TWA hotel attached to a terminal? Or is JFK happy being a second-rate airport?

  15. The Hyatt Regency in Manila is also a casino hotel. Also close to the airport, also lacking a shuttle service (traffic in Manila is hell, it’s not even worth trying). When I stayed there, it was surprisingly easy to avoid the casino, as I had no interest in it.

  16. “The casino will offer…”

    Resorts World casino has been open at Aqueduct Racetrack since 2011. The hotel is an addition to the existing complex.

  17. This likely isn’t a full *casino* with live table games and such that people would associate w/Vegas, AC, etc. The Resorts in Queens now IIRC is all “digital” so to speak. Assuming this is the same.

  18. Yea this article is off. There is already a casino with all that stuff there. None of those gambling casinos described are new. They are just adding a hyatt. Hardly an airport hotel. At best its in airport vicinity. Its not uncommon to see stories about armed robberies and brawls occurring at that casino. Not somewhere I would go for a restful night.

  19. @ Adam
    I might not be up to date but my understanding is that a short trip, anyplace in Brooklyn or Queens gets a yellow cab driver a “short ticket”. This is basically a get back to the front of the line pass.

  20. This Hotel is planned with two disparate guest night streams. I assume there is a substantial cost to running a proper shuttle and they are either;
    1, Waiting out the pandemic.

    2, Waiting to ascertain whether travel nights will be substantial and will justify a full time shuttle.

  21. Like many have said, this is NOT an airport hotel. Taking a train then a shuttle in order to reach those so-called airport hotels near JFK is ridiculous enough, now a casino complex with some guest rooms that takes even more time to get to? Give me a break…

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