PSA: Don’t Wear A Speedo On A Plane

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A video by Jerome Jarre is making its way around the internet, after he ran through the cabin of an American 737 between Mexico City and Miami in a Speedo this past Tuesday. I had never heard of this guy before this incident, though he’s apparently “social media famous.”

Via Adweek:

The international incident became worldwide news and trended on Twitter when he implored his fans to tweet with the hashtag #americanairlineschillout.

Jarre appeared to be in trouble for one of many stunts he has filmed on planes. He stripped down to a Speedo, wore an inflatable turtle and strutted around the cabin. Then he tweeted and sent a Snapchat message saying he was about to be arrested. He was detained at the airport in Miami, the BBC confirmed.

“Speedos may look good at the beach, but no one wants to see them dancing around the aisle at 35,000 feet,” American Airlines said in a statement to the BBC.

He was met by police upon landing and allegedly interrogated by the FBI, before ultimately being released without charges.

Here’s the video:

Based on what the flight attendant said, it seems the actual issue was that he was filming everyone, and not necessarily that he was in a Speedo. Now, if he put on a Speedo and the flight attendant asked him to change out of it and he refused, that would be an issue since he’d be disobeying crewmember instructions. But does wearing a Speedo in and of itself violate any rules?

As you can see, as he emerged from the lavatory a flight attendant was sitting in the last row and actually laughed at the situation.

Regardless, clearly no harm was done here, though it also all seems a bit silly to me.

What do you think of this stunt — hilarious, stupid, or somewhere inbetween?

  1. Hot!

    It would be indecent if he were fat or ugly. The floaty makes it great.

    There is no FAA rule against recording on airplanes. Unless the flight attendant told him to stop and he didn’t stop, nothing illegal happened.

  2. @ Tummy — American actually has a policy against taking pictures and videos of other passengers: “The use of still and video cameras, film or digital, is permitted only for recording of personal events. Unauthorized photography or video recording of airline personnel, other customers, aircraft equipment or procedures is strictly prohibited.”

  3. Prohibited but not illegal. The most they could do is ban you from flying their airline. Not put you in jail.

  4. i saw his panic on twitter a few days ago when it was happening.. the thing is that he’s a youtuber and he’s trying to get some attention but people are toooooooooooooooooooooooo serious… whats the problem? he didn’t harm anyone, even if there were children in the flight, so what? he was not naked, we see man and women on tv almost naked all the time.. they should use this “strict” policies against terrorists, not someone trying to make people laugh (and get some attention)

  5. kinda desperate to get attention if you ask me…

    i like twinks so i find his body to be sexy… def 8/10. totally doable.

  6. When I’m stuck in coach, I do not even want to touch the arm of the person sitting next to me. People need to grow up, this is not the place for this. I do not want some naked man strutting up and down the aircraft, he might be crazy and try to open the door next…who knows!

    It makes no difference to me if he is a hot guy, or cow of a woman…I do not want to see that from my plane seat. He should have saved that for Halloween on Santa Monica Blvd, Friday night ;-)…that’s the appropriate place for nakedness.

  7. I don’t think the take away from this is “don’t wear a speedo on a plane”, so much as it is leave your fellow passengers in peace.

    Sadly, these days, many people with a video camera and a youtube account fancy themselves an “internet celebrity”, giving themselves permission to do public stunts, and gags.

    Anyway, I didn’t want to reward his obnoxious behavior with a few minutes of my attention, and money from whatever rev share agreement he has with youtube. I didn’t watch it.

  8. @andrew. Agreed. Why promote this selfish, narcissist? I feel the same way when some FA (usually SW) fancies themselves a comedian….awkward.

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