Turkish 787 Seatmap Revealed: New Business Class Hints

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Turkish Airlines is known for having an excellent soft product in business class, with top notch food and drinks. However, the carrier’s hard product leaves a lot to be desired. Turkish Airlines has nearly a dozen different kinds of business class seats throughout their fleet, though none are especially good.

The airline has a few A330s with herringbone seats in business class, which are tired and outdated. These are the only planes they have with direct aisle access from every business class seat.

Turkish Airlines A330 business class

Otherwise their best hard product is on the 777, which features flat bed seats in a 2-3-2 configuration.

Turkish Airlines 777 business class

The good news is that next summer Turkish Airlines will be taking delivery of some Boeing 787s. In September Turkish Airlines revealed that they’ll introduce a new business class product on these planes, though they’ve been tight-lipped with the details.

The airline indicated that the layout will be in a 1-2-1 configuration, that the seats will be very private, that the seat will feature 44 inch knee distance, and that the seat is still in the design stage. That’s all they’ve said.

That obviously is very open to interpretation. While we know privacy will be a priority, we don’t know if they’ll introduce fully enclosed business class seats or not, like the Delta One Suites or Qatar Airways Qsuites.

Delta A350 business class

We at least now have some new hints about what to expect. Turkish Airlines has loaded the seatmaps for their new 787-9s, which will start flying next September from Istanbul to both Panama City and Bogota (thanks to @airlineroute for the heads up on that). These won’t necessarily be the first routes to get the planes, but they are routes that have the aircraft scheduled as of now (though that’s subject to change).

The fact that they have an exact seatmap already suggests to me that they may be further into the design process of these seats than we may have thought. Here’s the seatmap:

Based on the seatmap:

  • There will be 30 business class seats, presumably between doors one and two, which matches the density you’ll find on airlines that have reverse herringbone seats in this space; that should give you a sense of the real estate per seat
  • Seats will be in some sort of a staggered configuration; I don’t think the seatmap is completely accurate in it showing alternating rows of 2-2 and 1-2-1, but rather I think that’s just how the seatmap displays it, when in reality there will be one seat along each window and two seats staggered in the center section

Like I said, this doesn’t paint a full picture of what the new seat will like, though I do find it interesting that it gives us a sense of how many seats there will be, how much real estate they’ll take up, and what the general configuration will look like.

What are your initial thoughts based on seeing the Turkish 787 seatmap?


  1. Based on the seat lettering, I’m going to guess a similar, updated version of the staggered J seats Asiana flies on their A380 and A350.

  2. Hey Lucky (and everyone), heads up: JFK advised travelers using T5 to NOT use their toilets as the mains are broken. NBC reported this a few hours back. Happy travels!

  3. Based on this seat map, they have to hire race car drivers as attendants zigzagging with a trolley down Lombard street, I meant the aisle… Better yet, those same drivers can take all the passengers that have to connect at the other Istanbul airport~

  4. I wonder if the staggered 1-2-1 then 2-2 is to give those traveling together an option to travel together and have a window.

  5. Looks like a higher-density derivative of the Thompson Vantage XL seat, to me.

    I don’t exactly know what to make of 7/8AK, though.

  6. Yes any article about Turkish Airlines should mention the bungling changeover to the new airport, a good reason to exclude TK from your plans for the foreseeable future

  7. Do they really have a dozen different types of business class seats?? Apart from the aircraft leased from Jet with the herringbone seats, they seem to have standardised on the seats shown on the 777.

    Personally I find them very comfortable, and unlike staggered & reverse herringbone there are no foot cubby restrictions. You have to step over people, however most people don’t have to run to the toilet that often…

  8. None of you saw the letters above in that ExpertFlyer seatmap (apart from Eskimo).

    This is quite clearly a Solstys-style staggered seat configuration (see the DEFG columns).

    Turkish Airlines has hinted at a door so this will be akin to a QSuite, probably.

  9. I am excited to see this though I already love Turkish since the seats are so wide and the footrests have storage and I never feel trapped despite the 2x3x2 (though I have not had to deal with a middle seat yet!) or crowded on their planes. The comfortable seat, good entertainment and excellent service and food make it a huge step up from other US carriers. So this is only icing on the cake. I just hope they don’t really get rid of Do&Co as the caterer as I heard would happen once they move to the new airport.

  10. Business class seat types:
    Euro-business with just a centre economy seat blocked (A320). 2 variations of recliner (A320, B737, A330). 2 variations of angled flat (A330, A340). Herrigbone (A330). Enclosed lie flat (A330). Open lie flat, new and old variations (A330 and B777). Add this new staggered layout to the fleet and you end up with 10 different seat types. Close enough to a dozen.

  11. Lucky, those routes you mentioned are not the first routes. TK will fly the 787 to the following destinations besides what you mentioned.

    – July 17 is the very first route with the 787 to Denpasar

    – The A330 to Washington DC will be replaced with the 787 from August 8 onwards.

    – Atlanta from September 10 instead of the current A330.

  12. I disagree with you about the 777 having the best hard product. I personally prefer the a330 as the seats are staggered so you don’t have to stare at the aisle across from you like in the 777. Everything else is the exact same.

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