Flights Between New York And Miami Are Wretched

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I don’t think I could ever be a flight attendant. There are only so many times I could say “sir, I don’t think that’s gonna fit” before I chug a beer and pop the slide.

And that brings me to my flight on Thursday from New York JFK to Miami.

People seem to think that flights to/from Las Vegas are the toughest to work. And yes, having 11 people removed from a plane sucks. But I still don’t think they have anything on flights between New York and Miami.

Why is the route so bad?

  • It seems to attract the worst people from New York and Miami (and while both cities have great people, I tend to think the “worst 5%” of people from each city are the worst of humanity in terms of manners/behavior)
  • It has a ton of passengers connecting to Latin America, and many of them don’t speak a word of English and haven’t flown much in the past (neither of which is their fault, though unarguably that makes it more difficult as a non-Spanish speaking flight attendant)

So where do we even begin?


Phone call in the aisle

This New Yorker guy in suspenders boards and is seated in 4A. However, after stowing his bags in the overhead he proceeds to just stand in the aisle and continue his phone call. When the flight attendants asks him to be seated, he holds his finger out at her to tell her to wait.

He does take off his jacket and throw it at her, though. She says “where are you seated, sir?” He just points behind his head. She says “which seat?” He “shushes” her again.

After two minutes his phone call is done and he takes a seat.

1B doesn’t want to stow her carry-on

Through no fault of her own, she was probably the most difficult passenger. She didn’t speak a word of English and didn’t seem to be a frequent flyer. The flight attendant did her best to communicate with her, and tried to explain she’d have to stow her purse in the overhead. “No,” she responded. The flight attendant kept trying to motion what had to be done, and motion at the bulkhead to indicate nothing could be put there during takeoff.

The lady then basically goes into the “brace” position with her purse between her legs and stomach. Goodness gracious, we’re not in San Pedro Sula (yet)!

Loudest snorer in the history of the world

After takeoff I put on my noise cancelling headphones and listened to Taylor Swift’s new album at full volume (which I have a love/hate relationship with, for the record). During the meal I heard some noise, so took off my headphones. The guy behind me was snoring louder than I’ve ever heard before. It continued all the way to Miami.

Bathroom during landing

Mrs. 1B, who didn’t want to surrender her purse, also decided that the best time to go to the bathroom would be the second after we touched down, after we were still on the runway.

She had the biggest victim look on her face when the flight attendant tried to explain that she needed to be seated.

Keep your feet off my nuts!

You know that center tray where flight attendants usually place the nuts? Yeah, don’t really think that’s meant as a place for your feet.


As far as 1F goes, I was actually sort of impressed by how far up he managed to get his feet… much more flexible than I am.


Great crew!

The above was only the tip of the iceberg. I was cracking up at the entire situation, gave flight attendants Susan and Giovanni some AApplause certificates, and kept telling them how bad I felt for them. Susan said “well, at least there’s always that one person that’s laughing at the situation.”

I do what I can. šŸ˜‰

Anyone else find New York to Miami to be an especially tough city pair?

  1. Too funny! My friend works the JFK to PBI flight all the time.. And says it’s terrible. Interesting to hear your angle as a passenger vs his as a FA.
    The lack of simple manners on planes is amazing.

  2. sometimes it’s kinda nice when a guy puts his feet on your nuts… you should try it. obviously, depends on who the guy is…

  3. It truly is amazing. This is like the Miami to Boston Flight, Just a total disaster.. only two ways I will take the Miami to Boston flight, I either purchase an additional seat or use miles to upgrades to Biz, I know its a short flight but its better than being arrested..

  4. @lucky I was trying to figure out how to fly to Miami, I was gonna go SQ via FRA where my friend can join me FRA to JFK…. but the flight options from NY to Miami are limited basically American and I do not think they have first class right or a nice biz class for that route?

    I was wondering maybe I should fly from SIN to the west coast and take virgin or something

  5. Rumor is the B6 flights out of HPN down to South Florida are even worse, since you’re basically dealing with a passenger base that is the pure extract of entitlement…

  6. similar experience on my last 2 delta flights JFK to Miami, on the last one husband and wife had HUGE carry on, the wife was able to get her to fit on overhead compartment after many efforts, her husband could not, he then got upset because he was told he had to gate check, he gave the FA some problems for the entire flight, yes they were in 1st class

  7. Whenever I am flying out of Miami it’s like cattle fighting tooth and mail to get on the plane. The gate agent always has to back people up, it takes forever, etc. Completely insane and the worst place to fly out of.

  8. No city pair is worse than HMB-JED. It’s basically people from Upper Egypt, most of which are flying for the first time as there hasn’t ever been an airport closer than 200mi to them. My friend used to work as a flight attendant at an LCC which had this as its only route from Egypt, so she worked this route exclusively. People wouldn’t understand why they weren’t allowed to take their weapons onboard and people aren’t used to regular toilets, instead they use squat toilets, so they have a hard time. One passenger even shat in the aisle once because he couldn’t use the toilet.

  9. This is all on one flight??!?

    Right up there with the ‘miracle’ flights from NY – PBI / FLL where wheelchair passengers are magically cured on arrival. Only to relapse for the boarding of the return flight.

  10. I read once in one of those “Things the FA will never tell you” articles that flights to EGE were the worst in terms of entitled DYKWIA types.

  11. Between the scum bag New Yorkers and the over entitled Palm Beachers it doesn’t get much worse. Then of course those connecting into Latin America have little to no understanding of societal norms, it’s a perfect brew of douch bags!

  12. Hey Ben, wondering if you would agree that some might construe this article as racist.

    And also wondering if you think Robert’s definitely racist comment is not worthy of remaining on your blog.


  13. A friend and former housemate of mine was an AA FA – he flew both international and domestic for more than 25 years. He always said that passengers on NYC-MIA routes were the worst by far.

  14. Don’t let people get away with putting their feet on the bulkhead. Its obnoxious.

    Complain to flight attendant and flight attendant should ask rude pax to put their feet down. I don’t put up with that stuff.

  15. I don’t think this has to do with specific city pairs. I think it has to do with bad behavior, and entitled behavior, and clueless behavior.

    I’ve seen people rushing the gate all at once to board LH in MUC.

    I’ve seen a ton of Chinese people jump up to get their bags out of the overheard as the rear wheels hit the ground in SFO, while we’re flying down the runway coming to a stop.

    I just flew recently from SLC-YVR, apparently the only person on the flight who wasn’t headed for a cruise. None of them knew how to board, stow and sit quickly. And man were they loud and annoying.

    And we all see people who are shocked they can’t take the bottle of water thru security. Um, 9/11 was a long time ago folks.

    The smaller the airlines make the seats and the leg room, the more miserable the passengers get. Add in delays, and often cranky FAs, and it’s a pressure cooker waiting to blow.

    Maybe NY-FL is more consistently bad, but it’s not alone in DYKWIA absurdity.

  16. Lucky, the dickh–d in the last pic…you know Mr Flexible, you CAN see his face in a reflection on his pants. Quite magical

  17. @James – How on Earth is this article racist?! And I don’t consider Robert’s comment to be racist at all. Harsh and (perhaps) insensitive does not equal racist.

  18. @ James — Sure, I have thousands of readers, someone will always construe what I write in some way it’s not intended, and I’m fine with that.

    I don’t really moderate comments, and I don’t think Robert’s comment is so over the top that I need to change that policy (he’s not threatening anyone, etc.).

  19. @ Jay — They have first class, though it is mostly their domestic product, which isn’t great, no doubt.

  20. Wait, you don’t like the new Taylor Swift album?!! I’m not sure I can continue reading this blog then.

  21. As usual, I totally agree with you. Thanks for adding some (I’m sure much needed) comedy to the FA’s day. I’ve also found that flights between MIA and SJU are awful (people-wise) for some reason.

  22. @ Nick — Easy there! I have mixed feelings about it. Harry Styles just doesn’t seem like a very interesting person to write an album about, in my opinion. šŸ˜‰

  23. Great commentary on both passengers and crew. Assuming you’ve written AA to commend the crew, as am sure these passengers are also the types who’ll complain (and tge crew could need the “defence”/positive feedback.

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