Weekly Review: November 8, 2014

Good afternoon from sunny Tampa!

After a quick trip to Frankfurt I am visiting my parents in Florida, where the weather is significantly better. 😉

Next week I leave on my dad’s big birthday trip, so there will be lots of fun updates from the road.

I apologize for the lack of trip report updates this week, as it has been an absolutely crazy week. Sub-48 hour trips to Germany generally don’t help in the “gotta catch up on writing” department.

That being said, I promise to get the “A380 Addiction” trip report done before I embark on the big trip!

Featured Stories

One Of The Airline Industry’s Greatest Mysteries


I live out of a 20″ carry-on, and one thing I just can’t figure out is why flight attendants need so much luggage. Fortunately you guys are smarter than me, and the comments on this post are fascinating. Who knew there was such a bustling resale market?

Save $3000+ On Domestic Travel

Southwest-route-mapIf you travel within North America, and have a consistent traveling companion, you should really be considering the Southwest Companion Pass.

To accrue the Companion Pass you need to earn 110,000 points in a year, and a few tricks will get you there in no time.

Save 10% (And More) On Hyatt Stays

Hyatt is offering a discount on gift cards, and by stacking with some other offers you can save more than 10% on Hyatt stays in the US, Canada and Caribbean.

If you routinely stay at Hyatt properties, this is pretty much a no-brainer!



TIPS: Earning Miles & Promos

Up To 20% Off Virgin America Winter Tickets
Silvercar Offering Up To $200 Referral Credit
Amex Wants To Buy You Coffee
How To Get 17 Miles Per Dollar At Nordstrom
Today Only: Free Uber Rides To SFO
Save $3000+ On Domestic Travel
Pros And Cons Of The British Airways Visa
Save 10% (And More) On Hyatt Stays
Register For Club Carlson Points Or Nights Promotion

TRICKS: Redeeming Miles

Alaska And Virgin Australia Awards Bookable On Delta.com Again
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Awards Become More Restrictive
Is Cathay Pacific Releasing Less Award Space?
Act Now: Redeem American Miles For Business Class To Europe!
TONS Of American First Class Awards To Europe This Spring!

TRAVEL With Lucky

Flights Between New York And Miami Are Wretched
Why Are You Asking Me So Many Questions?
One Of The Airline Industry’s Greatest Mysteries
Singapore Creates Impossible Expectations
Is Hilton HHonors The Best Hotel Loyalty Program?
The Most Frustrating Hotel Rate Changes
Flying Can Be Frustrating… And That’s Fine…

REVIEWS & Trip Reports

Review: Crowne Plaza Doha The Business Park
Review: Qatar Airways First Class A330 Cairo to Doha

NEWS & Updates

No One Wants To Hear About Your Great Trip
Admirals Club Members Now Get More Board Room Access
How Much Does A Points + Cash Stay Cost Hyatt?
Emirates Adds Third Daily A380 Flight To New York JFK
Alaska Board Room Members Have Cathay Pacific Lounge Access At SFO
Aer Lingus Starting Washington Dulles Flights In 2015
Baltia Air Lines 747 Interior Revealed
Will The Real Elizabeth Gallagher Please Stand Up?
American & US Airways Further Aligning Fare Classes
Emirates Offering Free Wifi On A380 & 777
Funny Video: Weird Things Couples Do In Hotel Rooms
Leaders Club Makes Earning Free Nights Easier
Official: Hyatt Not Renewing Diamond Challenge For Now
Emirates And Starwood Partnership In The Works?
Has Hyatt Discontinued The Diamond Challenge?
China Eastern 777-300ER To Los Angeles Starting February 2015
Aer Lingus Announcing New US Destination On Wednesday?
PSA: Don’t Wear A Speedo On A Plane
Another Beautiful 747 Retirement Video

Safe travels, and I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Btw Ben, all the new TRs aren’t in the Trip Report Index. Cheers and have a nice weekend!

  2. Hey Ben,
    Enjoy the blog but multiple identical shots of hotels are getting a bit stale (at least for me). Some observations from someone who flew as a flight attendant for 26 years, then earned not quite a million miles on UA:

    Please tell Travis that as a former cabin safety delegate to the Air Transport Association, NEVER subject your children to being a lap child. (Check the accident report on the UA DC-10 in Iowa. In an otherwise survivable crash landing, no human being can hold onto an infant who becomes an unguided missile. Multiple infant deaths on that flight–I believe EVERY infant perished). BA used to offer something called a “belly belt” which was belt within a belt for infants. Research showed that it guaranteed crushing the child when the adult’s arms and legs flew forward on impact. Gruesome? Yes. Try answering THAT complaint letter. The ONLY way to travel with an infant is an approved child seat in the window seat. If you can’t buy a seat, stay home.

    The Asian F/A’s with enormous bags on short layovers were buying huge power tools and generators to take home which they could not buy there. Always amusing to see the petite Thai crews in Paris showing off their new power tools and generators at outbound crew customs.

    JFK-MIA? It wasn’t the worst but if I say more here, I’ll be accused of racism. There’s not enough space available to relate the bad behavior I’ve seen, although JFK-PBI was even worse. For starters, people were caught stealing the under seat life vests (“it’s for the pool”) stealing galley supplies (“what do you care? you can’t use this stuff again anyway”). One night at JFK, we had 17 wheelchair requests. I asked the agent how they handled that and he said, “Simple…we don’t bring any chairs for 15 minutes. Anyone still onboard really needs one.” That said, I put with a screaming elderly woman one night who, when the wheelchair finally arrived, jumped out of her seat, threw her carry-on bag into the chair, and took off like a rocket.
    Again, enjoy the blog. Most times you’re spot-on.
    Best wishes…

  3. Can’t wait for the Qatar A380 trip report and upcoming trip with your dad – especially as we will get updates from the trip almost as they happen. Great stuff.

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