How To Create Lufthansa First Class Award Availability Alerts

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One of the subscription services I use to make my travel life easier is ExpertFlyer, which costs ~$100 per year.

I use it to look at fare class availability, seatmaps, published fares, minimum connection times, maximum permitted mileage between city pairs, etc.

One of the other cool features is that you can set availability alerts, whereby ExpertFlyer emails and texts you when availability opens up in the fare class you’re requesting.

Unfortunately you can only set award availability alerts for a limited number of airlines, so it’s not possible for airlines like Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, etc.


In the past it wasn’t possible to set availability alerts for Lufthansa, though a few days ago I noticed that ExpertFlyer has started displaying “O” and “I” class availability for Lufthansa, which means it’s now possible to set alerts for Lufthansa award space. These are the award ticket fare codes for first and business on Lufthansa, respectively.


For example, take a look at the below flight from Newark to Frankfurt. You’ll see that the “O” and “I” fare classes are listed. So if you want to set an availability alert, just press the exclamation point next to the available classes, and you can enter the desired fare code.


Then if/when availability opens up, you’ll be emailed.


Unfortunately this comes at a time where booking Lufthansa first class awards is less useful than ever before, given that LifeMiles blocks Lufthansa first class award availability and United’s new partner award chart is prohibitively expensive. But there are still some decent ways to redeem for Lufthansa first class.

And I am a pretty big Lufthansa first class fanboy, even if their business class sucks

(Tip of the hat to Ryan)

  1. Justin…What is WA? If there is something more cost effective than expertflyer? i was about to subscribe. thanks!

  2. Ben, you may want to clarify that to set this up, it’s done from the “Flight Availability” screen, and not the “Award & Upgrade Availability Search” screen.

    At first I went to look in the “Award & Upgrade Availability” screen based on the screen print you displayed at the top, and LH is still not available on that page.

    Though once I figured out which view was needed, this is a terrific tip, so thank you! (I have a bunch of LH M&M points I’d like to use up…).

  3. Hi Lucky — Just curious, is it realistic to try and get 3 first class award seats on LH? I’ve got enough M&M miles for 2, and was planning to use SQ KF miles for the other seat. Ideally targeting FRA->HKG or MUC->HKG. Hopefully I can book this ahead of time? and not last minute? Thanks!

  4. Great post , thanks Ben.

    Do you know if ‘O’ Class is for *A partner awards or for Miles & More members (or both)?

    Expertflyer showing O0 for LH402 8 March 15 (I have been monitoring this flight), however the M&M site is showing this flight available for First Class miles redemption. Seems there are some inconsistencies between what EF shows and what LH offers their own M&M members.

    (I am MAM Blue btw, so no preferential availability).

  5. Lucky, what is the best website to use for searching CX flights using AA miles? BA website? Any website I can use for alerts on CX award flight opening up?

  6. I noticed the same as flying_foxy. There seems to be inconsistencies between ExpertFlyer and the LH Website as LH is showing award spaces on a lot of days where EF is displayling zero.

  7. @Tobias & flying_foxy, O is the *A bucket for First rewards. M&M members would often see more than that. It’s also why O will be 0 beyond 14 days, while M&M members may see space.

  8. @ Lucky / Justin: What is “WA” ? the website that can search award availability and has cheaper membership fee?

  9. @ Christian — On a secondary route I’d say it’s likely, but for a premium route like HKG it’s definitely tougher. There’s a chance, but I wouldn’t count on it if you have a specific date in mind.

  10. Lucky, I just logged into my Expert Flyer account and attempted to do an award-upgrade search for LH, but LH does NOT appear in the drop down menu of airlines to search. Would you kindly provide some research into why we can NOT search LH O & I inventory? Thanks in advance.

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